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ARCADE SCAM SCIENCE (not clickbait)

Duration: 07:58

Mark Rober

Published on 03 January 2018

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Don't feel bad. You don't suck, the game makers do.
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0:41- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday - https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
2:39- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- http://andrewapplepie.com/
4:40- Q- Blue Wednesday - https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
5:10- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- http://www.andrewapplepie.com/
7:37- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak- https://soundcloud.com/notebreak/dubstep-too-happy-to-be-cool

Summary: I built a machine to win an arcade game every time that was super accurate. In doing so I accidently discovered that this arcade game is totally rigged.

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