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Apex Legends Best Guns Tier List + ALL Weapons Explained



Published on 10 months ago

The Apex Legends best guns could depend on your playstyle, but I've made this Legends Tier List to cover the pros and cons of guns and why certain guns may simply be better in this new Battle Royale from the Titanfall realm. Debating the best gun on a tier list can always be difficult due to everyone having different preferences. In Respawn's rendition of BR it has a very well-paced game that also tends to favor fully automatic weapons at short to medium range, but it does feel balanced to satisfy everyone's personal gun style.

Guns on the tier list that have a +1 or +2 are guns that jump up one you have the proper attachments. The Devotion and the Prowler are probably the biggest beneficiaries once you get the gun-specific best attachments. The R-99, Triple Take, and Wingman all have good attachments as well that can make them even stronger than they are, with the Triple Take needing a lot of love to make it worthwhile.

Let me know what your favorite guns are in the comments!

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Comments :

Artjom Glad Man

Artjom Glad Man . 3 months ago

p2020 with hammerpoint is a wingman on steroids


ACE FORTNITE GOD . 5 months ago

???? Eva C tier that's the shotgun that shoots and does a lot of damage that got me a win it's should be B tier

The ChancesR28

The ChancesR28 . 5 months ago

Alternator definitely deserves at least B

Dark Soul

Dark Soul . 6 months ago

my tier: S: Wingman Havoc Mozambique A: R-99 R301 Prowler Hemlok Spitfire Kraber B: Triple take G7 scout Peacekeeper Devotion RE-45 Mastiff C: Eva 8 auto Alternator Longbow D: P2020 Y is the mastiff in B tier? because its a 2 shot kill and never a 1 shot even with direct hits up close and y is the kraber in A and not S? because u have to land a headshot to get an insta kill on any armor player and y is the longbow in C? because its weak damage and its legit a wingman with slower firing rate and y is mozambique in S ? because it needs a meme

Unchained Beast

Unchained Beast . 6 months ago

See I think one of the things they should have considered is that the fight style in apex is normally close range to mid range so using the longbow where as amazing is not actually the best in close combat

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

Mozambique sucks ok but the p2020 is SOO much worse

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

Even without turbocharger the devotion is very powerful same with the prowler anybody can use the devotion/prowler with the hop up but if you can do it effectively without it you will be a god it will take practice and I find ads makes them way more powerful just jump around randomly hoping they don’t land their peacekeeper on you shoving your barrel down their throat and melting them away

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

I am not that accurate but the r99 is freaking ridiculous it will melt your enemies

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

If you get in somebodies face with a burst hemlock they are finished as long as you jump around them in their face with your barrel down their throat shredding their body armor into peices

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

I don’t really like sniping but then I dropped got a longbow right away and killed 5 people I knew I found something special and trust me it dosent have to be a sniper as long as your not right next to your enemy this gun is very powerful and trust me through this video he disses sniping but if you snipe with a g7 scout you are insane the truth is with most snipers as long as you aren’t shooting people close range with a 4-8x scope they are very powerful

The Greatnarwhal

The Greatnarwhal . 6 months ago

You did not just have the audacity to first put the Eva 8 in c tier and proceed to not call the longbow the best gun in the game at anything but close range

Ignacy Orłowski

Ignacy Orłowski . 7 months ago

lol no

ItsVeryDankYT [Fortnite, Apex Legends, and More]

ItsVeryDankYT [Fortnite, Apex Legends, and More] . 7 months ago

Prowler should be s tier

Swem 1

Swem 1 . 7 months ago

somewhat accurate. the kraber hardly hits so its not really s tier imo at the moment, spitfire and r 301 are my favorite to go to. aswell as longbow now

Unknown human

Unknown human . 7 months ago

Devotion with a good scope turbocharger is the best gun in the game


AKA . 8 months ago

Where the fuck is havoc?

João Pereira

João Pereira . 8 months ago

I always tag the Mozambique, just because. :')

Nightshade Jay

Nightshade Jay . 8 months ago

R-301 and the Spitfire are my best weapons! Oh yeah!

Unoriginal Guy

Unoriginal Guy . 8 months ago

When i use a high tier guns they cant even kill a guy without armour

Jared Barnes

Jared Barnes . 8 months ago

There's no Havoc on this tier list?

Sammy Alzaharna

Sammy Alzaharna . 8 months ago

This list has so many wrong things lol

Mr. Yeet

Mr. Yeet . 8 months ago

You are so off😂... But it's your list i guess.


Otto . 8 months ago

I treat the Triple take similar to a Wingman. It's really easy to hit targets at close range with the ironsight or 1x or 2x scope.

Cain Graham

Cain Graham . 8 months ago

Apex NEEDS to fix shotgun consistency and the health system. I’m tired of hitting people for 7 and 8 damage up close.


MEGAMANZEROFAN . 8 months ago

The "HAVOC" is missing that's all, at least that I can think of right now. 🤔

Josh M

Josh M . 9 months ago

What do u guys think of the g7 scout

Derpy Kraken

Derpy Kraken . 9 months ago

The p2020 slaps so long as you're not an idiot


Garithos . 9 months ago

Wheres havoc?

yeet boy

yeet boy . 9 months ago

R-301 mag size is 18 not 16

yeet boy

yeet boy . 9 months ago

Devotion should be a tier


Revon . 9 months ago

Alternator, I expanded more from it, it good till you get a new gun you say but time you still see player with this gun late game.


SynthZ . 9 months ago

I love how the names match the playstyle perfectly, devotion requires you to devote time to it, alternator is an alternative weapon in the start of the game, spitfire spits a whole lot of bullets, and so on...


RTBpapabrown93 . 9 months ago

Longbow is one of the worst guns in the game no debate. R-99 is A tier, and triple take and Eva-8 are slept on can every easily be B tier

Noble Society

Noble Society . 9 months ago

Hey keep the grind up! Post frequently & watch how big you grow in the future

Roni Heikkinen

Roni Heikkinen . 9 months ago


Enigma Productions

Enigma Productions . 9 months ago

Can't believe triple take is c-tier

Boost Lee

Boost Lee . 9 months ago

I would have loved if you put the main screen as the gameplay and have the rankings and gun info on the smaller screens

Josuke The Crab

Josuke The Crab . 9 months ago

Alternator is d tier at best


Coppagh . 9 months ago

I think RE-45 is slept on, could easily be Tier B with extended mag, it’s like a mini R-99

Reverse Card

Reverse Card . 9 months ago

r 301 has 18 mag

I Am Doge

I Am Doge . 9 months ago

R-99 best gun favorite gun, blasting people then they dead

I Am Doge

I Am Doge . 9 months ago

Hemlock is A Tier when using single fire and u have attachments

Sonic Belmont

Sonic Belmont . 9 months ago

I combo the Triple Take and the Wingman. Idc what anyone says, the Triple Take is my baby.

D Stod

D Stod . 9 months ago

very wrong about devotion and r=99


QuarterAsianPersuasion . 9 months ago

I thought default mag for r-301 was 18

Chase Baldwin

Chase Baldwin . 9 months ago

wingman could lowkey be an s tier

Rylan 22

Rylan 22 . 9 months ago

i say switch long bow and g7 scout. the scout you can pop off 2 bullets like a second faster then the long bow can shoot 2 times and the long bow does 55 per shot while the scout does 40-45 i think? and 40+40 in two clicks thats better then the longbow.. in my eyes. long bow is vary situational..

Pokémon Go Labs

Pokémon Go Labs . 9 months ago

I run devotion and flat line when I can.


theacp127 . 9 months ago

The only placement I disagree with is the EV8. It is just as good as the peace keeper since it's fire rate and good spread allows players to stay more mobile compared to most guns.

Danny N

Danny N . 9 months ago

Why on Earth are you using clips where you are talking to your teammate? You're literally talking over yourself

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