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Published on 2 years ago


Relive Liverpool's incredible comeback victory over Milan in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul.

The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.


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Comments :


NoName . 3 hours ago

Liverpool had all my respect since that final. Propz from Portugal

Semanda Alice

Semanda Alice . 9 hours ago

Greatest final

John Payne

John Payne . 9 hours ago

I met my scouse missus that night, I was working till 3-2 then it was feck it....I got home at 930 am next morning...I lived in benidorm.

Ofie Howard

Ofie Howard . 11 hours ago

People, kids these days don’t know what an achievement this was! Unbelievable 😭... That Ac Milan team on paper made we sweat as a kid😂🙈 Could go down among the top 5 strongest UCL teams of all time! What a come back in a final I’ll never forget get that day lol Sat in utter disbelief during the half time break 😂 Stevi G & his men what a team performance Iconic moment The streets will never forget ❤️🙏🏻

Jamal saed kivuruge

Jamal saed kivuruge . 19 hours ago

You never walk alone team reds like here what acomeback like the one with Barcelona 2019 season

John Murphy

John Murphy . 22 hours ago

5:27 If only you knew...

miguel angel prieto bello

miguel angel prieto bello . 2 days ago

istambul miracle imposible is nothing

Julia Piejko

Julia Piejko . 2 days ago

Rafael Benitez after a half time changed a formation and liverpool scored three goals

Julia Piejko

Julia Piejko . 2 days ago

What a crazy game!

Bima Zayyan

Bima Zayyan . 2 days ago

6:00 there is an impostor.A fc barcelona fan

Melissa Loterzo

Melissa Loterzo . 2 days ago


Damar Fadlan

Damar Fadlan . 3 days ago

Here during 2020 corona quarantine still remember this.

Dylan Hoare

Dylan Hoare . 3 days ago

Gerrard ♥️

Purwanti Allan

Purwanti Allan . 3 days ago

15 years ago i still remember this LEGENDARY comeback from the Reds liverpool...

Umar Farooqui

Umar Farooqui . 3 days ago

In my area I have scored a 3-0 to 3-5 Not me I scored three and our defender got two and


Dutchboy266 . 4 days ago

Why is noone talking about 7:39 commentary? That guy is going completely insane xD


Ace . 4 days ago

1.7k dislikes. Those people, go find another sport because you don't belong in the footballing community. Sometimes you've got to admire greatness no matter the club you support.

shivam Rawat

shivam Rawat . 4 days ago

This is the true example of never ever celebrate before final whistle blow

Ye it is good Ye Shwe

Ye it is good Ye Shwe . 4 days ago

Liverpool vs Barcelona


MertNowitzki . 5 days ago

An average CL final game has ability to convert the worst football stadium on the earth into most amazing football place.


KARTHICK BRAVO . 6 days ago

Wonderful captain in the world.. Nobody can him.. Steve G.. YNWA

Forza Diavolo

Forza Diavolo . 6 days ago

Gerrard was perfect diver

Champion biz

Champion biz . 1 week ago

I remember I was in primary six and the next day we had a maths test but I pretended that am sick and asked for a pass out because I didn't want to miss the final, my dad is a stonch liverpool fan he took with me to the cinema hall, first half they scored us 3 goals and half the cinema hall went back home, when we scored the 3rd goal people who had gone home came back and they couldn't believe what they were seeing, that's my greatest moment of being a Liverpool fan.


Silentpepe . 1 week ago

shout out for Dudeks double save

Yunuscan Poyraz

Yunuscan Poyraz . 1 week ago

Gerrard ❤️

Sujit M

Sujit M . 1 week ago

We need more stories like these in football.

erik hadi

erik hadi . 1 week ago



Exferd . 1 week ago

Every Champions League needs penalty shootout

Oliver Young

Oliver Young . 1 week ago

Gerrard is just a natural leader

Zee No

Zee No . 1 week ago


Francesco Vellani

Francesco Vellani . 2 weeks ago



Arni88 . 2 weeks ago

Best final ever

trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen

trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen . 2 weeks ago

chik ko cok doi vek luk thu tik cok nho tao ko luk be de chik be de tho ai bao ha tao vi lok gai tao cha thu cho thah thag da

Rohan Gurjar

Rohan Gurjar . 2 weeks ago

best game I've ever watched

Hugo Nongbri

Hugo Nongbri . 2 weeks ago

I can't even remember the last season Milan played CL football.... How times have changed 😂😂


Kokachi . 2 weeks ago

Anyone know the song from 10:52

r3yly d1az

r3yly d1az . 2 weeks ago

Idk if it’s 6:00 or 6:01 fan holding Barca thingy lol

r3yly d1az

r3yly d1az . 2 weeks ago

Idk why I came here after the 2-7 lol


SN1PERKN1GHT . 2 weeks ago

5:58 Wtf was a Barca scarf doing among all them Liverpool scarfs 😂😂😂

Steve Biko

Steve Biko . 2 weeks ago

Quem é brasileiro curte aí !

bd birdbird

bd birdbird . 2 weeks ago

My Remember every time

fiction lover

fiction lover . 2 weeks ago

Not the greatest comeback but the greatest robbery


DurbanCharo . 2 weeks ago

Best game I've ever watched and speaking as a Man Utd fan, 13 years old on a school night...good times

Thomas Widjanarko

Thomas Widjanarko . 2 weeks ago

That killer pass from kaka to crespo..


Ixyon77 . 2 weeks ago

M a Liverpool fan but let's be honest all Milan's missed penalties should've been re-taken... On the other hand a penalty for a clear hand for Liverpool an a sending off for Gattuso. Details that would've probably changed the course of the game and for the millions of football supporters (except the AC one) who would 've wanted to miss a such marvelous game ?

Nathaniel James Christmas

Nathaniel James Christmas . 2 weeks ago

I really wonder why was Dida falling only on the left side 😂

Azhar Robaeni

Azhar Robaeni . 2 weeks ago

Best comeback final ever where the liverpool 2005 was underdog can win againts best team in 2005

anonymous name

anonymous name . 2 weeks ago

i was not born then but what a comeback

Jeff Armstrong

Jeff Armstrong . 2 weeks ago

Top manager rafa


secimozgur . 2 weeks ago


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