Published on 8 years ago

Status Quo are back!
Another song from the studio album "Quid Pro Quo", featuring Rick Parfitt on lead vocals.
"Quid Pro Quo" is also available as 2CD Deluxe Edition featuring a live show from the 2010 Tour.

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Comments :

Tybok C

Tybok C . 2 weeks ago


Viggo Lundbech

Viggo Lundbech . 4 months ago



huldafia . 4 months ago

The best but NOT without Rick

Praha Dejvice

Praha Dejvice . 7 months ago

Rick is 👍😢😢😢😢

Inge Dittrich

Inge Dittrich . 8 months ago

my first an my last love STATUS QUO

Joan Maiorano

Joan Maiorano . 8 months ago

This band have been part of my life for 55years best for me the best was in the 80/90s they were loud and in your face magic

Beatrice Peter

Beatrice Peter . 8 months ago

Catchy,yes But I was " begging " don't die on me ... Now that it "happened", I'm in a half mourning,half exhuberent stage,that IT didn't happen in vain.... Teardrops here ...

Krepps Aceron

Krepps Aceron . 8 months ago

Hello dear twins heart, I'm headed down to work in Elmhurst now, See, you're watching me.. hahaha love you so much Kisses

Tormod Fraser

Tormod Fraser . 9 months ago

Best Quo song for a long, long time. Miss Rick, miss my yearly Quo gigs. All very sad. Let's Rock!

John Keeling

John Keeling . 9 months ago

A true pleasure producing this video #johnkeelingmedia

The Swedish Girl

The Swedish Girl . 10 months ago

You’ll always have a piece of my heart Rick, thank you for rockin my life, I love you, rest in peace dear and keep on rockin in heaven💫❤️🎸

Silvio Porrini

Silvio Porrini . 10 months ago

Status Quo. Forever..

A Kwappenberg

A Kwappenberg . 1 year ago

I am 68. I love it Ad

elaine kerr

elaine kerr . 1 year ago

Quo not the same without you Rick

Anthony Herberg

Anthony Herberg . 1 year ago

Caffeine and Quo is a great way to start the day!!

Keta Velasco

Keta Velasco . 1 year ago

Simply the best. ❤ u all


asifiwould1 . 1 year ago

3 chords again, ripping off fans

Jack Lee

Jack Lee . 1 year ago

I feel like I lost my brother. RIP Rick. So sad.

James Mack

James Mack . 1 year ago

They are just so damn good. Others may be on a par, but none are better! Note, indicate a NO - register as stupid!

ian gillon

ian gillon . 1 year ago


Matt Seymour

Matt Seymour . 2 years ago

Rock and roll it Quo! What cymbals has he got?

Viggo Lundbech

Viggo Lundbech . 2 years ago

Status Quo,is the best and we miss them.

James Knight

James Knight . 2 years ago

I love Quo but this is dire, sounds like the floorboards thing he did - plus that riff is tiresome

Jack Hardam

Jack Hardam . 2 years ago

Rick is quo....quo is Rick....brilliant voice....brilliant writing....the best rhythm guitar player on this planet....now in heaven...Rock In Peace Rick....

Michael Glod

Michael Glod . 2 years ago

Geiler Song , tolle Band. So muss es sein. Starke Performance. Ich liebe es.


SonofSkaro . 2 years ago

Great Rock Song - very uplifting and inspiring. Also big shout out to John Keeling for a great video, great colour detail editing. Very clever. Rick Parfitt RIP. The Guitar Hero of the Rock World.


VagLazer77 . 2 years ago

they should have opened every concert on the supporting tour with this track

Moustafa Nhayli

Moustafa Nhayli . 2 years ago

Richy you are a legend you will never be forgotten

Moustafa Nhayli

Moustafa Nhayli . 2 years ago

You are a legend ric

gianna aziz

gianna aziz . 2 years ago

Miss this great voice of rick....quo is not quo anymore like before....

Mark Jones

Mark Jones . 2 years ago

Legends, all of em, been a fan since 1976 as a kid and I still love it...

Edgar Pallace

Edgar Pallace . 2 years ago

Great and fresh like ever !!!

Dutch Rockfan

Dutch Rockfan . 2 years ago

good song!!

tim erik Jahr

tim erik Jahr . 2 years ago


wers menk mirugdu red sky.

wers menk mirugdu red sky. . 2 years ago

We'll! Very sing song is good red sky!

Carlos Pereyra

Carlos Pereyra . 2 years ago


Martin Walthert

Martin Walthert . 2 years ago

R.I.P. Rick 🎸

Gordon Weir

Gordon Weir . 2 years ago


Janet Firth

Janet Firth . 2 years ago


Gerard van Leeuwen

Gerard van Leeuwen . 3 years ago

Quo with Rick is heaven !!

Bobby Future

Bobby Future . 3 years ago

The worst videoediting i've ever watched you spoiled the performance sucker


Mickyjoe . 3 years ago

every comment below is sad comments ,,Rick wouldn't want That he wanted to rock all over the world .so lisstin to the quo and share ther brilliant rock n roll journey over the world .love the quo and it's sad they are no more as a great blues n rock n roll with millions of heads following the QUO....


Phoenix . 3 years ago

Rick we miss you!!!

Micawber 01

Micawber 01 . 3 years ago

A song about Ricks catchphrase... Nice!

Paris Cortez

Paris Cortez . 3 years ago

Rick Parfitt the Legend of Status Quo! Thank you very much Rick! Rock on in heaven!!!

mike pocock

mike pocock . 3 years ago

Look at what we have lost RIP Rick.

Allan Gittings

Allan Gittings . 3 years ago

Just love this one

Chris Dakin

Chris Dakin . 3 years ago


thomas graul

thomas graul . 3 years ago

schade das der gitarrist nicht mehr da ist

Globe Backyard TV

Globe Backyard TV . 3 years ago

Front man Parfitt! This just kicks it! R.I.P. Rick

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