My Mom Left Me While I Was Struggling To Stay Alive

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Hello, I’m Alexis, and I would like to talk to you about the time my mom abandoned me when I needed her the most. Now first you need to understand, my family was like any other typical family around. It was me, my dad and my mom. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, so my parents and I grew close over the years. It didn’t matter what situation I was in, they were always there for me and put me first.
When they were free from work, we would go out and explore. That’s what I called it when we used to go out to new places. We’d go and swing on the jungle gym like we were in the safari. We’d go to the museum and discover ancient civilizations. We also went to the Planetarium to view new constellations and give them our own unique names. Going to all of these places together built a deep bond between us that I would never have thought could’ve been broken in a million years. However, that all changed.
During my early-teen years, I started to feel more sluggish than usual and fell behind my peers. I’d mope around the house, lose my train of thought, and if anybody would ask if something was wrong, I’d answer no. When my parents saw me like this, they grew concerned, so they took me to the hospital.
When we first got the diagnosis that I was ill, you could tell how shocked everyone was just by looking at their face. My dad had a look of sadness that I assume every parent would have at that moment, but my mom was different. She looked like she had just seen a ghost. The news concerned me also, but the look on my mom’s face scared me more.
I had to remain in the hospital a while after that. There were many tests to take and solutions to be made. So when I was finally released from the hospital, I was excited. My dad told amazing, and false, stories about the adventures he had and promise that we would go on more now that I was back. Through the laughs and stories, my mom sat quietly staring blankly out of the window. I tried to get her involved in our storytelling, but sadly, she seemed like she was off in her own distant world.
As soon as I made it home, I was so happy in that moment that I wanted to scream and let tears of joy stream down my face, but the only thing that followed was a fit of coughs. More evidence that my illness could easily take a turn for the worst. After everything calmed down, my dad hugged me tight and told me that he was so happy that I was home again. I waved at my mom so that she would join us in our legendary group hugs, but she just walked away. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but it was making me sad. Did I do something? It was the only thought that ran through my mind.
Days turned into nights and repeated. My mom became more distant from me. The way we passed by each other was like two strangers passing on the street. Every time I tried to spark a conversation with her, her expression turned into disgust as she walked away. I’m not sure if she knew she was doing it, or even had control over it, but each time it broke my heart.
This all led up to the moment I got up one morning and saw my dad sitting at the kitchen table. He was holding a note in his hand and sighing. He was startled when I caught him, and he tried to hide it from me, but I demanded to see it anyway. It was from my mom, explaining how she couldn’t be around me or my illness anymore.

Music: Akram Artoul