Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 months ago

The Clevver Style hosts are back at it again, breaking down all the fashion from this year’s American Music Awards.
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Comments :

Adryel Hinsa

Adryel Hinsa . 3 days ago

Any Agnation?


1942rita . 1 week ago

I’ve following the tiny purse movement, but these tiny bags are $470. This is a months groceries for a family. WTF?


Aarushi . 1 week ago

These guys are disgusting

Shruti Patil

Shruti Patil . 2 weeks ago

For you kind information Selena Gomez looked amazing!

Alexa Mandes

Alexa Mandes . 2 weeks ago

Jackie knows absolutely nothing about fashion! Stop putting her in these videos! She’s so irritating

Carina de Velde

Carina de Velde . 2 weeks ago

I hated the second dress. Nice color but hate te moddel of the dress

Sabina Z

Sabina Z . 2 weeks ago

What happened to lily?

Ksenija Pavlovska

Ksenija Pavlovska . 2 weeks ago

I hate these new people like they want to see Shawn and Camila kissing and I just watched the video of the golden globe awards they wanted to see more body like WTF is wrong with them

Bubblebearpanda 2004

Bubblebearpanda 2004 . 2 weeks ago

Excuse me 7:08 is SOOOOOOOO not elizabethan. You have no clue what you are talking about

Virlonna Chavis

Virlonna Chavis . 2 weeks ago

I swear I thought Ke$ha was Billie Ellish for about 3 minutes until they said her name twice.

Big Fat Draw

Big Fat Draw . 2 weeks ago

wait... did he just say david dobrik would look amazing in that oversized blue suit. I- what????

Amanda Bubbles

Amanda Bubbles . 2 weeks ago

no ones gonna talk about how fye diplo was?

Daimien Peters

Daimien Peters . 3 weeks ago

David Dobrik looks cool too and it kinda gives me a James Brown vibe.

Daimien Peters

Daimien Peters . 3 weeks ago

Also Lizzo had a good Nickelodeon themed dress and her hair is like a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Daimien Peters

Daimien Peters . 3 weeks ago

Tbh I like Selena Gomez, Diplo, Shawn Mendes, Tay Tay’s outfits the best.

Good Morning

Good Morning . 3 weeks ago

“I wanna see ribs” wow. I can understand that they just wanted the dress to fit better but really, just saying that is going to flip people off. Society is already hurting everyone, it has way to many standards and people try to fit in to much. People are so self conscious about themselves and it is so bad that people think people should wear something tight and uncomfortable people should be able to wear whatever and not have any hate. I do not mean to hate on anyone. I just wanted that message out there. Also, sorry about the rant.

Good Morning

Good Morning . 3 weeks ago

I LOVE Lizzos tiny purse. So different and creative

Nnenda Tasie Amadi

Nnenda Tasie Amadi . 4 weeks ago

Ok some outfits were straight up terrible but because of who was wearing it they said it looks nice.

Kristiana Go

Kristiana Go . 4 weeks ago

No hate but i honestly dont like billy in general

Schreppa Forever

Schreppa Forever . 1 month ago

literally every guy at the ama's: *wears a suit or something like it* everyone: LOVE IT. billie eillish: *wears something she wants* everyone: omg soo good soo unique. taylor: *wears a dress that she wanted to wear* guy in the orange shirt: *I WANNA SEE RIBS*

Taylor swift love

Taylor swift love . 1 month ago

I don't care what they say. But you j need to admit Taylor actually looked stunning.. The outfit goes well with the body shape! She looked beautiful!


Anabella . 1 month ago

i do not like the turtle neck guy and rando blonde chick... keep with our og clevver people, i know my comment might be negative but clevver comminity should not have to put up wiht that kind of negativity

Amelia Neela

Amelia Neela . 1 month ago

so disrespectful. “I wanna see ribs” I wanna see you gone. Plus Taylor is STUNNING so

AE Guitar

AE Guitar . 1 month ago

2 more phony, jealous, loud mouths.

Millie Garcia

Millie Garcia . 1 month ago

Billie Eilish rocks anything she wears and I'm honestly not mad abt it at all I love her so muchhhhhh😕💓💓

Melody Tongia

Melody Tongia . 1 month ago

You want to see ribs! Bish pls you got some look at your own

moon child

moon child . 1 month ago

Halsey does look like Millie Bobby & her look looks like spring vibes I loveee halsey💗💗💗

moon child

moon child . 1 month ago

9:53 when she said Taylor was giving her "snake vibes" 🐍 I was just like.... "And i oop-"

moon child

moon child . 1 month ago

6:00 when she said Shawn looked like joker i was like yasss

Lay Pun

Lay Pun . 1 month ago

I don't like the double standard. If billie wears baggy clothes, she is worshipped. But all the other female artist must have tight dresses? Why?

Dayanna you are absolutely right and

Dayanna you are absolutely right and . 1 month ago

You won't see her ribs. And for saying it is good for someone to wear their own style while you bash others is plain hypocrisy. Big eww

CoachElla 15

CoachElla 15 . 1 month ago

Wow it is David Dobrik not wearing that much black!

Sarah Rumley

Sarah Rumley . 1 month ago

Taylor looked great and I loved the her outfit dress but that comment that guy said I wanna see ribs I do not like that at all. You should never say that. She looks great.

Misty Cascano

Misty Cascano . 2 months ago

I love Billie's outfit❣️

Canadian Eilish Babexx

Canadian Eilish Babexx . 2 months ago

”i wanna see her ribs” What the actual fuck is wrong with him??? This is literally the reason why people have self-esteem issues smfh

Canadian Eilish Babexx

Canadian Eilish Babexx . 2 months ago

I love Billie’s style.

Iva Allamani

Iva Allamani . 2 months ago

whoever is justifying the guy for the ribs comment is as disgusting as him. you all know people come in all SHAPES and sizes , y’all are supportive about all sizes but not shapes tho.. not all people should have a snatched waist and an hourglass figure to be called beautiful. the dress was well fitted , taylor’s body is just like that and she looks bombbb... a whole queen


HungryBang . 2 months ago

I love all the positive comments about Billie.


Goather . 2 months ago

13:08 she did not bring Burberry back I've seen countless people rocking burberry

Linor Kakish

Linor Kakish . 2 months ago

My fav was Selena Gomez she has had an amazing outfit it was soo simple and CUTEE ❤️❤️❤️

Hailey Peterson

Hailey Peterson . 2 months ago

S/O to the pearl necklace on Shawn Mendes!! You NEVER see pearls on a man.

Emmi Highness

Emmi Highness . 2 months ago

People hating on Taylor Swift for no reason... smh

Purple Cinnamon

Purple Cinnamon . 2 months ago

When she said Lizzo's look was giving her Hairspray vibes I instantly thought of the Queen herself Queen Latifah❕❗ If they made a Hairspray 2 they should ask Lizzo to play Queen Latifah's sister❕❗


iamnali . 2 months ago

I don’t like taylor swift’s outfit, the boot threw me off

Brooke Thompson

Brooke Thompson . 2 months ago

His choice of words are distasteful but he literally meant he wanted to see the dress fitted and tight. Not he wants to see her so skinny she has ribs. Let’s not freak out over a irrelevant comment anyways.

Insert Username

Insert Username . 2 months ago

"More ribs"? That's sick. Boo to you

Melody Gacha Petal

Melody Gacha Petal . 2 months ago

From all this outfits I still don’t know if it is cold or hot in the AMA’s

Bie Touthang

Bie Touthang . 2 months ago

Selena Gomez 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Starlight 1989

Starlight 1989 . 2 months ago

Sry long hair guy, if you did pay attention Taylor wore a different bodysuit while receiving her awards and it’s UNFORGETTABLE.

Lila Mary

Lila Mary . 2 months ago


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