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20 Footballers Who Played For Inter Milan And AC Milan



Published on 3 years ago


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Comments :

Dalibor Šnajdr

Dalibor Šnajdr . 2 months ago

Poli, Pazzini, Guglielminpietro, Ganz, Silvestre, Mancini , Coco and Simic are missing

Short Biographies

Short Biographies . 5 months ago

First in my mind was also the greatest - Meazza


capodituticapii . 6 months ago

Dario Simic

Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan . 10 months ago

I like how Brazilian Ronaldo played for both Milan clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid

Noah Mirza

Noah Mirza . 2 years ago

Francesco Coco.

Nipun Crespo

Nipun Crespo . 3 years ago

crespo super milano team pleyers

Rocket lilrocketbabii

Rocket lilrocketbabii . 3 years ago

all quality players at at least one point in their careers

Amirul Hamzah

Amirul Hamzah . 3 years ago

They forgot Pazzini

Lorenzo Vitali

Lorenzo Vitali . 3 years ago

Maurizio Ganz, Amantino Mancini, Valentin Angelillo, Sergio Battistini, Antonio Cassano, Cristian Brocchi, Francesco Coco, Cyril Domoraud, Domenico Morfeo, Gianpaolo Pazzini, Andrea Poli, Matias Silvestre, Dario Simic..........

Tom Breslin

Tom Breslin . 3 years ago

A lot of these players also played for JUVE


xiDaban78 . 3 years ago

This is the fakest derby of all time. Every good player has played for both teams


GlossyFier . 3 years ago

Zlatan didn't play for both Inter and Milan, both Inter and Milan played for Zlatan

Stephen Blakely

Stephen Blakely . 3 years ago

The only ones i could think of going in were Crespo, Ibra, and Ronaldo.

Timmy Nguyen

Timmy Nguyen . 3 years ago

Is it time that AC Milan and Inter Milan should not share San Sino anymore?

Juampi YT

Juampi YT . 3 years ago

Finally a good idea!

Christian Greg

Christian Greg . 3 years ago


Capital Black

Capital Black . 3 years ago

Best comes at last

Capital Black

Capital Black . 3 years ago

Balotelli was so talented he fucked himself up

Capital Black

Capital Black . 3 years ago

The first three players that came into my mind were Ronaldo Ibrahimovic and Balotelli all three real good strikers


ICE . 3 years ago

The fact you can name 20 players already says their rivalry is not like Barca's against Rea Madrid


Tommy . 3 years ago

Who cares

I'm Vengeance

I'm Vengeance . 3 years ago


Moralo Baitola

Moralo Baitola . 3 years ago

zlatan dont play on inter and milan team, milan and inter play on Zlatan team

Shreyansh Singh

Shreyansh Singh . 3 years ago

0:14 is that grass on his head?

the gamer guy 14

the gamer guy 14 . 3 years ago

Where is ronaldo and balotelli

the gamer guy 14

the gamer guy 14 . 3 years ago

Where is ronaldo and balotelli

Wayne Conway

Wayne Conway . 3 years ago

Not a lot of quality Milan players ending up at Inter. This list was mainly Inter guys joining Milan.

The Heel

The Heel . 3 years ago

The first two who come to my mind RONLADO, IBRAHIMOVIC

sinead cunningham

sinead cunningham . 3 years ago



ElosWrld . 3 years ago


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