Dedicated to Aysel Tanju | Bahriyeli Ahmet | Ahmet from Bahriye

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  • Release Date: 22 Apr 2018
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Hello everyone, here is a video, more like a picture-video from the movie titled ‘Bahriyeli Ahmet’ which translates to English as ‘Ahmet from Bahriye’. In this film, there were three short but sweet melancholy songs and we thought to make a short video with the songs.
1. Hani benim ahmetim,
2. Gonlune bagladin Ayse,
3. Aman Bahriyeli.

Also, we wanted to dedicated this video to the beautiful actress named Aysel Tanju, she was awesome in the film.

This film is very old but still beautiful, which was released in the year 1966, what a year it must have been.

Enjoy the video good people of the youtube community.

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