Published on 03 July 2016

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This educational video teaches pets and pet animal sounds. Kids love pets and animals. It is important for kindergarten children to learn different types of pets. In addition to popular pets such as dogs and cats, we will learn exotic pets as well as small pets in this video. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos: →

Kiddopedia channel is the right place if you are looking for educational videos for babies & kids at kindergarten. Cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, horses, geckos, guinea pigs, ducks, ferrets, chinchillas, turtles, parrots, canaries, hermit crabs, rats, iguanas and aquarium fish, are well-known pets, which we will show in this video. Only real pet videos in HD quality is used for the preparation of this video. This will help your kids to learn the sounds of pets quickly. We have prepared 18 different types of pets for kids to learn.

Pets 101: Kids and pets are best friends. Pets are friendly creatures. Many pets are great with kids. Pets encourage children to be active and to learn responsibility. The most popular pets among children are dogs, cats, and horses. But families as well keep exotic pets and small pets such as rodents, birds and aquarium fish.

In this video, we included the pet names in 14 major languages to help bilingual parents and children. You can teach your children the pet names in different languages while teaching them the pet sounds at the same time.  

Types of pets:
pet cat
pet dog
pet hamster
pet rabbit
pet horse
pet gecko
pet guinea pig
pet duck
pet ferret
pet chinchilla
pet turtle
pet parrot
pet canary
pet hermit crab
pet rat
pet iguana
pet betta fish
pet goldfish

All the videos and photos listed below are licenced under CC BY.
Thumbnail: Innocence by Marina del Castell.

Cute Kitten playing the String Game by
Pepi kitten feeding by syringe by Zsenak Istvan.
Cute Australian Shepherd Dog Playing Stick Catching by
Dogs playing with water. Dogs with its puppy by Relax - Meditatio TV.
Hamster mit Möhre by byteorder.
Hamster Frederick by don dirko.
Rochelle Attacks Dill by Sadie Lovington Nibblesworth.
one minute of bunnies nomming by Keith Survell.
Horse (4K video, 4K quality) by The Most Beautiful Video 2.
I love my pony! by EllenMario.
Eko le Gecko leopard by Charles.
Macaroni the Gecko Eats some Mealworms by qpdksf5.
Dinner time for Guinea pigs Chuck and Norris by Duane Wilkins.
Lumix GH2 Video Test - Guinea Pig Zumie by Vivlog - A Journey in USA.
Fun Duck Pet in Canary Islands by
Mamma Duck Bites Ducklings by BoSingsBlues.
(HD) Ferret-habi by Ferret0habi.
Ferrets with watermelon. by SergiGabriel.
Sammy am Heumümmeln - ein zufriedenes Chinchilla by Carsten Ortmann.
Chinchillas love the guitar by Joseph Scarpino.
Pet shop - healthy terrapins, rabbits and dwarf hamsters by Kong Yuen Sing.
Box Turtle Eating by Melanie Mae Bryan.
Pet Parrot at Don Wes Flea Market, Donna Texas by Claude Pageau.
budgerigar bird parrot pet animal by Nature/Landscapes.
Canary Bird Sing+Bath Slow Motion by Zsolt Varga.
Kanariefågelungar by Erik Berg.
Cute Hermit Crab on Legs in Malaysia by
Hermit Crab walking - writing prompt by MissWalden.
Caramel and Mocha Enjoying Life! by Michael Wally.
A Tribute to my Pet Rat Zorro by Michael Wally.
close-up of Tosca our new female red iguana by GayeandJohn.
An iguana eats his salad by Joost De Cock.
The International Betta Competition by Freshwater Aquarium Fish.
China Ryukin Goldfish Eli by BODU.
Goldfish aquarium ranchu by Aquariums.

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