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Indigo Children & Adults- (5 - Signs you're an Indigo Soul)

Victor Oddo

Victor Oddo

Published on 4 years ago

Indigo children and adults are highly unique spirits. They are very much needed at this time of transformation.

Indigos are game-changers and love to push against stagnant structures and forces.

Many lightworkers have indigo traits because there is many things that need a unique push against...

I have put together a video that will go into 5 tell- tale signs to indicate to you very clearly if you are in fact, an indigo child or adult...

Check out this video to see if you, yourself is an indigo...
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Comments :


Michael . 19 hours ago

It is not your place to identify traits of indigo. and whats more, you have explained each of your 5 traits almost the exact opposite of real indigo trait. it seems that you are just trying real hard to jump on a bandwagon that you were not invited on. the 5 things you claim as traits are human traits. indigo are none of these things.

Circ Omnia

Circ Omnia . 5 days ago

So the tldr; would be, we don't call them anti-social recalcitrant ignorant cunts anymore, we call them indigo's. Great, got it. Thanks.

Susan Ripp

Susan Ripp . 6 days ago

Indigo children are half Alien! What r u talking about?


BC VC . 1 week ago

I always thought there was something wrong with me but I am just an Indigo πŸ˜‚ need to add to the list that we are creative types and feel annoyed by people and social structures ie. social media

Tina Baum

Tina Baum . 2 weeks ago

You speak too loud

spacie 89

spacie 89 . 2 weeks ago

This is me 1000%

Tay Ling ling

Tay Ling ling . 2 weeks ago


Gedieyon hall

Gedieyon hall . 2 weeks ago

I realy am a Indigo i got all the poins

Candace Chanel

Candace Chanel . 3 weeks ago

I’m an indigo that has been held back and silenced most of my life. I’m now an adult and going after my purpose in life. I know I’m full of potential.

Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill . 3 weeks ago

Awesome vid!!! Like looking in a mirror. Whatta trip!! LOL!

Alex Z

Alex Z . 4 weeks ago

Basically an indigo is just a spoiled kid, obnoxious, rebellious and limitless. It is to say: result of bad parenting.

Warking MF

Warking MF . 1 month ago

Not now on the planet. Always have been. Always will be

Ras Lunacy

Ras Lunacy . 1 month ago

You don't have to be a dumbass to be rebellious though lmao.. getting detention everyday or suspended does not make you an indigo soul.. My school had a limit on how long boys could grow their hair.. there were boys who did it anyways and got detention and stuff.. I usually had my haircut however (my father is a principal and good friends with my own principal) ... but i was th eonly one ever to challenge the teacher themselves about the rule even though I myself conformed to the rule. When I graduated, I loced my hair and found my true self.. so rebelliousness does not come down to physical rebelling only. Just a reminder.

Winsas The Royal

Winsas The Royal . 1 month ago

This just sounds like those hipsters who claim communism is the solution.

Kerron Manwaring

Kerron Manwaring . 1 month ago

it's not about being rebellious it's about truth. Humans always will become slaves of their devices (their creations: material & man-made constructs such as religion, money, borders, nations, class, race). indigos serve as a counterforce to bring humanity back to nature (source) every so often in human history.

Swankfrank Doob

Swankfrank Doob . 1 month ago

Thank you and good fucking job

eViLxAnGeLx 18

eViLxAnGeLx 18 . 1 month ago

Q: If you're an Indigo and you've got a twin flame, wouldn't your TF be an Indigo as well (them actually being your true TF of course), especially since we're seeing that they basically both encompass similar energies and unique connectedness of sharing the same soul??

Aurora Blaze

Aurora Blaze . 1 month ago

Well five out of five guess what.

Devin LIoyd

Devin LIoyd . 1 month ago

It is kinda weird I just stumbled upon this video, cause a person asked me if I am "an Indigo" My response was " I am more like chartreuse or amber " by an image of the color wheel considering my clothes :D But well, I assumed she meant something different The part that made me respond to your video is the 4th and 5th Don't rly know how to explain this, moreover not in my "mother tongue" But yeah, I think (sry) as the world is getting more connected (via internet) people just feel alone (contradictory) (weird to understand) And they wanna be/find something special, rly don't know what to think else of this "indigo" thing, sry Yours sincerely Lloyd

Raven Rose Quartz

Raven Rose Quartz . 1 month ago

Thank you πŸ˜€ with one foot in the spirit world I am struggling to keep a foot in this world latelyβ€”as my astral travels have increased rapidly (or the memory of them rather) and my visions, I want to go home so badly πŸ˜”

Kerim Ozevin

Kerim Ozevin . 1 month ago

I was always let to be me... They knew i couldnt be handled. I got kicked out of every single schooll i went to. Δ°ncluding kindergarten ffs... they could only bear 3 days. Poor souls, may Allah bless their souls. 3 days is really trying hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kerim Ozevin

Kerim Ozevin . 1 month ago

FFUCK THAT ! <β€”β€” me

Kerim Ozevin

Kerim Ozevin . 1 month ago

Hello bros and sis’s

orlando campbell

orlando campbell . 1 month ago


R. G.

R. G. . 1 month ago

I checked all the items in the list. This video confirms that I am really an indigo. I'm not that rebellious, but I don't conform just because you told me to. I conform because of my own judgement and free will. Many people say that I am smart, and I love to read, read, read! I gobble information as long as it catches my attention. And I've always been in-tuned with my spirituality, and I know that I am more than what I seem to think I am, I just need to find my highest soul purpose why I am here.

Milica Stojkovic

Milica Stojkovic . 1 month ago

How to accept being rebellious and stop turning it invards because you will hurt people? Im afraid of that part of me. They told me its not good and social... I am especially rebelious in my family, Im so sensitive to everything, I see everything, I was told from the early age that I should have more tollerance.... Sometimes when I dont confront because I think I am bad, I get temperature or I want to confront to everything else no matter what, and feel disconnection with my heart and the people... Its so hard to find the ballance not to hurt people or yourself... Especially when you are an indigo empath...

Jordan N

Jordan N . 2 months ago

I feel as if I'm an indigo person, but the difference is that I'm more mellow. I rebel in subtle ways, but being smart enough as to not get in trouble in ways that could be detrimental


Yah YHWH . 2 months ago

No that’s a demon πŸ™„

Jesus ito

Jesus ito . 2 months ago

we are also fucked too! Try paying a rent or keep up a lover,!

mary Moghtader

mary Moghtader . 2 months ago


Graham John Baker

Graham John Baker . 2 months ago

I am certain I am a lightworker I also have High Functioning Autism/Aspergers and mild learning difficulties I do connect spiritually as it helps overcome the inability to read peoples body language or facial expressions by using higher consciousness and spirit consciousness it helps to overcome the obstacle of being unable to read body language however I still dont have enough information to know if I am an older form of indigo I was born in 1973 I thought indigos are more recent that said these things have been around in some form or other while we are equal each person is a unique individual people too often pigeon hole people and label too much and treat humans like robots or man made machines humans do not come with a manual that has a trouble shooting section in it that says if a human does a certain behaviour or body language or symptom etc it always has the same meaning this would be impossible unlike man made items you have an average this means not all autistics are the same not all indigos are the same in fact even with body language you only have an average and nobody can guaranty that a specific body language or facial expression will always have exactly the same meaning there are enormous variations while we could say 70-95% of the time most body language and facial expressions are universal for most people you dont know where the other 5-30% or more are there is only an average even with indigos they will vary enormously thats why I often dont approve of every human condition every human behaviour being pigeon holed and treated as if a human is a machine like tumble dryer and that if a person does a specific behaviour it always means the same for all 7.5 bilion people on planet it does not even professionals dont always get it right fairly often there are reports of doctors nurses psychologists psychiatrists and many other speciallist finding on some rare occasions persons condition does not go as they predicted so I am cautious of lists of human traits/symptoms etc being listed in a standard way for a specific condition while indigos do exist I would exercise caution with a list of symptoms for indigos or any other condition people are individual we should be very careful in assuming anything in nature is the same

Cherry Chocolate

Cherry Chocolate . 2 months ago



Avner . 2 months ago

Hey, one astral projection moment I had a few years ago has been coming back to my mind lately; I am not sure what I saw and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? I had quickly gone to another planet (?), it was NOT anywhere on earth. I’m pretty sure it was an entirely different planet. I had gone there to explore and I was loving the beautiful colors as I was floating in the air just above the sand on the beach. The atmosphere colors were very similar to looking thru very pink sunglasses. But what has been disturbing me were the people I saw in the sand. I saw countless faces only, not the rest of their bodies, just there wide awake faces and the fear in their eyes was extreme. I said hello and smiled at them, but they were all wide eyed and so so scared looking around and beyond me like they were afraid of what was coming. I didn’t see anything else; I quickly came back to my room. Sure it could have been a weird dream, but the entire time I understood that it was absolutely not a dream and that it was a real place. Does this sound like something anyone else has experienced? Or dreamed about?

charlene monestime

charlene monestime . 2 months ago

I dingo...simply means Spiritual..every generation give it a diff names

Blue Jay

Blue Jay . 2 months ago

I question everything that I don't see the point of, things that other people don't give a second thought to that's just how it is . Its not that I'm trying to be argumentive its that I speak my mind when I feel something is wrong or shouldnt be the way it is. I've always felt like there is something missing, but u I never knew what it was. I've always felt out of place I have had dreams that came true and I have seen and talked to god and almost all of dreams are lucid. And people have always told be that I am very compalix, smart for my age, as in analyze everything and think about things most people don't till their in their 20's-30's.

laylay beautiful

laylay beautiful . 2 months ago

This sounds so satanic. Souls just coming to take over other souls. What happen to God having control over your soul. How does another soul have the authority to influence another soul? So who is the creator of the souls, in your theory. There has to be a creator of some sort. It just doesn't add up to me to be correct. I want my 3rd eye to stay shut. I got enough problems dealing with the crap I πŸ‘€ on a regular basis just out my two. The End!!!!!!

Madhu Mohan Chandran

Madhu Mohan Chandran . 2 months ago

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Martin Vasquez

Martin Vasquez . 2 months ago

Please help me

Martin Vasquez

Martin Vasquez . 2 months ago

I saw on my account in songpop a while ago that has 1 1 1 and now 2 2 2 what kind of the meaning of that

Tara Kaletsch

Tara Kaletsch . 2 months ago

Have you heard about possibility Managment? I can imagine this could be interesting for you!

Thomas Furino

Thomas Furino . 3 months ago

Victor All Do Respect I Consider Myself As indigo Unfortunately Im not sure I agree with your description only because the characteristics you use are correct ... However We are Very subtle about the rebellious behavior extremely sensitive people we are very assertive not aggressive ? Thanks πŸ™

Mark 'Tree' Allred

Mark 'Tree' Allred . 3 months ago

Indigo Souls are synonymous with what metaphysical author Stuart Wilde refers to as "Fringe Dwellers".


Wednesdayfornight . 3 months ago

Want to know what an Indigo is? Look below in the comment section and you will find the most narcissistic, self entitled, navel gazing morons arguing about who is more indigo than the other. Such a unique set of people. Moving on...

Alexandru Duce

Alexandru Duce . 3 months ago

You feel Dad mad on you all time, QQ

Ice Prince

Ice Prince . 3 months ago

I can't believe I just found out I'm one πŸ˜‚ After all these years

chris stephen

chris stephen . 3 months ago

Are you a indigo?? If not what brings you the conclusion that you know indigo traits?? Unless of course you have some sort of connection with energy that allows you to observe different types of concentrated mental astral energy??

RoySamuel Excellent

RoySamuel Excellent . 3 months ago

These criteria apply to everyone y'all are retarded as fuck πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ People who love blowing their own horn and sucking their own d*** think they are indigo πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Either everyone is indigo or no one is smh

Keith Larsuel

Keith Larsuel . 3 months ago

I am an indgo I try to reach the blind they can't see or feel what I do but I understand! Religion has people blind check out my music bishop317 soundcloud goosebump music. When the spirits are near me I did Goosebumps and the part that they are near of my body gets cold as ice I talk to the Dead do Spirit boards I can feel the feelings those that are gone cannot see anyting if I can feel everything I am a Cancer my birthday is 7-8 78 I have known this about myself since I have been Young and have seen and felt things that I cannot be explained I rarely tell anyone about these abilities of mine often looking for people who are like me to share with often feel like I've been sent here on a mission to change people and to help I feel full of energy I hope there's someone who understands what I am saying it has felt the same things that I do my parents have passed have talked to them they have told me what I needed to do I'm so confused on what exactly is I'm doing but I know I'm headed in the right direction is there anyone who feels this way or has had similar experiences? I have every fucking trait lol

Captain Freddy

Captain Freddy . 3 months ago

Oh good so now I know I am not just an ass-soul and I am in fact an Indigo soul. That is good to know thanks. Will look into this. I`m very happy to know that I belong somewhere, perhaps... At school I saw through all the BS and asked too many questions. A teacher once complained that if he asked the class to sit down I would stand up and vice-versa...

Star Seed

Star Seed . 3 months ago

Thank You!!! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ’―

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