Stylosa Unit Lost

Stylosa Unit Lost

Published on 2 months ago

IS SIGMA DEAD?! What about Orisa? Is she super buffed and completely OP on PTR? Reinahrdt is MEGA buffed! Lots of tank changes are on the Overwatch PTR - Blizzzard have listend to community feedback and nerfed barriers. This in theory should man we have a more "fun" game. However, Blizzard have made a series of balance changes, buffs and nerfs for Orisa, Sigma and Reinhardt. In this video I explain the changes and give my thoughts on the direction the meta will take. Overwatch will be a faster game if these changes make it to live. But will that make it a better game? Let me know in the comments below.

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes -

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Comments :

Stylosa Unit Lost

Stylosa Unit Lost . 2 months ago

The Overwatch tanking meta is going to completely change when and if the current PTR patch makes it to live. But who will be the strongest tanks? Rein/Zarya is looking really good right now. Rein/Orisa could be the new โ€œdouble barrier metaโ€. Roadhog is actually insane and I suspect Orisa/Hog could well me the โ€œmeta tank compโ€ going forward. Only this time. Rein/Zary should be able to rushdown counter it...hopefully. What do you guys think?


PoliceState . 1 month ago

I like it. I'd be interested to see what it's like if they push it MORE in this direction.

Sep Babo

Sep Babo . 2 months ago

I just love the phrase reinhardt is kind of like tracer. With no context


twg1977 . 2 months ago

Is roadhog good or bad in ptr

Liam Lake

Liam Lake . 2 months ago

I actually cant wait for this ti come to live because it will bring back alot of nostalgia to be back in season 4 where the game was alot faster and I play sombra now and I can.see sombra powerlevel being crazily powerful can play her well

Liam Lake

Liam Lake . 2 months ago

It sounds like a little like dive where winston bouble wasnt really used to protect the team it was use it block ability while Winston put pressure on the squished with the tracer

Jesus Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez . 2 months ago

I dont mean to be toxic stylosa , but learn your tanks, Hammond is high tier, with a lot of skill involved, and you saying hog will be meta, is kinda like a joke

Jesus Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez . 2 months ago

Sigma is a main tank, but with nerfs who knows. Trust me it works, I guess it all depends on your skill level


fulltimespy . 2 months ago

Overwatch content is more dry than the saharah.

John Arch

John Arch . 2 months ago

Dps queโ€™ers โ€œ The DPS wait is so long I hate 222โ€ Me: The issue is tanks and theyโ€™re not being enough of them thatโ€™s why the key was high for DPS you dps dumb dumbs


DonutSenpai . 2 months ago

I feel like they are changing barriers to be more like Winston's it has enough health to block a ton of burst but not enough to constantly protect the team


Sai . 2 months ago

I hear in pro pugs, they're running a lot of dive in China. I am kinda excited if a return of rein and winston happens.


Blackg8r . 2 months ago

isnt bastion inderectly nerfed 2 cuz the barriers are the things that keep him from dying but if the barriers go down quicker he most of the times wil die quicker 2


David . 2 months ago

I'm liking these changes because it's muddying the water much more between roles. To me it's broken down like this. DPS - highest damage and have some utility. Tanks - second highest damage can block some damage (not near as much as before, so it's more about cooldown management and when to throw the barrier up.) Supports - highest healing - lowest damage So now tanks need to have good cooldown management, and have support in order to be effective. When prior to this tanks were literally spamming abilities and shields at all times. Fights will be shorter, no more matches where you snowball a team because you have 2 barriers and the tanks and supports do not die all match.....

Infinity 436

Infinity 436 . 2 months ago

It doesn't sound like they are trying to make sigma an off tank, I think they are trying to remove the concept of main and side tanks.

Fา‰ Eา‰ Aา‰ Rา‰

Fา‰ Eา‰ Aา‰ Rา‰ . 2 months ago

I like sty as his true self lmao

Joseph Kleypas

Joseph Kleypas . 2 months ago

I miss Winston. โ˜น๏ธ


GDOG . 2 months ago

I used to play over watch a lot and watched you every day, but got bored of the game and stopped playing this just popped up in my recommendations and Iโ€™m getting nostalgia


Joรฃo . 2 months ago

Now that the barrier health is reduced I'm not sure if sigma needs that delay b4 redeploying his shield. Also it would b cool if his succ restored barrier health n not his own


Siks7Ate9 . 2 months ago

So basically when sigma uses kinetic, u reload if u have a hog u hook him


Munozl360 . 2 months ago

I hope they let dva crouch. You know that mech can bend its fucking knees


Cantu . 2 months ago

When is bastion getting his much needed nerf into the ground?


Cantu . 2 months ago

Good. Fuck orisa. It made no sense that her barrier could last all the way through to the next cooldown. So obnoxious to go against

Juako Queca

Juako Queca . 2 months ago

If they do this on console, then Sigma is 100% fucking dead.

Jake Card

Jake Card . 2 months ago

This rein gameplay makes me want to pour lemon juice in my eyes. Brainless


gobluejackets61 . 2 months ago

I'm worried about a Rein-Orisa meta, Its still double barrier, but a more in your face version of it. IS that better?

Chris Tomsky

Chris Tomsky . 2 months ago

Mercy is still getting outhealed by other supports. I'd like to see her get her 60 HPS back, especially with the lack of shields now. When they originally nerfed her back down to 50 HPS, they said, "Mercy is intended to be able to consistently pump out more healing than any other healer over the course of a match" and "Weโ€™ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still a strong pick." But neither of those are true right now. An average of 1000 boosted damage is not as good as 6-10k damage. 6 Res's a game is not the same as 15-25 elims. 90% of Mercy's time is spent healing and she's still an off healer somehow. Her utility is not good enough to make up for her complete lack of offense and her total reliance on her team. Original Patch Notes here:

John G

John G . 2 months ago

Sigma withouth having to deal with sheilds is going to F*&% people up

Grumpyshark 8888

Grumpyshark 8888 . 2 months ago

I play a lot of Rein and I'm super excited for these crowd control tactics being less effective against him, but hate the shield nerf and really feel like Blizzard is gonna have to nerf hog sometime when these changes go live, otherwise everyone will just be playing hog.

cheeto man

cheeto man . 2 months ago

, but the problem is Sigma is conna feed so hard now!!


Delluminati . 2 months ago

10:50 that description is exactly what rein is supposed to be

Bee Farley

Bee Farley . 2 months ago

By nerfing barriers and shifting the focus from team contribution to individual contribution, this really seems to nerf characters that are really reliant on the team. i.e. isn't Mercy hurt by this? Seems weird to "nerf" her when I don't think she was amazing beforehand.

AC Milan 1899

AC Milan 1899 . 2 months ago

Can you make sure you do an in-depth analysis when it goes live. Too many YouTubers just cover the PTR changes and then nothing once it's live because it's no longer new. No one cares about the PTR.

Dan Baum

Dan Baum . 2 months ago

I loved Sigma so much ๐Ÿ˜ข he was my favorite tank, but now seems so underpowered


OMG . 2 months ago

I'll be grateful for your support ๐Ÿ‘

Noah Castle

Noah Castle . 2 months ago

Can we just fix the queues because I just waited 9 minutes for a single game

Arianna Westerfield

Arianna Westerfield . 2 months ago

I wonder how much the feedback/gameplay in OW2 affected their decision for some of the changes, especially Rein (that Frenzy talent). I switched over to being a Support main a long while ago - partially due to lack of healers, but also because playing my favorite Crusader wasn't as fun as it could be.


TheLAW . 2 months ago

Imagine buffing Tracer only to buff armor in the next few weeks...


Raventhaw . 2 months ago

god you guys are so fucking cringe sometimes.


MaupaRez . 2 months ago

If blizz doesn't want tanks to sit behind the barrier, then maybe remove that useless 1s cooldown from sig's barrier

Ruben Wallace

Ruben Wallace . 2 months ago

"Zarya does more damage with her alternate fire" is pretty deceptive to zarya using less ammo for her alternate fire

Ruben Wallace

Ruben Wallace . 2 months ago

I'm on console. I seen what it looks like when lucio tried to boop Reinhardt. Can I see what happens when a doomfist punches and uppercuts Reinhardt?

warcrab cyber

warcrab cyber . 2 months ago

this is a more logical take on the tanks and new patch, instead of going completely bunkers saying orissa is OP and will break the game. orissa has less shield than winston now, winston and rein have mobility and dash moves to retreat. orissa has to stand ground everytime. so it makes sense to make fortify stronger after nerfing the shield so badly. and its only a 2 second buff on fority. so instead of 10 seconds its now 8 seconds to recharge. and you loose 300 shield hp for 2 extra seconds cooldown on fortify. if orissa were to be nerfed any more it would be the end of orissa.


Anticrisis . 2 months ago

As always, the commentary is informative and the gameplay is entertaining. But why am I watching Rein while hearing about how Sigma will change?


Zundrium . 2 months ago


Taylor Larson

Taylor Larson . 2 months ago

This starts the 20 minute queue


JimmyC23 . 2 months ago

Looks great. Makes it easier to rework a dps or 2 into tanks and another 1-2 into support which is what the game really needs.


Jeremiah . 2 months ago

glad sigma sucks now

Ravage Dionne

Ravage Dionne . 2 months ago

God, I can't wait to play aggressive Reinhardt again. Passive tank players are gonna get bodied though.

Riley Russell

Riley Russell . 2 months ago

how will this affect me as a lucio/hog main

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