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The Black Keys - "Let's Rock" [Promo #1]

The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 5 months ago

PSA: Don’t be a narc.

New album “Let’s Rock” out now ⚡ https://warnerr.ec/tbkletsrock

Video directed by Bryan Schlam

Comments :

Mikel Sanchez

Mikel Sanchez . 4 months ago

Publicist: So how many promos do you need? Dan and Pat: Yes

Vincent D

Vincent D . 5 months ago

Just listened to the new album... it's tight


Jex . 5 months ago

is it bad that i know the exact commercial this is based on?

Wilson The Coconut

Wilson The Coconut . 5 months ago

“Not that. That’s my stash.”


OneTapsDiesDas . 5 months ago

Why did youtube show it to me

Alex Hungate

Alex Hungate . 5 months ago

Ya lost me

Lupus Malum

Lupus Malum . 5 months ago

"I found it in the woods" this shit is so damn retro. I love it!


27shocking . 5 months ago

Honestly I have watched this on repeat

Scott Naughton

Scott Naughton . 5 months ago

Lucky he didn't say he found it in the top draw of his mums side of the bed... Nothing like good vibrations

iriyan johannsen

iriyan johannsen . 5 months ago

Really loving the way the advertise the album


LONE WOLF . 5 months ago

00:17 "How did a narc like you, get a cool album like this before it's released?"

Strange Wayfaring Stranger

Strange Wayfaring Stranger . 5 months ago

Where did they get footage of me? haha


XistoKente . 5 months ago

This aesthetic pleases me greatly

Paul Scarah

Paul Scarah . 5 months ago

I've a boner for it

Grant Sawyer

Grant Sawyer . 5 months ago

“That’s my stash” 😂


J . 5 months ago

Brilliant... make me chuckle out loud... COL

Ku Ku Klock

Ku Ku Klock . 5 months ago

"I wanted to be the first to tell my friends about the new album, you don't even have any friends" damn lol, I'm sold

Joey LaPointe

Joey LaPointe . 5 months ago

Lets goooooo


person4me . 5 months ago

Don’t be a narc.

Ângela Cunha

Ângela Cunha . 5 months ago

BR aqui curtindo The Black Keys 😜🇧🇷❤️🤘🎸

BJ Vynz

BJ Vynz . 5 months ago

This Bryan Schlam director guy and Pat need to make a movie. With a Black Keys soundtrack

Brix Mix

Brix Mix . 5 months ago

Yesss ! Love you guyz

Tyler Hanley

Tyler Hanley . 5 months ago

That’s ma stash


NumeroHeas . 5 months ago


Brooke Bianco

Brooke Bianco . 5 months ago

I’m so excited

Matt K.

Matt K. . 5 months ago

“you don’t even have friends” *Thanks Dad*

Artemis Amory

Artemis Amory . 5 months ago

omg this is great


Jigwana . 5 months ago

11 narcs have no friends


Homeslicer . 5 months ago

he may be a lying narc but nevertheless I'm proud of him.


jyerant_26 . 5 months ago

Take all my money now


FMichael1970 . 5 months ago

I usually found faded porn mags in the woods...

Emmanuel Lehuu

Emmanuel Lehuu . 5 months ago

hahahah nice ad, now where's the video?

Rory Leeson

Rory Leeson . 5 months ago

I want to find that

Rory Leeson

Rory Leeson . 5 months ago

Let's go boys

James Hammett

James Hammett . 5 months ago

Rip off of Metallica ride the lightning cover...

Frop _

Frop _ . 5 months ago



poplopez . 5 months ago



marcos . 5 months ago

Reversed Kickapoo

icky thump 800000

icky thump 800000 . 5 months ago

"(Young) Ben Kweller gets busted with a black keys record"

Daniel C

Daniel C . 5 months ago


Nick Nick

Nick Nick . 5 months ago

Waiting this album !


Nolls . 5 months ago

I wish I could be that cool.

Tom Stamos

Tom Stamos . 5 months ago

“You don’t even have any friends”

Vaibhav Negi

Vaibhav Negi . 5 months ago

The Black Keys!!

August Dooley

August Dooley . 5 months ago

why is the marketing so good but the song they did for the nba was so mediocre :/ I really hope that wasn’t the best song off of the album, and I really do hope is a great album.

Craig Purnell

Craig Purnell . 5 months ago

Didn't those guys hate each other?

Jeffrey Hinman

Jeffrey Hinman . 5 months ago

Reminds me of Metallica’s cover.

Ayie Cino

Ayie Cino . 5 months ago

What song on this videos


Shambler . 5 months ago

I approve

Dominik Kovačič

Dominik Kovačič . 5 months ago

Comes out on my 18th birthday!

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