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What Will The Taskmaster’s Role Be In Black Widow?
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For years, Natasha Romanoff has been a huge part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if she’s been notoriously underappreciated all of this time. But in Phase Four we’re finally getting a Black Widow movie and it’s about time! Not only will we get to see actress Scarlett Johansson reprising her role as this legendary Avengers, but we’ll get to see her face off against the dreaded Taskmaster. If you need this villain explained, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ll also talk about why Tony Master’s new look in the trailer has upset so many fans and what the odds are of seeing Jeremy Renner reprise his role as Clint Barton. Are this villain’s powers solely the result of a Super Soldier Serum or does he have some help from a fellow Red Room graduate, Melina, played by Rachel Weisz? There are tons of great fan theories out there and at least one of them has to give us some info about what to expect!

After hearing all of our predictions for the upcoming film, make sure to share yours with your fellow fans in the comment section below. Tell us what you think is going on with this comic book enemy and whether or not you approve of his big screen makeover! Then give this video a like, click on the subscribe button and don’t forget to turn on your notification to get all of the most recent videos from CBR.


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Jakub Rejak

Jakub Rejak . 2 months ago

TBH Taskmaster looks like a combination of Power Rangers and Winter Soldier.

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez . 5 days ago

Plot twist taskmaster is Clint! Your welcome.

Undead Studios

Undead Studios . 5 days ago

Taskmaster still looks li,e a skeleton

Daniel Glencross

Daniel Glencross . 6 days ago

Screw what the Chinese government thinks.

Sean Brown

Sean Brown . 1 week ago

I'm all for women empowerment but please dont gender swap taskmaster. They did it to ghost in antman and wasp and it's not like her portrayal was bad it's that the original backstory was better. Well hopefully they keep his trash talking quirk because he's pretty much in a 3 way tie with spiderman and deadpool in that category.


Dracorientalis . 1 month ago

2 minutes of research clearly. Task Master is a master of arms. He can and use whatever weapon for any goven situation yes he carries a sword and shield but he also has a bow knows iron fists style of kung fu and is gunner as well. He isbthe deathstroke of marvel. Using a bow and thinking its Clint because you MCU knowledge of Clint is the 'bow guy', You fucking serious? Lol

Anak Pines

Anak Pines . 1 month ago

Well the new action figure hasbro had make base on black widow movie just now showed that taskmaster had a sword and a bow but i dont see the shield tho

Epic gamers 666

Epic gamers 666 . 1 month ago

It kinda means Spider-Man could be in it because usually he fights Spider-Man

Reid Berkenmeier

Reid Berkenmeier . 1 month ago

Fuck china

Nekko Tebiolo

Nekko Tebiolo . 1 month ago

Wrong... Taskmaster does use a bow and arrow in the comics

Mista Idgaf

Mista Idgaf . 1 month ago

This is why Marvel should have never sold their rights toDisney

Fisher Theo

Fisher Theo . 1 month ago

TaskMaster is *Badass,* that's all You need to kno. Hopefully they don't crap on Him like they did *Crossbones.*

The Handsome Creator

The Handsome Creator . 1 month ago

TaskMaster Looks Like A [email protected]#king Power Ranger....Why Marvel??????

The Handsome Creator

The Handsome Creator . 1 month ago

The Thumbnail Got It Right

Osahensé Jonathan

Osahensé Jonathan . 1 month ago

I like this commentator 🥰

Zeren Smith

Zeren Smith . 1 month ago

Superhero movies are so cool 🦸🏼🦸🏼🦸🏼🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️ I’m an adult here

Luca Novellino

Luca Novellino . 1 month ago

I think Taskmaster is working for someone because he is just a mercenary. Maybe Melina or the Red Guardian?

dadof war

dadof war . 1 month ago

What you need to know about TaskMaster is he looks like a bag of dicks

Scott Foster

Scott Foster . 1 month ago

the task master can use eny wepen


Aries . 1 month ago

If you look closely at Taskmaster's mask, you can see the skull


AwesomeJake103 . 2 months ago

I like Taskmaster's look I just wish they could have at least kept his cloak and stuck a little bit closer to his comic book colors

Alessio Alessi

Alessio Alessi . 2 months ago

No! The real twist is that this Task Master will be a woman!

NY retro

NY retro . 2 months ago

Shall we convince marvel re do task masters design like we made the director re do sonic

The New Satinbobcat

The New Satinbobcat . 2 months ago

*Red skull exists* China: hes cool. *taskmaster exists* China: no, no, no, no... God please no. No, noooooooop!

Trini Centrist

Trini Centrist . 2 months ago

Shill site

Mannere Hussein

Mannere Hussein . 2 months ago

What if Taskmaster was actually Kraven The Hunter? or What if Kraven makes an appearance in the movie.


N0Brain CELLS . 2 months ago

Actually he does use a bow and arrow in the comics the first taskmaster comic the cover he has a bow and arrow sword and shield soooo and the mask is so shit


SQU1D_ . 2 months ago

Crossbones made his appearance in Winter Soldier, but got his Crossbones suit in Civil War....I hoping they will do the same with Task Master

Lanre Akerele

Lanre Akerele . 2 months ago

We are looking forward to seeing the actor who portrays the villain Headmaster will whether be good or bad. If not done terrible, then splendid for his hard work 🙂💯

Monty Manning morton

Monty Manning morton . 2 months ago

That could be a flash back where he had a shitty suit but he upgraded it over the years

Alush Play

Alush Play . 2 months ago

Taskmaster in face looks a zombie or not?.. Remember we see iron man zombie and captain america zombie. Taskmaster: Iron Man or Captain America??

Levi Anderson

Levi Anderson . 2 months ago

In Avengers #196 (1980), we can clearly see a bow and arrows, so yes it is one of his primary weapons and is his go-to for longer range. While both Taskmaster and Clint are ambidextrous, Clint is left handed and draws the arrow on the right, and Taskmaster is right and draws the arrow on the right. If Clint was shooting right handed, he would've drawn the arrow on the left, Taskmasters' technique is from arabians, except they would have multiple arrows in their shooting hand and draw rapidly with that hand, but still right to right and left to left. You forgot to mention the downside to his powers. The more he learns the more he forgets older info. There are no curves on Taskmaster to suggest he is actually a she.

Black Hat Cinephile

Black Hat Cinephile . 2 months ago

So, did China blur out Red Skull's face in his three movie appearances? I'm asking rhetorically, because if they did or didn't, I wouldn't expect CBR to know. Lol.


Eli . 2 months ago

Spoiler: nat is not going to die in the end of the movie

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson . 2 months ago

My theory about Taskmaster's appearance is that he's been hired by General Ross. the same Ross that appeared in Captain America 3, and the same person that's hunting the now "Rouge Avengers" and maybe he asked Hawkeye/Clint Barton to do the job, disguised as the mercenary Taskmaster, which is why he's apparently using a bow as seen in the first trailer, and Hawkeye does use his bow as his main weapon as well as some other toys he's got, or.....it actually is Tony Masters as the "actual" Taskmaster, hunting "Nat" and either The Red Guardian, The Iron Maiden, and "The Second Black Widow" is in fact the true mastermind behind the plots, whatever they might be. ah well, guess i'll have to see for myself once it's my birthday, then i'll see if i'm right or not, yeah... i've got a feeling that i'm going to be wrong about my predictions, for now i will just wait and see for what the beginning of Phase 4 for the MCU will bring.

Kuroi yūrei No Ken

Kuroi yūrei No Ken . 2 months ago

Taskmaster will be a woman... Mark my words.

trex advent

trex advent . 2 months ago

Who do you think is the man behind Taskmaster, is it Tony Masters? Which Actor is playing Taskmaster in the MCU? How do you think should black widow defeat a copycat like Taskmaster, is she going to blind him or fight like Deadpool?

Jay Oltmann

Jay Oltmann . 2 months ago

This movie will have horrible sales if she ends up being taskmaster

trex advent

trex advent . 2 months ago

Are Yelena Belova and Red Guardian good guys in this movie who are going to help Black Widow stop Taskmaster? What is the plot of this movie apart from Natasha Romanoff discovering her past and what is Taskmaster up to, Did someone from the Red Room hire him to take out Black Widow?

dm malek

dm malek . 2 months ago


lyfe cresent

lyfe cresent . 2 months ago


OPEdits- AR

OPEdits- AR . 2 months ago

Captain America is Ironmans Brother

Nadir Sultan

Nadir Sultan . 2 months ago

1st view

ClowN TrixteR

ClowN TrixteR . 2 months ago

10th view

Abhay Pandey

Abhay Pandey . 2 months ago

Pls he are t me

Abhay Pandey

Abhay Pandey . 2 months ago

And comment

Black Hat Cinephile

Black Hat Cinephile . 2 months ago


Abhay Pandey

Abhay Pandey . 2 months ago

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atlucadlee02 ig

atlucadlee02 ig . 2 months ago

i’M eARlY. fiRSt.


Slasher2000 . 2 months ago

I LIKED the FIRST comment , can I plz get a shoutout

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