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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)



Published on 3 years ago

Music video by AC/DC performing Let There Be Rock. (C) 1978 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd.

#ACDC #LetThereBeRock #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial

Comments :

the ReCLuse DoLL 13

the ReCLuse DoLL 13 . 27 minutes ago

Rock n Roll. Archives 🔥😵👍

horst schäff

horst schäff . 6 hours ago

Wow. 👍👍👍😎😎😎😎

Mike Point

Mike Point . 12 hours ago

What a fuckn beat , all there instruments took a thrashing , especially those drums like wow!! ! and they loved every minute of it too !!!. RIP BON

Angus Lamont

Angus Lamont . 16 hours ago

I’m a proud Angus.

GreenGo Loco

GreenGo Loco . 16 hours ago

I never knew this song had a video.          I feel like the last guy to add jelly to his peanut butter sandwich.

Egy Google felhasználó

Egy Google felhasználó . 24 hours ago

Happy New Year for fans!

asdasdas sadasdasdas

asdasdas sadasdasdas . 2 days ago

La mejor canción AC/CD sin dudas , saludos desde Perú <3

Juanjo Amela

Juanjo Amela . 2 days ago

"I have a sad day and listening to this song has become a happy day"

Renae Jones

Renae Jones . 2 days ago

My Lord. So young! No pun intended

Jeyseh Goncalves

Jeyseh Goncalves . 3 days ago



Afrikacorps1943 . 3 days ago

Bon Scott ...i like him ! Best of ACDC


garryscott651 . 4 days ago

Scott's rule the world.

WoioW oioW

WoioW oioW . 4 days ago

Watching this video really put a smile on my face. Next thing you know I'm head banging!

Israel Pèrez

Israel Pèrez . 4 days ago



Steve19195658 . 4 days ago

So he wasn't a real priest????

Alyn Pickett 76

Alyn Pickett 76 . 4 days ago

Kick in the  bollocks tune  such class!!!!!

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez . 4 days ago

hard crushing rock and roll

Eduardo C. Rivas

Eduardo C. Rivas . 5 days ago

Me encanta lo cool que suena la batería y el bajo 👌🇸🇻 Que hubiese sucedido si Bon Scott aún sugiera con vida? Me hago la interrogante porque para mi lo mejor de ACDC estuvo cuando Scott era vocalista. 🤷‍♂️🇸🇻


Springtoifel18 . 5 days ago

Fuck yeah!!!

Michael Fewings

Michael Fewings . 5 days ago

To 12


JILLIAN ROH . 5 days ago

November 10th, stunned by that smile, from SOUTH KOREA

Adrian Hendricks

Adrian Hendricks . 5 days ago

I vote non for pope.

Bills Fan

Bills Fan . 6 days ago

3:55 forever

David webmestre

David webmestre . 6 days ago

\m/ (>_<) \m/

Neil Duffy

Neil Duffy . 6 days ago

ac dc would not be pc now butt who cares

Pasi Vaan

Pasi Vaan . 6 days ago

"Let there be sound There was sound Let there be light There was light Let there be drums There was drums Let there be guitar There was guitar Oh, Let there be rock" He forgot the drugs

Szilárd kulcsár

Szilárd kulcsár . 6 days ago

az a gibbson, az odabasz

Zwe Wai Yan

Zwe Wai Yan . 6 days ago

Let's rock together

Total Canna Solutions

Total Canna Solutions . 7 days ago

Let there be Rock! Oh and Cannabis (I'm in Australia our laws are a joke)


Noahide . 7 days ago

New AC DC song titles: 'Dreaming of Rosie in the Back of My Van'.


Noahide . 7 days ago

New AC DC song titles: 'LIghtning up Quick' and 'Jacked Off'.


Noahide . 7 days ago

Rock on AC DC. Hot shit this tune. Top stuff.

Magne Høiberg

Magne Høiberg . 7 days ago

kids these days will never know...

Ron Mears

Ron Mears . 1 week ago

Let there be Rock!!!!

richard robillard

richard robillard . 1 week ago

Don"t know about you? but this was the last acdc (Bon ) album from dc i last heard. But in my view , it was his best! hail a new rock n roll train!!!!!!

Les Lieurance

Les Lieurance . 1 week ago

this song rocks

sam maudlin

sam maudlin . 1 week ago

This is blasphemous.

jonathas pinheiro

jonathas pinheiro . 1 week ago

i'm be back...let there be back always for...;(;.. RIP Ronald Belford''Bon''Scott''RIP Malcolm Young...;)let the be light camera and show...great sharing thx.


darrenwilsonV2 . 1 week ago

Fucking epic solo by Angus!

Nemo Tran

Nemo Tran . 1 week ago

this the best song I've ever listen to

Philou Mars

Philou Mars . 1 week ago

Maybe the best song of this band.

Pam Stewart

Pam Stewart . 1 week ago

I love it 😍


61citystars . 1 week ago

never ages

Теменужка Станкова

Теменужка Станкова . 1 week ago


André Jhonathan Rodrigues Costa

André Jhonathan Rodrigues Costa . 1 week ago

Seginho malandro ieié

dato silagadze

dato silagadze . 1 week ago


Дмитрий Петрухин

Дмитрий Петрухин . 2 weeks ago


the rocker gamer 2019

the rocker gamer 2019 . 2 weeks ago



cubinezz . 2 weeks ago

Let There Be Rock!


Sonet . 2 weeks ago

Bon had such a great smile ALL the time!

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