Published on 2 months ago

Listen to the single "Royalty". Out now!


Official Music Video by XXXTENTACION feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel performing "Royalty" © 2019 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

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JSV 1 . 14 minutes ago

3:12 everyone at homecoming fr

Baby Billie

Baby Billie . 5 hours ago

Okay this is unacceptable and disrespectful to X. 1. Twerking 2:55 3:33 2. Sex moves/dancing 3:13 3:41 3:45 3:49 3. X would never post a music video that's like this. It's very disrespectful. PS: Yes, you're posting his music but please...don't make a music video that's not X's type or that he would never make, it's disrespectful.

Earning Infinite

Earning Infinite . 6 hours ago

These soljas look high af

Maxi Recuanc

Maxi Recuanc . 7 hours ago

2:05 soy yo o dice "callate, que no me importa"

project md

project md . 8 hours ago

1like=1 hug to tentacion♥️

Selena Garcia

Selena Garcia . 8 hours ago

I can’t imagine x making a song like this

Bambino Escobar

Bambino Escobar . 8 hours ago

_Support a Real Nigga_ **

Shiio Squad

Shiio Squad . 9 hours ago

If you trust xxxtentacion is alive click ☟


ANTONI YT . 10 hours ago

No que xxx tentacion murio qp2

《its pastrii 》

《its pastrii 》 . 10 hours ago

They are like using him for views and likes 😭😭😭

JThug Official

JThug Official . 10 hours ago

Been reading some of these comments and see how different people think, y'all mind is so f##ked up. Anyways keep the peace and keep his music alive. Everyone in this song is Jamaican bloodline including X. Don't believe just watch him say it for himself

Snobbyacorn 4470

Snobbyacorn 4470 . 11 hours ago

XXXTENTACION is still lit

El Estilo Real

El Estilo Real . 11 hours ago My Verizon de SMASH! 🇨🇱

Arrmando Hernande

Arrmando Hernande . 12 hours ago

Fuck you are I'm just using his YouTube for clout


Deniz . 13 hours ago

Almost Like He Never Died 💎

earthworm sally

earthworm sally . 13 hours ago

1:18 *bigsmoke in a nutshell*

ralph vitaly

ralph vitaly . 13 hours ago

so how did he make the song when he is dead

Isaiah Mattison

Isaiah Mattison . 13 hours ago

I wish x was in this video

Gaming withGogfun

Gaming withGogfun . 14 hours ago

Choose what should not have happened Like:Death of xxx Heart:Death of Stan lee

Kwuinn Galalloway

Kwuinn Galalloway . 14 hours ago

rip x


SULX. HD . 15 hours ago

I know xxxtentacion is Alice all YouTube sa that

Fo'Eva Doza

Fo'Eva Doza . 16 hours ago

I, J.A.M.OnlyThaCrown'dUnderGround! Suhhh, PorFavor, JAMtall!

YAKUZA jlmk2

YAKUZA jlmk2 . 17 hours ago

X ainda manta video eu n sei quem é q manta mais ta maluko, quem gosta do x da like

Musah Aliji

Musah Aliji . 18 hours ago

Is das x sim

контор тэррорiст

контор тэррорiст . 18 hours ago

Xxx its not die


KwachiKath . 18 hours ago

I can't believe he died a *year ago* and I find out that he is dead after a year....R.I.P

deeg4310 deeg4310

deeg4310 deeg4310 . 19 hours ago

Rip x died three days before my bday

xIHaveSkillz •

xIHaveSkillz • . 20 hours ago

Isn't it weird that a dead rapper raps maybe he's still alive ? Whats your opinion?

Lea's Channel

Lea's Channel . 20 hours ago

Here clone is die😏

Kaloian dimitrov

Kaloian dimitrov . 20 hours ago

Ziv Li si?


Ray . 20 hours ago

I love this song i see people hating about how they using x or how he’s not in it like that well duhhh it still sounds good

Vanesa Aleksandrova

Vanesa Aleksandrova . 21 hours ago


my videos brown

my videos brown . 21 hours ago

i noticed ayden wasnt in the the ending with his family

Erick Mwaniki

Erick Mwaniki . 22 hours ago

Vybz Kartel always killing it!!!

_ROBLOX_ Boiis

_ROBLOX_ Boiis . 23 hours ago

So wait im new here ... This song was 1 month ago but xxx died 2018. ? Is this something other or...


killer9000 . 1 day ago

1 like=a prayer for xxxtentacion

Shadow Boy X

Shadow Boy X . 1 day ago

who likes it when x speaks spanis?

20K Subs with 3 videos ?

20K Subs with 3 videos ? . 1 day ago


Wise Xylo

Wise Xylo . 1 day ago

uh oh stinky - Wise Glass 2019

Drippy Jerr_

Drippy Jerr_ . 1 day ago

Does anyone think its crazy how many songs x was able to put out even in death!..i miss him dude but rest in peace brother

Not Toxic

Not Toxic . 1 day ago

Fuck that nigga x im smoking on his x pack rn on gd


Islam MONSTER . 1 day ago

Kim казак

Justin James Matibag

Justin James Matibag . 1 day ago

Beginning 0:55 video srarts

sool galvez

sool galvez . 1 day ago


Matheus DSJ

Matheus DSJ . 1 day ago

Drake as a fuckin bich


MheiNTops . 2 days ago


Aj Sym

Aj Sym . 2 days ago

Who controls this channel? Do they even hav permission from X

lol boy

lol boy . 2 days ago

X best rapper rip x 😓😭🤧

Lathen Harris

Lathen Harris . 2 days ago

Before he died people was talking bad about him he passed and everyone road these songs a lot of yall fake 🙏✌


Justinvkb . 2 days ago

can someone explain me why is he making song if he is dead ?

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