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What the hell happened to the Italian national team? - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Published on 1 year ago


The Italian national team has won 4 World Cups, has produced some legendary players and their coaches are amongst the best in history. But in 2018 they couldn't even qualify for the World Cup. What the hell happened to Italy?

In this video we'll explore the terrible decisions made in the past decade and their hopes for the future.


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Comments :

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal . 1 year ago

The youth revolution is real in Italy. How bright does their future look?

Cristiano the goat

Cristiano the goat . 4 weeks ago

Im french so i dont like italy

Addie Olive

Addie Olive . 1 month ago

They beat the hell out of the Nerherlands a few weeks ago. And with cery attractive football. They'll be back. No worries.

Rb shade bro 98

Rb shade bro 98 . 1 month ago

I get Uruguay can beat Italy but COSTA RICA

Hema Karthik

Hema Karthik . 1 month ago

If only they won't be racist and let Balotelli play...

Nii Adotey

Nii Adotey . 1 month ago

also show why ghana has not world cup

Reji P U

Reji P U . 1 month ago

Oh my goal whom do you want to win the world cup in 2022 and whom do you feel will be the champions in Qatar. Pls I expect you say a talented team.

Evens Desir

Evens Desir . 2 months ago

becuz they league is so low now nd Milan boards have done an horrible jobs by selling top players to other leagues


certibil4wal . 2 months ago

1:52 Im sorry why didnt he mention Buffon Ik he didn't retire in yet when he made this vid but... He's a legend

Abdullah judeh

Abdullah judeh . 2 months ago

This was posted on my birthday lol

yoan le guevel

yoan le guevel . 2 months ago

it doesn t look bright they are gonna fail just like mario balotelli

Nepali Ho ni

Nepali Ho ni . 2 months ago

plese make a video on hungary

David Garcia

David Garcia . 2 months ago

They won the 2006 World Cup then disappeared into oblivion.

Luigi Pensa

Luigi Pensa . 2 months ago

In my opinion italy FA and the serie a teams are great but in 2011-2020 they are shattered into pieces like inter vs Sevilla and atalanta napoli and juventus

Mr NutjobjuniorYT

Mr NutjobjuniorYT . 2 months ago

Why don’t they give Maurizzio Sarri the job

Ahmad Dawood

Ahmad Dawood . 2 months ago

This guy pronounces Italy as "idli"

the three musketeers

the three musketeers . 2 months ago

I am from italy and i believe we can do it then next world cup will be ours

Iapn Johnson

Iapn Johnson . 2 months ago

Do one of these for the Brazil national team

Anderson Muromba

Anderson Muromba . 3 months ago

How did you lose against a team with out Zlatan hahaha 😉


zack16 . 3 months ago

They have no forwards or talent up front


SydneyPhotography2019 . 3 months ago

Idk but I'm really sad for Buffon


愛Know1 . 3 months ago

Ballotelli my man

King Kong

King Kong . 3 months ago

Make a video what happens to the Saudi Arabia national team

Yolo Master

Yolo Master . 3 months ago

Italy have failed a lot during this entire decade of 2010 - 2020. They were eliminated twice in a row in 2010 & 2014, and didn’t even qualify for Russia 2018.

Abhraneel Baidya

Abhraneel Baidya . 3 months ago

What the hell happened to you

Apex 06

Apex 06 . 3 months ago

Italy 2020: Insigne Donnaruma Tonali Kean Immobilie Bonucci Belotti Zaniolo Barella Bernadeschi Balotelli Parolo Romagnoli Florenzi Jorghino Chiesa Crutone Veratti Pellegrini Candreva Who have i forgotten ?

Pratham Thorve

Pratham Thorve . 3 months ago

It's somehow same as Argentina🇦🇷 😔

Fun Facts

Fun Facts . 3 months ago

Why penaldo is here

samuel contreras

samuel contreras . 3 months ago

Itly won 2006 last at 2010 Spain won 2010 last at 2014 Germany won 2014 last at 2018


BBRkrishav_oP . 3 months ago

What about immobille

Flying chicken burrito

Flying chicken burrito . 3 months ago

1:54 The Swedis player creeping me out

wasi gupito budiarto

wasi gupito budiarto . 4 months ago

Italia campione del Eroi 2021 Italia campione del Mondo 2022

Maikon Secretario

Maikon Secretario . 4 months ago

1. Lack of good managers 2. The staggering drop in quality of Serie A. Even a subpar Juventus led by an incompetent Sarri might actually win the league. Says it all really 3. Too many overrated/average players in the team. Things might turn up but they simply must improve Serie A. Failing that, expect more failure and underperformance in the future.

GamerGirl 1

GamerGirl 1 . 4 months ago

What happened? The generation of millenials. Thats what happened. They are soft, soy consuming, betas

mr.mystery 97

mr.mystery 97 . 4 months ago

Karma took care of Italy, racism was repaid 😗

Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz

Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz . 4 months ago

Oh My Goal- "Italy won the 2006 world cup with legends like Totti, Cannavaro, Pirlo and Del Piero" Buffon- *Am I a joke to you?*

Matthew Catenacci

Matthew Catenacci . 4 months ago

The reason why italian socceer isnt like before is simple. when we look back at world cup 2006, italys whole team was in the serie a and combined into around 3-4 teams. You look at it now the whole italian league is made up of foreigners which makes youth italian players struggle to develop. Look at the German, bundesliga, bayern, leipzig and dortmund have plenty of new german young players like havertz, werner who were given a chance. In italy juve inter roma all buy useless foreign players to help themselves win champions league just to lose to a team like Ajax. Look at the spainish league, top clubs play spanish players and give the youth a chance. In italy the youth doesnt get a chance and its incredibly frustrating.


SCHUUR . 4 months ago

Lol I have won a lot of money with italy - sweden

Sanmay Chakrabarti

Sanmay Chakrabarti . 4 months ago

Tonali looks great, he is a true talent

Trilok Ramdass

Trilok Ramdass . 4 months ago

At 1:08, the commentator mentioned Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelotti and Arigo Sacchi. But he forgot to mention Marcello Lippi who won the 2006 World Cup with Italy and various trophies with Juventus as manager.

Oh Wow

Oh Wow . 4 months ago

What is the song in the beginning

Rayyan Shaikh

Rayyan Shaikh . 4 months ago

The main problem is Racism.

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청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF . 5 months ago

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Luca Rotili Pedicelli

Luca Rotili Pedicelli . 5 months ago

This hurts me deeply

Maurizio Pirani

Maurizio Pirani . 5 months ago

At the time Italy had the worst team ever, because of lack of generational renewal, and at the same time the worst coach ever: Ventura. I guess that all the "big names" we're all ready hired by club teams or just refused the "opportunity" to coach the worst ever Italian national team and risk to be associated with failure forever. The new generations of Italian players seem to be promising, but it's still early to be certain and in any case it's still a long way to go. Maybe it won't be as bad as few years ago, but at least a little better.

Abdullah Zafar

Abdullah Zafar . 5 months ago

When i heard Mancini i tought AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


莊永輝epic . 5 months ago

Great Vid 1:05 THIS PRONUNCIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zuz Haq

Zuz Haq . 5 months ago


praveen S

praveen S . 5 months ago

Say anything about indian football. Please😪😪🤔🤔

Rahul Soni

Rahul Soni . 5 months ago

Sandro tonali is the next Italian captain

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