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What You Should Carry in Apex Legends! (Backpack Items)

Sultan D

Sultan D

Published on 9 months ago

Today's video, I show what you should carry in your backpack on Apex Legends. Knowing the best things to carry in Apex Legends will help accelerate your looting experience. I go over, how much ammo you should hold, how many shields and meds to have and much more!
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Comments :

Dlo Gamez

Dlo Gamez . 9 months ago

The video was good I agree with most of the decisions

Kamil Modzelewski

Kamil Modzelewski . 4 weeks ago

How much ammo you carry it's depend on your skills. If you killing 15 or 20 people every game 250 of each ammo it's minimum. But if you like me when 10 it's really good score for me 150 each it's max or 200 heavy and light.


E8lia8s . 3 months ago


Geordi Walton

Geordi Walton . 3 months ago

Also, I really like Thermites, they're better for flushing enemies out behind cover that's in the middle of the open like a rock, and as soon as someone gets hit, they panic and run. I've got so many kills from shooting enemies running from the fire. I do agree with your point about them though, small passages I don't really use them in so I can get in their face.

Geordi Walton

Geordi Walton . 3 months ago

I've been playing lifeline and I like having a stack of cells, and a stack of syringes no matter how many big heals I have, so they can synergize with my drone (heal faster with a syringe after shield swap, or charge Shields and health at the same time).

Joe Cru

Joe Cru . 3 months ago

I agree with most but honestly personally as a aggressive player i love using sheild cells they are faster and can carry up to 6. It forces the enemy to be aware and on their toes if they hit 2 times all u have to do if pop 1 sheild cell with the fastest use rate in the game they wont expect they'll assume ur still short health. Like a common armor or blue armor wouldny really need a battery but a purple or gold definitely ill carry batterys

Jordanj daboss

Jordanj daboss . 4 months ago

Now I know what to carry

YaBoi Zwiebelsaft

YaBoi Zwiebelsaft . 5 months ago

I always take at least one slot of shield cells or syringes because I don't want to use a shield battery to fill one bar of my body shield


KoKane . 5 months ago

Sometimes you haven't got time to pop a battery or full med kit. Cells are vital imo.

Joey Rodriguez

Joey Rodriguez . 5 months ago

Loot last! Res first

Joey Rodriguez

Joey Rodriguez . 5 months ago

Bro. Love the channel. Keep it up.

Yash Sarang

Yash Sarang . 5 months ago

The video was really great and Helpful... You've got yourself a new subscriber!


Cronort . 6 months ago

I would take into account situation basis for the diff nades. Arc stars are wonderful and great damage and if you explode two together they create a vortex. Frags are great for anyone camping high ground or near circle or a cliff. They have knock back for those pests for easy kills. And yeah. Incendiary I find less useful but great for trapping others to toss more nades at them lol


Carlito . 9 months ago

Hey you want to play realm royale duo?

Mr. Fancypants

Mr. Fancypants . 9 months ago

Is aim assist stronger when you ads?


Krazor . 9 months ago

Great job! 👊

Caleb Berg

Caleb Berg . 9 months ago

Personally I like the shield cells but great video man

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