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A City Split in Two Parts - Inter v AC Milan | Derby Days

COPA90 Stories

COPA90 Stories

Published on 7 years ago


Eli Mengem returns with another classic derby. This time he's in Milan for the Derby della Madonnina: Inter vs AC Milan to see why they call it 'the derby of the cousins'. Subscribe to Copa90: http://bit.ly/SPnPcY

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About Copa90:
Copa90 is the football channel that knows there is no final whistle. Pitch, laptop, or console, the game never stops. So after you've scored a golazo, watched the big match, or smashed someone at Fifa14, head to Copa90 and check out the Eurofan, Comments Below, FifaPlaya and KSI's Road To Wembley.

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Comments :

Riccardo Lunghi

Riccardo Lunghi . 1 week ago

Inter merda

Mudhaffar Adhwa

Mudhaffar Adhwa . 2 weeks ago

I expected the Milan derby to be extremely toxic but glad the fans are just rivals and not enemies. Probably explains why some players can move between the two clubs without getting beheaded

Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar . 3 weeks ago

Inter Milan is the best club in serieA.forza inter!!

Anubhav Tyagi

Anubhav Tyagi . 3 weeks ago

Can anyone tell me which edition or year milan jersey is the guy in the thumbnail wearing

Riz Zaidi

Riz Zaidi . 1 month ago

This is what football all about. Respect to both AC Milan and Inter Milan. great rivalry but at the same time, all the fights is left on the field and in the stadium. Outside, is all about unity!

chief 1 redwolf

chief 1 redwolf . 1 month ago

The whole world is set up to show consequences for doing wrong. All have lied and stolen and looked with lust. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death 💀 🔥 but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies 🎥, and Audio Bible NKJV, on YouTube


tigerarmyrule . 2 months ago

Inter always beats Milan but never beats Juventus.

Marco Valentini

Marco Valentini . 2 months ago

I am against letting Swiss people play as well. It makes sense. Forza Milan!!!! By the way despite all of this Milan was the traditional left leaning the club of the proletariat. Berlusca is another story.

Bull Terrier 77

Bull Terrier 77 . 2 months ago

Mettete i sottotitoli in italiano come nel video di Brescia e Atalanta


AKA Ska . 2 months ago

Good video, only point of weakness is the soundtrack, doesn't really match with the culture of the city


FIPPOR 37 . 2 months ago


Federico Liguori

Federico Liguori . 2 months ago

In Italy, Inter fans and Milan fans respect each other. We call the other side "cousins", there is no hate. The only team Inter and Milan fans really despise is Juventus, seen as a common enemy between the sides.

The Cooking Restaurant

The Cooking Restaurant . 2 months ago

sempre e comunque ... INTER MERDA

massimo pirovano

massimo pirovano . 2 months ago


Justin Case

Justin Case . 2 months ago

Benfica vs Sporting...but wear helmet


LilloOfficial . 2 months ago

Sottotitoli in italiano?

Living For Milan

Living For Milan . 2 months ago


Smaran Jworchan

Smaran Jworchan . 2 months ago

Friendliest derby in the world

Alex Arietti

Alex Arietti . 2 months ago

Speaking as Rossonero milanese, the representative for inter is a typical fan, polite, classy, gentle but biased. Unfortunately no team will match the glory of Milan. INTERISTA PEZZO DI MERDA

Dona _

Dona _ . 3 months ago



walli219 . 3 months ago



walli219 . 3 months ago


Rifki Radhitya

Rifki Radhitya . 3 months ago

1.35 lol 🤣

The Scyther

The Scyther . 3 months ago

Milan <3

Cesare 34

Cesare 34 . 3 months ago

Please remove that fuc"ing Mandolino! We are north people! We are Milano! Not Napoli nor Palermo!!! We hate that sh*tty sound!


addicz2 . 3 months ago

Dont care about that Atalanta wanabe. We devil still hold our titles 🙂


MartínL8 . 3 months ago

Italian giants. Greetings from Argentina

brambilla fumagalli

brambilla fumagalli . 3 months ago

Tancredi palmieri italian journalist? 😂😂😂😂

Kopos Lopos

Kopos Lopos . 3 months ago

in greece or serbia if you see the ultras of different teams walking amongs each other then you know that they were fighting for like 40 minutes and now they are just to tired to stab someone and they chill a bit

Wolfsangel Grenadier

Wolfsangel Grenadier . 3 months ago

WOW I'm gladly surprised about the honor betwen the Ultras, Love it.

Wolfsangel Grenadier

Wolfsangel Grenadier . 3 months ago

After River - Boca derby 2018 anything is the same :/

Ahmad Adam

Ahmad Adam . 3 months ago

Inter is big milan small you should know this first

Zimo YT

Zimo YT . 3 months ago

You should do the remake

Jorge Suárez

Jorge Suárez . 3 months ago

The Italian football league is one of the most boring in the world. Always the same champion: dirty and corrupt Juventus.


xtreme . 4 months ago

🔵⚫ 🔴⚫ 🔵⚫ 🔴🔵


DWsMatos . 4 months ago

I remember being a young portuguese boy watching Boban, Weah, Savicevic, Albertini, Maldini, Baresi and later Sheva, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Seedorf... Sacchi, Capello, Ancelotti...Red and black football! Respect for AC Milan!


Jean0987654321 . 4 months ago

Nima from SempreInter is there!! 😂🤣


SHABEJ . 5 months ago

Rodrigo Palacio FIFA 12 AND 13 👍💪💪💪

Tom White

Tom White . 5 months ago

'Football without fans is nothing'. Lol 2020


BIOHAZARD LEBON . 6 months ago

You should have come this year

Anish Mal

Anish Mal . 6 months ago


Chase Nelson

Chase Nelson . 6 months ago

Napoli fan but always preferred AC Milan over Inter or even Juve. The San Siro is just too captivating and magical to not support to the team that plays within her. Forza Milan!

Chase Nelson

Chase Nelson . 6 months ago

Eli mengem is absolutely brilliant get his man on BBC or Sky

Francesco Tomasin

Francesco Tomasin . 6 months ago

Covid 19 Derby

Mo The Vision

Mo The Vision . 7 months ago

COPA90 Should come to Africa

Vkey Kanesan

Vkey Kanesan . 7 months ago

One is in treble legend football clubs another is 7 times Champions league winner (3 times CL winner and 4 times European Cup) Both are superb teams!

Mourad Hajji

Mourad Hajji . 7 months ago

Forza AC Milan form morocco


FELIX DATCHE . 7 months ago

Nerazzurri here!!!


ursdaniel . 7 months ago

lol marocchino "this is our derby" ....:))

M4tty official channel

M4tty official channel . 7 months ago

Come bruciamo i motorini noi non li brucia nessuno

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