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Raynday Gaming

Published on 4 months ago

Over The Course of 500 hours In Apex Legends, I've compiled the The 50 Best and Most Important Tips and Tricks to Improve, Compete and Win in King's Canyon. Cheers to 500 more! Enjoy and leave a tip if you think you have one! Like the video and Subscribe for more! Subscribe & Hit THAT BELL! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Instagram ► https://instagram.com/evanraynr Check out my stream live ► https://twitch.tv/raynday

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct "classes" like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

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Raynday Gaming

Raynday Gaming . 4 months ago

Biggest Tip Video EVER. Make sure to let me know what you think! Think you've got one I missed, hit me up! Check out my stream live ► https://twitch.tv/raynday


nukeman1303 . 6 hours ago

I thought this game died?

SkriP StreaM

SkriP StreaM . 4 days ago

DANG man!!!! PREACH!!! TIps on point, and on lock!!!! Thanks

BadShank Gaming

BadShank Gaming . 1 week ago

I feel like this video was made by Pathfinder himself :D


TheJPJT1234 . 2 weeks ago

That last tip is pretty legit. I used to be 0.6 k/D and now I’m up to 0.85 k/D makes me feel better than comparing myself to twitch streamers 😂😂


tacobell4life . 2 weeks ago

It's a bit late now but to this daywe should all know who truly is the best legend in solos is and is no way near ever going to Pathfinder when he's a support legend.


cafepolier . 2 weeks ago

for anyone reading in most reacent buffs flatline is the best wepon allways take and tripletake

zad dee

zad dee . 3 weeks ago

I've played Apex Legends for two weeks... At first I was a noob... Now, I'm carrying my team 😂😂😂

Brendon Peter

Brendon Peter . 3 weeks ago

Your tips are great, but the motivation you give is amazing.

Yolo Jolo

Yolo Jolo . 3 weeks ago

was that a Jordan Peterson reference?

Vincent DiFazio

Vincent DiFazio . 4 weeks ago

Great video man! I'm new to your channel, and I love your videos! I hit platinum and have been struggling to move up from here. Watching your videos has given me a great new perspective. Thanks bro!

Minecraft Pig

Minecraft Pig . 4 weeks ago

_P r o w l e r i s b r o k e n_


KING RITZ . 4 weeks ago

15:00 Hey he’s trying to make me healthy!


GhettoGroceryBag . 1 month ago

great videos! but for the love of god change the music up PLEASE!

Mineta ew

Mineta ew . 1 month ago

I have a ps4 and I main wattson, @fanfic_queen is my username. I need friends ●3●


J L . 1 month ago

17:49 *starts tearing up*

Tokyo IPA

Tokyo IPA . 1 month ago

Just to be an ass about it, its 100% more health. 50% more would mean u have 150

Wildshot Tv

Wildshot Tv . 1 month ago

Ok but how do I prevent getting third partied? I get 5+ kills a round with my squad and come in the top 5 atleast 75% of the time but when it comes to the top 5 my squad gets third partied almost 100% of the time so we’ll be on the side of the ring and get shot at from both sides


JJ JJ . 1 month ago

Can someone please tell me how or what he pressed to get into the “quick swap” (tab where he can replace that item with his inventory) when looting a dead person box at 8:14 time. Thanks


PerjuicioJR . 1 month ago

Tip #50 make me wanna rethink life


TheBOOMyouhate . 1 month ago

I prefer apex over fortnite

Dolphi bg

Dolphi bg . 1 month ago

All these tips are useless when you get unlucky most of the time and get matched with retarded randoms, no matter how good you are or how far you push yourself it's important to have a decent team, if keep getting retards in your team then you are pretty much dead at the first or second encounter. Its time for the other side retards which make the game to finally add solo mode so I can demolish all the scrubs, game is pretty much unplayable with randoms.

brando c.

brando c. . 1 month ago

when he didnt pick up the disruptor :(


tatalex . 2 months ago

The tips were great, I started a couple weeks ago and compared to when I started, I've definitely gotten better. There are times where it's just loss after loss, but like you said its important to you know not give up. Although sometimes its easy to get discouraged especially from your "team members" who start to call you trash for not killing the people that killed them, I've encountered a lot of people like that, but I'm still trying to get better

steven bunker

steven bunker . 2 months ago

Came here to improve my game but just got life advice to improve my life haha

Crab got Tricked

Crab got Tricked . 2 months ago

Now season 3

Cesar DeYoung

Cesar DeYoung . 2 months ago

Thanks man really needed this

Vignesh kenway

Vignesh kenway . 2 months ago

Lol i have streak of dieing first 10 times in a row.. But still i enjoy it after 200 hrs im much better now..

Revenant Crispy

Revenant Crispy . 2 months ago

I like how you compare the game to real life to make everyone become better.. You’ve earned a subscriber

Darrin IDontCare

Darrin IDontCare . 2 months ago

Number 1 Prowler is the best gun in the game and y’all are sleeping on it. No it doesn’t need the select fire, that actually makes it worse.


ツAztec . 2 months ago



O O . 2 months ago

This went from an apex tips and tricks video to a motivational speech

kaleb reid

kaleb reid . 2 months ago

Been playing since the first season and I've learnt that I'm trash

Danyella Catron

Danyella Catron . 2 months ago

That last tip really hit home on a personal level beyond the game. I definitely compared myself to my friend who is waaayyyy better since I’ve started(I started yesterday and I suck). This video was very informative and made me feel a ton better.

Caleb wild Tiger

Caleb wild Tiger . 2 months ago

The last hit me in the feels

The Magic Potato

The Magic Potato . 2 months ago

Bruh a lot of this doesn’t apply to just Apex. *Damn life advice*

SilentMewtwo POWs

SilentMewtwo POWs . 2 months ago

I love that I haven’t grinned at the game yet but I still feel good at the game. I know I suck but i feel really goos


Voxel . 2 months ago

If you play on pc, try playing Bad Business on Roblox. The hip fire is very reliable and the movement is still fast paced.


aespct . 2 months ago

Get ammo you know you need.

Adolf Hitler's clone

Adolf Hitler's clone . 2 months ago

9:23 Holy shit. That's me. Remember that game. He stayed on the roof and peeked at me the entire time while I sat safe inside. Nice

Mateusz rfsef

Mateusz rfsef . 2 months ago

Lots of the tips in the video are outdated after season 3

Ricardo Cruz

Ricardo Cruz . 2 months ago

The last tip is GOLD! You're exactly right man, not only it applies for APEX/video games, but also for everything in our lives! Thanks for this video bro!


BoboXXL . 2 months ago

Awesome vid man. Really helped

Home Phone

Home Phone . 2 months ago

Season 2: Flatline is Viable Season 3: Flatline is God tier

Wing ding Ching chong

Wing ding Ching chong . 2 months ago

Your videos have helped me a ton I have been playing for 5 days and I hit a 13 kill win I killed the last 2 teams at the end

Alexander Sutanto

Alexander Sutanto . 2 months ago

The last tips hit me so bad :'(

edijs belinskis

edijs belinskis . 2 months ago

solitair guide


tzechZ4 . 2 months ago

this game is extremely unfriendly to new players

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor . 2 months ago

Dead Pool is that you?

Shred Flintstone

Shred Flintstone . 2 months ago

The life advice at the end is my favorite part! I'm going through rough times right now and watched this as I was waking up, you just made my day. Thank you RaynDay!

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