Alex Costa

Alex Costa

Published on 8 months ago


Topic of discussion: Which of these 4 men's outfits was your favorite?

A rainy day in London, wearing some of my favorite outfits at the moment. What did you think?

Outfit 1
Bomber Jacket: ASOS
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: Zara
Rings: Serge DeNimes
Sneakers: Converse CDG

Outfit 2
Top Coat: Reiss (similar from ASOS:
Turtleneck: ASOS
Pants: Zara
Watch: Shinola
Sneakers: Axel Arigato

Outfit 3
Leather Jacket: All Saints
Hoodie: All Saints
Jeans: Frame
Rings: Serge DeNimes
Chelsea Boots: All Saints

Outfit 4
Jacket: The Kooples
Hoodie: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Frame
Watch: Rolex Submariner
Sneakers: Balenciaga Speed Trainers

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Comments :

Alex Costa

Alex Costa . 8 months ago

🚨NEW LOOKBOOK 🚨 Which outfit did you like the best? I shot this during a rainy day in London and had a blast! If you want to see pictures from this trip, they're all up on my instagram now! Have a great day, everyone! - Alex


jquick51 . 1 month ago

Everything is cool,but those gaudy ass rings.

Ethan Clarin

Ethan Clarin . 2 months ago

Guys I need help. Black or white high top converse?

Amalia Chambe

Amalia Chambe . 3 months ago

Me encanta como se viste este hombre😍

Char Char

Char Char . 3 months ago

Love the fits in this video and the music is dope. I keep watching this😂

Seth Reyes

Seth Reyes . 5 months ago

The song's name is As Real As It Gets by Matt Large😊

ananthoju sriharsha

ananthoju sriharsha . 5 months ago

A white tee is a must

Lance Ngales

Lance Ngales . 6 months ago

Music please

Jarren Charl

Jarren Charl . 6 months ago

Hey there alex i love all your lookbook’s and what a dope background music

Samuel Francis

Samuel Francis . 6 months ago

Did u get a new cameraman

Gratianus Veraldo

Gratianus Veraldo . 7 months ago

hey alex, whats the name of the song that you used? its dope bro


Anirudh . 7 months ago

the second outfit is really nice

Tahir Arif

Tahir Arif . 7 months ago

Love u bro

Zaid Saifi

Zaid Saifi . 7 months ago


old good time

old good time . 7 months ago

Where are your glasses from in outfit 2? Nice outfits brotha 😍

Higor Isidoro

Higor Isidoro . 7 months ago

Muito bom video...

Byron Sutton

Byron Sutton . 7 months ago

OG sent me..

Phoenix Johnson

Phoenix Johnson . 7 months ago

What a beautiful man...the absolute madman himself👌

Razvan Avesalon

Razvan Avesalon . 7 months ago

i think you should do more of these videos because i like to get my inspiration for my outfits from you and i also think you should do some videos about a singular piece of your outfit like what cand we wear with that singular piece


Asenatic . 7 months ago

Alex, that last jacket from the Kooples I can't really find it but I want find a similiar one Could you tell me by any chance what the material of it is ?


AZI MUL . 7 months ago

Hey ALEX I'm your biggest fan 😉

Ed C

Ed C . 7 months ago

I already got all those outfits!

MoviesOnRequest HD

MoviesOnRequest HD . 7 months ago

Can anyone tell me the background music


raydrann . 7 months ago

hey where did you buy the hoodie nice shade

Tumisang Gaoforwe

Tumisang Gaoforwe . 7 months ago

Track name?



Tome like !

Alex Riley

Alex Riley . 7 months ago

Where that umbrella from tho

Anisssou zig

Anisssou zig . 7 months ago

The secod one is like harry poter bro ;-)


VIJAY HARSHA . 7 months ago

what is the name of the background music ?

Amirrasheed Amirrasheed

Amirrasheed Amirrasheed . 7 months ago

From which site you get music for your videos

jan zavratnik

jan zavratnik . 7 months ago

See that's the type of stuff i wanna be learned in school... like how to combine stuff and how to dress up for different events ... I'm just glad that I found this channel!


Red™ . 8 months ago

Okay...Im using this, thanks


2EZ4乛 J3RRYRJ . 8 months ago

Anyone knows the music please?

David Galvez

David Galvez . 8 months ago

Looking dapper bro!

Arjun Arora

Arjun Arora . 8 months ago

Instrumentals name anyone please ?!

Faris Siddiq

Faris Siddiq . 8 months ago


Luisitooo 97

Luisitooo 97 . 8 months ago

You’re my one of my inspirations on looking good every day!

Dave jones

Dave jones . 8 months ago

Great video here in la the best place to be suggestion a video for club wear certain style to wear clubbing!!!!

haroun yakoubi

haroun yakoubi . 8 months ago

More videos about chinos

Game Paul7

Game Paul7 . 8 months ago

Alex, Please make a video describing how your after leaving your job in Google have successfully created a YouTube career and earned through YouTube, Instagram etc. You'll really be a very good Inspiration for me.

air thuggin

air thuggin . 8 months ago

hail the king of chelsea boots

Eert Remlic

Eert Remlic . 8 months ago

Great vids Alex! You inspire all of us to look better, dress better, and be unique in our styles! You are a great role model for all of us! Keep up The Great Work

Dime Ques

Dime Ques . 8 months ago

That his flex 💪 nice I love it good video. Plus I never thought I would enjoy watching a video of guy flexing in different outfits.

Zak M

Zak M . 8 months ago

yo your style is always on point bro, just love it

The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box . 8 months ago

NICEEE! AMAZING! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️💯

Chirayu Laddha

Chirayu Laddha . 8 months ago

Hey Alex u should take out your grooming product

Mj Bitor

Mj Bitor . 8 months ago

Damn, im really waiting for your lookbookss.

Toasty Doge

Toasty Doge . 8 months ago

This dude has a girl right?🤣

Daniel Tree

Daniel Tree . 8 months ago

What a gangster


Gadgital . 8 months ago

How much money you spend on your clothes ?

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