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11 Players You Didn't Know Were At AC Milan

HITC Sport

HITC Sport

Published on 2 years ago


Let's take a look at eleven players you might not have known played for the Italian giants and five-time European champions AC Milan, including the likes of Arsenal hitman Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Comments :

Mandala 9

Mandala 9 . 5 months ago

Jesper blomqvist...lentini...andreas andersson..bruno ngotty...ibrahim ba...chritian ziege

bruh bruh

bruh bruh . 6 months ago

forza milan


Andrea . 10 months ago

nothing new

Ronny Quatre

Ronny Quatre . 1 year ago

This guy speaks too fast and the video becomes uninteresting


Narutored750 . 1 year ago

Milan rosa Gigio Donnarruma Antonio donnarruma Pepe Reina Alessandro pizzardi Matteo soncin Alessio Romagnoli Patrick cutrone Mattia caldara Andrea conti Davide Calabria Frank tsadjout Emanuel torrassi Marco Brescianini Bakoyoko El shaarawy Frank kessie Bonaventura Castillejo Borini Callahnoglu Pato Thiago silva Andre silva Robinho Urby Aubameyang James rodriguez Mario rui Suso Paquetá Mastour Ballotelli Boateng Jermin Piatek

Frozen Card Gaming

Frozen Card Gaming . 2 years ago

5 times. 7***


reinaldi101 . 2 years ago

David Beckham Anyone??

Hamza Kaka

Hamza Kaka . 2 years ago

Patrick Viera, Kluivert

Călin Neamțiu

Călin Neamțiu . 2 years ago

what about Cosmin Contra? The man that took down Bayer Münich almost by himself in Uefa Cup whit Getafe..

abdalla mehanna

abdalla mehanna . 2 years ago

U forgot adil rami 😂


Sziklamester . 2 years ago

This video is a bit nonsense because if you are a fan of a club in this case AC Milan then you know the transfers and who played and how much for a club. These peoples played for the Milan and some of them came in their last stages of career while others weren't enough promising or just were unlucky and could not prove themselves to be worth in their positions. Only peoples whom not watching football and not following this club could not know who played for the club but on the wikipedia site you can check whom played for the club and you can find a lot name whom was only episode stager.


Plati100 . 2 years ago

Patrick Kluivert and Ronaldo (the brazilian) too

tm tm

tm tm . 2 years ago

u should add vieira, kluivert

acm 1899

acm 1899 . 2 years ago


Azat Kossumov

Azat Kossumov . 2 years ago

gourcuff, emerson, robinho, huntelaar, emanuelson, van bommel, beckham...

Jafar Zidan

Jafar Zidan . 2 years ago

Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Yassine Drissi

Yassine Drissi . 2 years ago

how can any football fan not know that Aubameyang played for Milan?

Don McDeath

Don McDeath . 2 years ago


FJ Ortega_C

FJ Ortega_C . 2 years ago

Patrick Vieira............

Adnan albluooshi

Adnan albluooshi . 2 years ago

You should've mentioned Gourcuff.

xin liu

xin liu . 2 years ago

Flamini Emanuelson...

Gabriele Carbonai

Gabriele Carbonai . 2 years ago

Viera, Futre, Baggio, Lehmann, Ziege, Beckham, Ronaldo, Kluivert, Rivaldo, Redondo... the list is very long

Milos Smiljanski

Milos Smiljanski . 2 years ago

Your voice is fucking horrible...

Tommaso Dalla Riva

Tommaso Dalla Riva . 2 years ago

7 Champions League win...not 5😂😂

enda febrian

enda febrian . 2 years ago

If you're not a fans, no wonder you didn't know.

Ted Y

Ted Y . 2 years ago

Damn mate I know every single one of them I watched every single one of them playing and I played every single one of them in video games Besides Dugary but who cares

Rizal Harjo

Rizal Harjo . 2 years ago

if you play football manager game..you will know all the players ever played for Milan

andrea giambrone

andrea giambrone . 2 years ago


Emad Asaad

Emad Asaad . 2 years ago

Haha what about Ayala and Veira... So poor

PapaDock 008

PapaDock 008 . 2 years ago

Lol you all are forgeting Vikash Dhorooso. That indian guy from the France.

Ben Amar

Ben Amar . 2 years ago

You should have added : Giovanne Elber (Bayern) Patrick Vieira (Arsenal) Brian Laudrup (Glasgow Rangers) Florian Raducciuiu (Romanian hero 94) Fernando Redondo Rivaldo... Ayala And Taribo West

Ben Amar

Ben Amar . 2 years ago

Aubameyang Colloccini Vieri Darmian Onyewu Mancini (brazilian) Papastotopulos Sokratis Senderos Bojan Taarabet Edgar Davids Dugarry

Alan Maglio

Alan Maglio . 2 years ago

How fast do you talk!? i can't barely hear the words... no pause breaks my ears :(

Mr. Ditkovitch

Mr. Ditkovitch . 2 years ago

Stop talking so fast. I lost my breath!


acmsong . 2 years ago

I know all of them

have fun

have fun . 2 years ago

Huntler also

Andrea Vivaldi

Andrea Vivaldi . 2 years ago

I know that man !!!!!!!!

Andrea Vivaldi

Andrea Vivaldi . 2 years ago

Are you kidding ?

Andrea Vivaldi

Andrea Vivaldi . 2 years ago

What a stupid video ! I know that

Haris Chaebar

Haris Chaebar . 2 years ago

Idk why Milan signed player like Oguchi Onyewu. He was dumb at the time.


splash . 2 years ago

Crespo, Baggio, Redondo, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Beckham, Huntelaar, Astori(RIP), Cassano, Aquilani, Cristante, Torres... Im sure there are many more that people dont know that were with AC Milan

Herlambang Pamungkas

Herlambang Pamungkas . 2 years ago

add Patrick Viera, Paolo Di Canio, Carlo Cudicini, Giovane Elber, Jens Lehmann, Patrick Kluivert, Fernando Torres, Jesper Blomqvist,

Gentian Joca

Gentian Joca . 2 years ago

Ludovic Giuly?

mursyid akbar

mursyid akbar . 2 years ago

You forgot mention Marcel Desailly bitch

Alim Siddique

Alim Siddique . 2 years ago

too many talents given away.. useless

adez dez

adez dez . 2 years ago

I know all of them. Since I'm a milanisti since 92 and I play football manager (championsip manager at first)

Noah Leo Andrea Spreyermann

Noah Leo Andrea Spreyermann . 2 years ago

i knew everyone that was in the video

dio cavallo

dio cavallo . 2 years ago

When it was at Milan, Onyew and Ibra had a fight, Zlatan came out of that fight with a broken rib

muhammad fauzan al hafidz

muhammad fauzan al hafidz . 2 years ago

Huntelaar, Menez and Emanuelson were played for AC Milan too

Renan P. Jenie

Renan P. Jenie . 2 years ago

Checking the comments whether Christian Ziege and Michael Reiziger and Fernando Torres is mentioned. :P

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