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Football's 7 Greatest Number 7's

HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

Published on 2 years ago


From AC Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko to current Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, HITC Sevens takes a look at 7 of the greatest footballers to wear the number seven shirt.

Comments :

john pacino

john pacino . 3 days ago

1) George Best 2) Cristiano Ronaldo 3) Garrincha 4) Figo 5) Finney 6) Matthews 7) Jairzinho

Hridyanshu Raj

Hridyanshu Raj . 2 weeks ago

Bro david villa???? Spainish legend and top scorer how could you forget him he won the worldcup and has more goals in world cup than messi and ronaldo

Josep Maria Bartomeu

Josep Maria Bartomeu . 4 weeks ago

Why not pick messi 1st in this list as well 😂

Vinex Borsalinho

Vinex Borsalinho . 1 month ago

What about david villa

Moh Khan11

Moh Khan11 . 2 months ago

More talented and iconic just stfu moron

Mike Banning

Mike Banning . 2 months ago

Lol You don't even mention Ronaldo's 260+ career assists. . Biased Review

മായാ സുരൻ

മായാ സുരൻ . 3 months ago

Alexis Sanchez

Abbakar Mainaco

Abbakar Mainaco . 6 months ago

How about "7 most consistent players in history"

Rohn Sohan

Rohn Sohan . 8 months ago

"Greatest no 10 ever" plzz

मनोज भट्ट

मनोज भट्ट . 10 months ago

7 greatest/iconic football matches of the decade 🙏🙏

Maheshwaran mahesh

Maheshwaran mahesh . 10 months ago

Ronaldo a perfect GOAT CR7

yethi ravindran

yethi ravindran . 11 months ago

How about David villa?

Roshan George

Roshan George . 1 year ago

You forgot to include Raul. The greatest number 7 ever.

Tiger Hauzzz

Tiger Hauzzz . 1 year ago

Most of the greatest no.7 are from Manchester United. GGMU!

Magd Nusair

Magd Nusair . 1 year ago

David villa?

Wen Bruining

Wen Bruining . 1 year ago

Just accept it... Christiano Ronaldo is not the best football player in history.


BuveyWaffles . 1 year ago

Ronaldo is number 1 because: -he’s a selfish goal hanger -he wants all the trophies to show off how good he is -he’s not good at dribbling -he’s not that talented -was chosen so HITC doesn’t get yelled at for being a messi fanboy but it happened anyway -he’s old Like you couldn’t just give him an actual complement.

lily gati

lily gati . 1 year ago

7 greatest female players of all time

Leon Streamer

Leon Streamer . 1 year ago

If best played till at least 32 he would be the greatest to ever live


alspacester . 1 year ago

I wear 7 on my team Celtic fc Chicago I scored today

Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams . 2 years ago

Maybe Frank Lampard. One of the best English midfielders

Siddhant Saraf

Siddhant Saraf . 2 years ago

No david villa?


Noobmaster69 . 2 years ago

has to be griezmann

Shafi Chowdhury

Shafi Chowdhury . 2 years ago

Honestly, not even a fanboy of ronaldo, but saying garrincha head and shoulders over ronnie on the ball is being way too overly biased.

Alordishari 28

Alordishari 28 . 2 years ago

why messi wears the number 10 please give me reason.

Alordishari 28

Alordishari 28 . 2 years ago

please make video about football  greatest number ten jersey.

Meier Bram

Meier Bram . 2 years ago

still liked the vid but wuld have loves ribery to be no.7

Peter Barkhordar

Peter Barkhordar . 2 years ago

I just started my 2nd season of football, I had no idea of who CR7 was. Yet I always wore the number 7. I don't know why, maybe it was because the answer to everything has to be 7. Anyways XD


I DO . 2 years ago

How is David Beckham more iconic than Ronaldo. More iconic in the mls yes but Ronaldo is more iconic in Man U in Real Madrid and in his Nation if Portugal. You put Ronaldo at number one rightfully so but you belittling his legacy in this video.


Desporto . 2 years ago

Garrincha is no match for CR7. The disrespect for Ronaldo's talent and overuse the "work narrative" is such bullshit.


Desporto . 2 years ago

LOL Cristiano Ronaldo is much more talented than any other number 7, even Garrincha. The bias of this channel is insane.


BroInfinity . 2 years ago

Beckham was better than the second dude

prakhar vyas

prakhar vyas . 2 years ago

7 greatest no. 10, and no. 9

Hui Hoho

Hui Hoho . 2 years ago

Raul honourable mention?

Chelsea Pride of London

Chelsea Pride of London . 2 years ago

cough cough kante cough cough

Yung Lsg

Yung Lsg . 2 years ago

Now the greatest ever number 54's...

Kamil 009

Kamil 009 . 2 years ago

Football's 7 greatest no. 10

Aisida Patrick

Aisida Patrick . 2 years ago

You should do that Top 7 Number 10’s ever.

Anthony Suarez

Anthony Suarez . 2 years ago

I was gonna flip my Shit if Raul wasn't mentioned lol 😂

Melissa Edward

Melissa Edward . 2 years ago

Antoine griezmann

Shafayat Chowdhury

Shafayat Chowdhury . 2 years ago

Dalglish should be higher

Stephen Mitchel

Stephen Mitchel . 2 years ago

After watching many videos from this channel, I have concluded that it is run by a Messi fan

Akshay Mehra

Akshay Mehra . 2 years ago

One of the hounarable mentions should be Alexis sanches...

Akshay Mehra

Akshay Mehra . 2 years ago

And bechkam should be at 3rd

Akshay Mehra

Akshay Mehra . 2 years ago

Griezman should be no. 2 in the list


김지우 . 2 years ago

Do football's best number 10s

Sensei Beats

Sensei Beats . 2 years ago

This guys puts Ronaldo at #1 yet still throws light jabs at him🤣🤣🤣🤣 while completely contradicting himself... prime Ronaldo wipes all these other no.7s in the dust in ALL AREAS.. no discussion.

Just A Wild Pupper With Internet Access

Just A Wild Pupper With Internet Access . 2 years ago

Is this just gonna be Man U players?

Dhrutabrata maharana

Dhrutabrata maharana . 2 years ago

7 greatest no.10 please

Tegar Satriani

Tegar Satriani . 2 years ago

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Garrincha 3. George Best 4. Stanley Matthews 5. Kenny Dalglish 6. Luis Figo 7. Raul Gonzalez 8. Andriy Shevchenko 9. Eric Cantona 10. David Beckham

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