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Apex Legends HACKERS are CRYING!

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

Published on 6 months ago

Apex Legends hackers get BANNED, then start crying haha! Apex still has a huge hacking problem, but hopefully it's one Respawn can eventually win. Things are getting better, but it's slow progress!

Hackers Crying - https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/b9qf4z/hackers_are_crying_it_looks_like_a_huge_banwave/

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Comments :

Cyn Manongdo

Cyn Manongdo . 3 months ago

Beeeeeeehhhhh hahahahahahhahahahahha

Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP

Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP . 3 months ago

Its a Hacker world..: D There is no other ways.... Bec..EA Love & side Admin hacker & their Admin member Hacker group of 10-15% of them gamer...bec of money..$$$... EA Dice Love Admin $$$ so much & their Hack is approved & can Hack forever as long as the Wish so....xD... Ezy... $$$ for EA CEO...

Daniel Witt

Daniel Witt . 3 months ago

What we need to do is find these people and beat the shit out of a few i mean really beat the fuck outa them so that the others treat us like the cartel easy as that

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell . 4 months ago

PC master race my ass... LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


AmAnThA . 5 months ago

Hes right about asia though .. literally im hating the game because of hackers

Alex Popowski

Alex Popowski . 5 months ago

2 aim botters in a row today...


DARK ANGELS . 5 months ago

To all u hackers your garbage πŸ—‘ you not good you have no skills!!

Andrew Thomas [Prism]

Andrew Thomas [Prism] . 5 months ago

Yes cry. Your tears sustain me!!!

Cryian Sky

Cryian Sky . 5 months ago

what you talking about "you can not hack on consols"? YES YOU CAN! Even obama said that :D :D :D

Nutter Butter

Nutter Butter . 5 months ago

hacker tears yummy my favorite


XxFederalprisonerxX . 6 months ago

How i wish Tony Stark's snap also turn all hackers to dust too.

Hazim Reitz

Hazim Reitz . 6 months ago

Just today i faced 3 cheaters in asia server which is annoying in asia since i've seen a lot of people spent money on this game. And they have to deal with this kinda crap after earning and spending money on something. Ffs these cheaters really have no life


hrflikk . 6 months ago

battlefiels 5 is nr 2 in hacking


hrflikk . 6 months ago

hwid spoofing. no problem


icsu . 6 months ago

NOT hackers, CHEATERS!

Jake Kovach

Jake Kovach . 6 months ago

Hackers are crying.... wanted to see a clip of you catching a hacker.... instead... random game play of a W....... Good show old chap. You got my view of some old school beat downs.


Odessa . 6 months ago

Besides hacking, they should also fix the asian server. A lot of Chinese bots advertising shits and just quit when the game starts. It is so frustrating when you play random.

Bait Chan

Bait Chan . 6 months ago

What will happen if I played to a internet cafe? If one of the player at that InCafe cheated and get banned would it affect the other player who are playing in the same InCafe?


labibizzr . 6 months ago

Even with the updates, asia is stil crawling with hackers it's unbearable for me to play to the point I don't want to play the game anymore

Hadouken OCX

Hadouken OCX . 6 months ago

its like overwatch hacker but blizzard not do ip hardware bann x,D free hacks on ow yeeey xD haha

Kamikaze Killjoy

Kamikaze Killjoy . 6 months ago

I wish there was more anti hack software out there that would work as well as whatever they did. I don't play Apex. But there are so many games on PC that are ruined because of a hacking problem. It's why I choose to play any multiplayer games on console. I'd rather lose constantly to players who are better than me. Than some guy with a cheat software.


Ralphy_64 . 6 months ago

Do you really believe yourself when you say consoles can't be hacked? You are so wrong! It angers me when people are so ignorant like that. Hackers are not only on PC, they're on consoles as well *Facts* and I wish they will fix the same problem on PS4. So many moving to ps4 now.


AgentSilverStar . 6 months ago

You can hack on console its very bad on console

Ritupan Borah

Ritupan Borah . 6 months ago

India really we can't even afford a potato pc .... fact.

Sander Haverkamp

Sander Haverkamp . 6 months ago

A nice banning cheaters is so nice. Made my morning 😍

FERG 0629

FERG 0629 . 6 months ago

There is a big problem on PlayStation right now with people using the strike pack dominator with mods. There is tutorial videos ALL OVER YOUTUBE how to use aim assist which turns the crosshairs into a magnet on the enemy. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention the the evil modded controllers with mods. Fucking generation these days. Millennial equal opportunity sissy’s ruining gaming for everyone because they lack the work ethic and patience to actually get good at anything. If it’s not easy they either piss and moan or cheat.

Rags Wox

Rags Wox . 6 months ago

I am so glad Apex legends Devs Have enforced hardware bans. HWID Is the only effective way to curb hackers/cheaters

Wide Awake

Wide Awake . 6 months ago

Loving the hardware ban. Already seeing a difference in the amount of cheaters on pc. So maybe another month and people won't risk cheating to never be able to play again.


redtesta . 6 months ago

sweet revenge. KARMA .. love it


datstache . 6 months ago

Guess you guy never heard of S4 And never felt the pain of getting sniped with a dagger

eric dixon

eric dixon . 6 months ago

played 1 night after this update and saw more hackers that night then i ever had before

Blake Mccollum

Blake Mccollum . 6 months ago

I know this sounds silly but somebody over at respawn should buy these hacks and the ones that will inevitably come after this update, sift through the files see how they are getting in and doing it, and the set up measures to detect and ban the people before they even get into the game

Jayce Cravens

Jayce Cravens . 6 months ago

I heard they banned a load of hackers, got back on the game, killed by a hacker every game for 10 games. Uninstalled.

γ™γŸγ£γΆγšγ‚Έγ‚§γƒΌγƒ γ‚Ί

γ™γŸγ£γΆγšγ‚Έγ‚§γƒΌγƒ γ‚Ί . 6 months ago

"i got banned, don't know why? LUL

Tlief Arka

Tlief Arka . 6 months ago

cheater = trash


Bullminator . 6 months ago

How many russans?

Constantine V

Constantine V . 6 months ago

Well done Respawn! Need to do this across the board, maybe then I’ll go back to PC multiplayer.


DroolingNoob . 6 months ago

I understand the concept of inviting the teammate from the last game, but i got a guy spam inviting me like 6-7 times, i was hoping they make it so that after 3 declines the option would be unavailable.

Xerxes Ashleyy Vlogs!

Xerxes Ashleyy Vlogs! . 6 months ago

I really hate that there are so many hackers here in asian regions, i cant freaking play properly...

Cody .Ramer

Cody .Ramer . 6 months ago

Its simple if you dont be a cheating asshole you dont get banned. Edit. Also i am 100% in favor of people who leave before their respawn timer runs out to have to wait a few minutes the amout of times you win a teamfight and 1 or both teammates leave is very frustrating. People can be revived and if they were actually killed they can be respawned. I have had many games where a teammate gets downed and me and the other teammate win the fight and they just leave. It sometimes happens with people that get downed but about 80% of the time teammates will leave if they die. Even if you are close to the respawn points.

Sky Rasmus

Sky Rasmus . 6 months ago

I find if I play really late at night that the game is just full of people with names like yaoi765345iip who kill me instantly.


Antman707 . 6 months ago

May not believe me but I haven’t seen a hacker once in any of my games

Tyko bray

Tyko bray . 6 months ago

SUCK SHIT YOU FUCKING LOSERS! Should be flagged across ALL games and never play again


Lyro92 . 6 months ago

I think they should keep the timeout, so many times a teammate will think they are hot shit, run in and die, then quit the game because they got downed. More than once we still win the fight and could have gotten them back, but now they are gone and we are a two man squad vs the rest of the lobby. Casual or not it really ruins the game to have people do that.

Mr. Olsen

Mr. Olsen . 6 months ago

"Huge plays. " Does no damage with grenades

RGN Wicked

RGN Wicked . 6 months ago

Yes yes I am pleased

Hexs7799 gg

Hexs7799 gg . 6 months ago

U can hack on consoles well mod for aim bot an macro


Larrybyrd . 6 months ago

they complain of their main acc banned because they kept using hacks on their smurf Hah my ass you deserve to NOT play any other games and fking hack em.

Bil Simser

Bil Simser . 6 months ago

"You can still win the game if you're terrible." No. No you can't. I'm walking proof of that ;)


J R . 6 months ago

This is great. Cheaters are fucking losers. How bad is your self-esteem that you NEED this apex win to validate your existence? Get good.

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