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5 Reasons Why You're Dying In Apex Legends! | Common Mistakes

Raynday Gaming

Raynday Gaming

Published on 11 months ago

Dying ALL THE TIME in Apex Legends? Have no idea why the Gods have cursed your abilities to pwn newbs? I may have some help to alleviate the stress. Here's why you're dying in Apex Legends, and how to fix it. Have another reason why - hit me up in the comments below! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► https://Mixer.com/raynday

Apex Legends is a pretty difficult game to grasp at first, with all of the moving pieces of a battle Royale, yet also adding the element of classes. Apex legends brings another layer of depth to it's battle royale with significant recoil patterns, clip size adjustments, headshot bonuses and more to the various weapons in the game. Here, I'll go over the very best weapons, rank them and explain them relative to the other options in their class. I think this will be very helpful for new players and those just getting the hang of their weapon preference and style!

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct "classes" like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

Comments :

Legen Dary

Legen Dary . 4 weeks ago

How am i better at looting than youtubers. Im garbage at the game but god dammit i know how to loot


TipZiiy . 4 weeks ago

Meanwhile your playing against level 3 bots

Coult Haviko

Coult Haviko . 1 month ago

Reason I die.. can't stay alive long enough to understand anything outside of the tutorial... Hey look you went down, knock down shield for the wi.. oh wait he has energy ammo. Gold weapons make me a boss! Triple take does 22 damage... Gets molest by Mozambique... High ground wins fights... But leaves you completely exposed to the wide open map around you... First one out of the drop ship... Last one to get a gun...

Movies Movies

Movies Movies . 2 months ago

The Eva 8 is one of my favorite

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson . 2 months ago

stop moving side to side that pisses me off makes it wayy to hard to kill plus the hit boxes suck i can play and cod or bf game and get 20 kills min its how this game is fucking made and horible its made that way so you buy apex coins cuz you think it will give you better players it wont.. its all a lie to get your money

John Zambrano

John Zambrano . 2 months ago

Do you play magic the gathering

Co xo9C

Co xo9C . 2 months ago

Land in a area where there are no weapons and then you get gunned down

Co xo9C

Co xo9C . 2 months ago

Respawn are trash and should get the sack

Co xo9C

Co xo9C . 2 months ago

Reason why people are dying on Apex is because the game is completely unbalanced, nuff said


Reploidx9 . 2 months ago

Still using the ping dial for enemy pings? Cmon man. Also the 'difference' that a 144hz monitor makes over a 60hz one to your deathrate is so negligible, if it even exists, it's pointless mentioning. You'd be better off mentioning getting more sleep and having a better diet.

Яша Белопольский

Яша Белопольский . 2 months ago

Hey guys who watching this: no worry, I'm diamond in apex and dying to EVERY 10-30 lvl. You might ask me - dude how dafuq u've got diamond if you're so foking bad? And answer is - I don't know. That's why I came here to watch this video.

I don't want your apology

I don't want your apology . 2 months ago

Mirage 2nd ability is perfect for giving away your teams location.

icraft154graveturno and pl 1000 Frank

icraft154graveturno and pl 1000 Frank . 2 months ago

I don’t die much

Ezra Deal

Ezra Deal . 2 months ago

Ik its super late but i love your personality/advice on these vids i watch them before i play I'm a very good legend but because of my ptsd in my past i find it hard to trust myself and sometimes believe in myself,also i like how u see both perspectives of "why did u do that" and "why i did that" tbh I've been that person but these videos have helped me alot thank you soo much for your advice and being meek on ppl who are ignorant not their fault they just wanted to help I'll keep watching and letting ppl know about your channel keep up the good work and never stop gaming

Emily Kanagy

Emily Kanagy . 3 months ago

bro 1 tip like What we don't say that but all of your tips Suck and it only pc oh come on like noobs do it


txoni . 3 months ago

3. How am I supposed to know good spots if I’m new to the game 🤔

Assassin 9 [DELTA]

Assassin 9 [DELTA] . 3 months ago

On the settings thing: I play on console

Queen_0f Slayyy

Queen_0f Slayyy . 3 months ago

I know this video old and all but it’s really funny and very true

Shaney P

Shaney P . 3 months ago

"A gun butt massage" thats a great saying! :')

fatimah bidan

fatimah bidan . 3 months ago

Mozambique is the best weapon And yes i think its better than peacekeeper


VVS . 3 months ago

I be having gold shied and die off 1 clip. Others have white and it takes 2 clips for them to die.


TMLMMA . 3 months ago

You lost me at mouse.....

AlBeRt EiNsTeIn

AlBeRt EiNsTeIn . 3 months ago

I been taking BIG Ls lately I thinks it's the new map ( I miss KINGS CANYON ) :'(

Luke Times

Luke Times . 4 months ago

I die a lot cause I go down in two shots even if I have legendary armor.

Bruh Man

Bruh Man . 4 months ago

Or because you can’t have fun in the game because you just started and now ur facing someone who’s an apex predator.

Phúc Thọ Trần Hồ

Phúc Thọ Trần Hồ . 4 months ago

Yeah, i'm play 100 match with 100 match die

Ege Saranli

Ege Saranli . 4 months ago

it doesnt even make sense omg i just keep dying even i took a break for a week i can't even play this game and it is not enjoyable anymore i need actual help to enjoy this gamer and therefore play good please help or i'll actually kill myself with a capsule pls hire me a apex coach my email is [email protected]

Dovakinn Rhodhark

Dovakinn Rhodhark . 4 months ago

So thats your one of the tips? "Buy a 144p monitor"? No wonder why players from densely populated, 3rd world country never matches with the opponents! Dude i play in 720p, i've a decent mouse and a pad of Logitech and have latency of about 150m max.


megaymind . 4 months ago

This video aged badly 😂 Mozambique is good now

Karen Pullinger

Karen Pullinger . 4 months ago

I have 56 wins

Capt Cloudz

Capt Cloudz . 4 months ago

Me : let's try and hold up for a bit and watch this location ki think there is enemys My squad : runs into location gets shot at from all angles dies and quits.

Richard Norris

Richard Norris . 4 months ago

You get a like and sub for saying magazine and not clip!

Jonte Engen

Jonte Engen . 4 months ago

Well, it feels like they have nerfed me bc i got like 7 kills normaly but now i get like 1 if im lucky, and then i look at the death thing and see -300 but they are still alive. So my hand hurt bevisar i have smashed my desk and shit becuse they have Diamond armor or something

vDestroy U

vDestroy U . 5 months ago

We die and don't get revived because your teammates are across The GOD DAMN MAP

Daniel Yalley

Daniel Yalley . 5 months ago

Thanks man, After this I started to switch my legend from bangel to wraith and i started to do way better.


STARK-MARK-42 . 5 months ago

I Finished Titanfall 2 on LEGENDARY, and it was actually fun despite the difficulty. First match of apex, first blood. About 30 matches played, 8+ Hours in, Haven't Reached 100 Damage Yet Yikes

Daddys Savage

Daddys Savage . 5 months ago

You got me into smite my friend showed me the game a couple years ago and I looked up tips and tricks saw your videos and i just fell in love with smite ! Those were cool times thanks for making these videos so helpful for so many gamers!


Sly . 5 months ago

5 reasons you should be gunned down stop wasting time

_ elincyt _

_ elincyt _ . 5 months ago

I thought this video was why apex legends was dying


HarpoonWolfbait . 5 months ago

This video didn’t help. You just have to waist your life and keep losing and losing until you get super lucky. Fk this game. Sweaty assholes. Just uninstall you casuals

Jesse Paulsen

Jesse Paulsen . 5 months ago

You probably won't see this But dude you're amazing. I went my first 200 games without a win, almost gave up on the game, watched a couple of your videos, and now I'm doing way better. I have 4 wins, which still isn't a lot, but I'm just over 250 games now, so I'm improving lol I love your positivity at the end of your videos. Thanks for what you do and keep pushing out great content man!


KatMaster . 5 months ago

Here's one more tip and me spouting random information to get to 10 minutes.

EZE 1231

EZE 1231 . 5 months ago

Me. Gets no gun enemy. get an mozambic me. Falcon punch


ChimpTribe . 6 months ago

guns like the R99 Longbow and the G7-Scout all these guns have consistency maybe not the r99 always, the G7 is amazing medium range meaning you don’t have to deal with Spitfire sprayers or R99 Sprayers and its Headshot Damage is insane especially with a good trigger finger and aim, and the long bow always does around 49 Damage body shots meaning you don’t have to deal with the peacekeeper 10 shot damage point blank, R99 a amazing gun close range a full clip with no mag can kill a person with Blue or purple armour I believe that means you have to *Hit* your shots, Optics are big Deals especially if your really bad with certain Ironsites for snipers I recommend using a medium range purple scope 2-4x Optic and the HCOG ranger don’t pick up extreme Sniper scopes, if your in one of the end game circles there’s no point of a 6-8x scope, Ordances matter especially just to panic people, I personally hate the Thermite grenade since when it hits me I panic because of all the 3D Alerts That pop up on my screen pointing towards the grenade, ark stars help pushing people to one side of a area making them easy targets frags help spread players from there teammates, if there’s a full squad sitting in a room I throw a grenade threw I window then arkstars at the doors making them panic for a exit or to find a spot where the ordanence doesn’t affect, make sure to always body shield swap mid fight let’s say your in skull town you land on a alternator with a blue shield beside it then u get into a fight without any meds you knock 2 of the kids from the squad then you have low health no shield batteries or meds but it’s skull town finding common armour is a easy find to pick up and get back into fighting that last kid that body shield swap may have saved you, also when healing up midfight if someone gets you to like 10 % health left make sure to shield up first when people tag you with any gun and see that you have shield they have no way of knowing how much health you have if they tag u for 15 Shield they couldn’t know u only have 10% health.


merkeImustdie . 6 months ago

5 Reasons Why You're Dying In Apex Legends - someone have to die.


alidagreat32 . 6 months ago

And don't 4get don't revive until the squad is down or totally safe ppl try and pick up teammates and get shot!!!!! Lol

Kelsey Clark

Kelsey Clark . 6 months ago

Why is he sooooo true in the beginning

Alexander G. Hoffmann

Alexander G. Hoffmann . 6 months ago

Because you're bad.

Alex Haiku

Alex Haiku . 6 months ago

Gets multiple headshots on an enemy who doesn’t have shields. Me: gets one shotted by a Mozambique from all the way across the map (Edit: my best weapon group FOR ME is the Re 45 and the wingman

Darren Curtis II

Darren Curtis II . 6 months ago

Mozambique is the Mozamweak on release day throughout Season 1 - Apex Legends. Mozambique is the MozamGod on release day of Season 2 - Apex Legends. @Raynday Gaming You're video is awesome, but Mozambique info part is false thanks to Respawn.

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