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ET Canada

Published on 6 months ago

After a five-year hiatus, The Black Keys are back with a brand new album, “Let’s Rock”. ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante is in Nashville with the band’s Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach as they open up about how taking time away helped reignite their love of the band and music.

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Comments :

Adam L

Adam L . 5 days ago

Good to see the no schtick stuck

Dusty Finger

Dusty Finger . 1 month ago

Special moments are to be enjoyed! and in music, in my opinion, this is one of them!....The band responsible for all those addictive off beat drum patterns,  guitar riffs and eerie modulated keyboard sounds;  are back to give us more!...  I hope we get another Black Keys exploration in sound lasting (at least) over a few albums? as they are among a very small number of musicians that are capable of manipulating music beyond simple and predictable chord progressions we hear on the radio stations all too frequently! The Black Keys take music somewhere interesting!  The testament to this fact is the haunting presence of previous Black Keys beats and sounds ever present in todays charts, gaming and TV advertising, since they left us 5 years ago mainstream producer's have had a free for all, looting The Black Keys sound at will!....


arttheboy . 4 months ago

Is that Carlos

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde . 4 months ago

Copia de Jack white

Adam Glenen

Adam Glenen . 4 months ago

these guys look so fuckin old now omg

Isaac Conarroe

Isaac Conarroe . 4 months ago

“We just went ahead and showed up, didn’t even talk about it” “We will probably do a lot less shows.. but that will make them more special” they don’t give a crapola about the music anymore. They just trying to make some money to support dudes drug habit and there rock n roll lifestyles. Disappointing. So disappointing. The black keys are dead.

Hayden Logsdon

Hayden Logsdon . 4 months ago

I feel bad that they keep getting asked the same questions over and over by the same type of radio host. Just watched another video with the almost the same questions and answers

Timour Adjiev

Timour Adjiev . 4 months ago


morgan ghetti

morgan ghetti . 4 months ago

Happy for those guys. I remember them playing clubs constantly. They worked hard and deserve their success.

Wyatt Kirschner

Wyatt Kirschner . 4 months ago

Carlos looks so chill

Josip K.

Josip K. . 4 months ago

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Shine A Little Light On Our Souls


seanc41556 . 4 months ago

Please please please come to Ireland


Relyk . 4 months ago

Well id never leave the black keys behind... Im 13 and i ive been a big fan of the black keys since i was 5-6 years old. And when i saw the new album come out i was so happy. Thanks for making amazing music and cant wait for the new albums to come. Edit: my favorite album is definitely "el camino" the new album "Lets Rock" is amazing too my favorite song out of "Lets Rock" is definitely Go

bea rosdrigue

bea rosdrigue . 5 months ago

how did patrick get that old?

Nicanor Núñez

Nicanor Núñez . 5 months ago

I remember the times when the Black keys and the white stripes were one unified band named the piano sounds. They were the GOAT.


TokyoBlue . 5 months ago

I love the new album! I hope to see them on tour

Paulos Macleon

Paulos Macleon . 5 months ago

The Black Keys were so much better when they were hungry, now they are fat catin it and their music sucks

Lary Dixon

Lary Dixon . 5 months ago

These guys were my neighbors in Akron, for all of the years that they were playing the clubs and paying dues! They have worked so hard to get where they are, and man, they are Great! Thank you, Dan and Pat! Lary


RoN . 5 months ago

America's sweethearts, god dammit.

David Ewing

David Ewing . 5 months ago


Brett DeLong

Brett DeLong . 5 months ago

I like that they are so low key and unassuming but make such kick-ass music. No sizzle...all bacon.

googi mocki

googi mocki . 5 months ago

Dudes please keep your health intact. Dan please for the love of god sleep, pat get a little bit in shape i hope your ok

Μομπάκος RapismaLife

Μομπάκος RapismaLife . 5 months ago

patrick get fat in this ''relaxing time''! dan look insomniac! and their new music sound AWESOME!!!!!

Michael Covil

Michael Covil . 5 months ago

Pat has put some weight on. Showing a little dad bod lol

Alakesh Boruah

Alakesh Boruah . 5 months ago

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I always thought Patrick and Dan were brits.

ralph i

ralph i . 5 months ago

best modern blues band since zz top!!!

Harrison Powell

Harrison Powell . 5 months ago

It's kind of crazy that there this chill...compared to there music lol crazy!

Harrison Powell

Harrison Powell . 5 months ago

God I love these guys, true badasses


Cheeseburgerrr . 5 months ago

Pats looking pretty comfy these days

This Person

This Person . 5 months ago

6:27 Dan laughed like tommy wiseau


TheBalance . 5 months ago

I freaking love The Black Keys! I'm in a cover band right now that covers the song I got mine. Seriously guys, I'm not plagiarizing you. I just love playing your music! I hope I don't get sued.

Stone Walled

Stone Walled . 5 months ago

I can recall so many good times listening to them boys. Forever a fan. See you in Chicago!!! Can’t wait.

Dash Jeffreys

Dash Jeffreys . 5 months ago

The dude asking the questions is tightly wound. Find a older more relaxed dude to talk to these guys

Игорь Тарасюк

Игорь Тарасюк . 5 months ago

So long I have bee waiting to see them in Europe...hope it will happen sooner or later.

Gojira Saamaa

Gojira Saamaa . 5 months ago

Where did u hide the album in the woods?

Shelly Reed

Shelly Reed . 5 months ago

It's so crazy how the music industry can be such a machine.These guys are the real deal...raw talent.When that colodides w the machine their hiatus was enevatible


Simmie . 5 months ago

So excited. Love the GO video!

Oswald Copperpot

Oswald Copperpot . 5 months ago

Dude looks like he has not slept in 5 years..

Christal Clear

Christal Clear . 5 months ago

My favorite artist. Hands Down.

Brett Robinson

Brett Robinson . 5 months ago

Five ALBUMS for the Black Keys to hit. This country's ears are fucked up!👂🎶🎵


filipeh8 . 5 months ago

I'm still waiting for a new Attack and Release.... Truly glad that they're back!


jxa66 . 5 months ago

Who knew that Ross's dad was such a hipster


JD . 5 months ago

Old nerds. Rich. Happy. End of story.

twerkin highlandsquare oh yes

twerkin highlandsquare oh yes . 5 months ago

What a terrrrrrrrible interviewer!!

judy barcenas

judy barcenas . 5 months ago

I bought there CD at Radio shack. Excellent CD "Brothers"


ChimneyMan27 . 5 months ago

I dont give a flying shit about these jerks

Lance Fisher

Lance Fisher . 5 months ago

Damn the drummer got super out of shape 😂

Conor Leyden

Conor Leyden . 5 months ago

If the good mythical morning guys had a rough couple years


desertcruisin . 5 months ago

I wish my favourite band The Black Keys to massively fail with their next two records, loosing almost all fans and having shittiest of live gigs. And than LOOSE SOME WEIGHT and regain all of their past success trippled. Man, they look fed. Same for the kings of leon.

Colton Halverson

Colton Halverson . 5 months ago

Dude you guys still looked zapped! Do what you need to do to make it work for you!

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