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FIX Easy Anti-Cheat Error 10011 in Apex Legends - [Season 6]



Published on 2 years ago


This Tutorial Fixes The Following Issues:
-Apex Legends Launch Failed. Fortnite Couldn't Start Error Code: 10011.
-How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code: 10011
-Fix Apex Legends Error Code: 10011 (Failed to start the game)

Comments :

mateusz 147

mateusz 147 . 4 days ago


luciferx gaming

luciferx gaming . 2 weeks ago

Didnt work for me 😭😭

Rishabh Shah

Rishabh Shah . 2 weeks ago

Didn't work please help !

Andy Lin

Andy Lin . 3 weeks ago

none of this worked


S I . 1 month ago

Thank you! It works!


Kaosss . 1 month ago

i did three they dont work

Abdul azim

Abdul azim . 2 months ago

So many scam web apps within the comments. Only that works for me is Gamecrook.

Mang Kanor

Mang Kanor . 2 months ago

Hi thank me later, but you may get free coins and gems for free from GameCrook.

salma adel 19

salma adel 19 . 2 months ago

Gamecrook gave me so many active coins and gems, but I wish more because they have a limit of 15000 max.

Hatice Söylemez

Hatice Söylemez . 2 months ago

A big shout out for GameCrook the only website that sent me legit and active free gems, coins, gold or whatever.

Stupid Shit

Stupid Shit . 2 months ago

There is a promo campaign on Gamecrook right now and they're giving away points. It is working for me.


BLOOD THIRSTY . 2 months ago

please tell me about 0x00005 error

Clay Christman

Clay Christman . 2 months ago

it doesnt let me launch it?

Clay Christman

Clay Christman . 2 months ago

it said error 32


PoG . 3 months ago


Shdws Official

Shdws Official . 3 months ago

I deleted anticheat


MetalHead . 3 months ago

I have an error saying game security violence #000018h


Rohitkumar . 3 months ago

It worked tnak you

Avinash Menon

Avinash Menon . 4 months ago

None of these solutions worked for me COULDN'T START THE GAME error code 29 APEX LEGENDS


ItsChunkyButt . 4 months ago

worked thank you


GPieACE . 5 months ago

what if easy anti cheat just wont install


Delaggingsuffer . 5 months ago

Thanks man!

Murta Mere

Murta Mere . 6 months ago

thank u dude

Marco Scognamiglio

Marco Scognamiglio . 6 months ago

None of these "solutions" work. Explaination?

Lazy Chino

Lazy Chino . 6 months ago

Bro thank you❤️❤️

yeah boy

yeah boy . 7 months ago

IT DOESNOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

moustafa tawfik

moustafa tawfik . 7 months ago

I got this message every time ( engine error …(changed number) EAC index not found ….) can u help me plz ?


Bunchess . 8 months ago

ANYONE WHOSE STILL ISNT WORKING I GOTCHU: -Type CMD in the windows search bar and run as administrator -Type sc delete easyanticheat -Restart your computer -Start game -Select Repair when easyanticheat comes up Get back to playing!

Natsu Kuro

Natsu Kuro . 8 months ago

It’s working thank you x3

Cryian Sky

Cryian Sky . 8 months ago

does not work. Got "launch error Unexpected error. (0xC0020015) Any solution for this. Got this error after last Apex Legends updatte. Before had no problems launching the game, been playing apex since beggining, and no i cant play! Its driving me crazy!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks


0ᄒ . 8 months ago

i cant run fortnite when playing apex or cant run apex when playing fortnite. [restart windows to complete easy anti cheat update] anyone knows how to run both game in one time?


mzth . 8 months ago

it wont let me uninstall easy anti cheat

Umer Furqan

Umer Furqan . 8 months ago

please help me it didnt work. please add me on discord and tell me how to fix my problem. my discord is AJKD_UMER#5882

Akhmad Mujaa

Akhmad Mujaa . 8 months ago

Its work !! Thanks

Matej Kevkic

Matej Kevkic . 9 months ago

pls answer ii have unistalled easy anti cheat and idk how to install it back pls answer?!!!!


ChillDoubt . 10 months ago

Thanks so much for helping me out


Oskiito . 1 year ago

When I opened the easy anticheat it didn't say I could uninstall but install and when I did there was an error copy file

sounds for free

sounds for free . 1 year ago

thanks it help me


Purebreadstick . 1 year ago

nothing worked


dani27_08 . 1 year ago

when I start apex with origin it works guys.

Flesh Forge

Flesh Forge . 1 year ago

None has worked for me.

Pixel America

Pixel America . 2 years ago

This really helped, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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