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Ranking and Explaining Every Ability, Ultimate And Passive in Apex Legends!

Raynday Gaming

Raynday Gaming

Published on 11 months ago

Want to know which Character has the strongest abilities in Apex Legends? Curious to know the passives that will net you more kills than anybody else and why? Need some advice on what Ultimate makes for thos jaw-dropping clips...I mean, magazines? Either way, you're in the right place. Here's a thorough review and showcase of Every Single Ability, Ultimate and Passive in Apex Legends! Do you agree? Have something else to add - hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► https://Mixer.com/raynday

Apex Legends is a pretty difficult game to grasp at first, with all of the moving pieces of a battle Royale, yet also adding the element of classes. Apex legends brings another layer of depth to it's battle royale with significant recoil patterns, clip size adjustments, headshot bonuses and more to the various weapons in the game. Here, I'll go over the very Best abilities, Passives and Ultimates to give new players and veterans a leg up against the competition or a healthy refresher. I think this will be very helpful for new players and those just getting the hang of their weapon preference and style!

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct "classes" like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

Comments :

Dr. Smash

Dr. Smash . 6 days ago

Another useful bit of info for Pathfinder is the catapult maneuver. If you're running in a large open area and need to cover more ground faster, simply launch your grapple a few yards ahead of you on the ground, while running, and just as it attaches, but before it pulls you, jump, and your character will be launched a very fair amount of distance.

Twins for Charity

Twins for Charity . 2 weeks ago

you never ranked them

sensei kari

sensei kari . 3 weeks ago

Bloodhound is the best i love that guy 🔥🔥🔥

JC St Luke

JC St Luke . 3 months ago

I noticed you get a lot of brow-beating in your comment page. No luv out,how do you stay so positive? I guess that's were the deep gray fissures really pay off. GJ

The Great One

The Great One . 3 months ago

Life line calls in package: we're getting free loot Enemies: we're getting free loot

An_Me Momo

An_Me Momo . 3 months ago

5:07 this guys a sound cloud rapper?

The Amazing Burrig

The Amazing Burrig . 3 months ago

Can we get this again for season 3. Would be really helpful.

Brody Gates

Brody Gates . 4 months ago

I personally think that mirages passive should be what his ultimate is but lower scale kinda like when you get to low enough health he cloaks for a short time to let him run away and his ult should be completely changed, his passive is the worst in the game because the devs seem to have not taken into account that when you crawl away it makes noise and all you have to do is follow that, also doesn’t help that I play caustic and all I have to do is throw a trap down to pinpoint him

Captain Creepfool

Captain Creepfool . 4 months ago

I've killed 5 people with 1 Gibraltar ULTIMATE. L O L

Danny Bejerano

Danny Bejerano . 4 months ago

@4:31 Bangalore has 3 arms lmaoo

Jacob McConner

Jacob McConner . 4 months ago

PC? Really?

Spooky Q

Spooky Q . 4 months ago

It heals nearby enemies? Wtf kind of ability is that?

gohan king

gohan king . 4 months ago

I got snipped inside my Gibraltar dome

trolling guns

trolling guns . 4 months ago

Subscribe to Matty_a_432 for apex content

Kid_ Buu4

Kid_ Buu4 . 4 months ago

Nowadays octanes passive is almost worthy of a tactical or ultimate

Bo Moon

Bo Moon . 5 months ago



AceOfSpades . 5 months ago

You forgot octane


FanFace23 . 5 months ago

Pathfinder is the best character; change my mind

Llama Radiance

Llama Radiance . 5 months ago

I m not gud at apex yet so i use bloodhound bcause in where enemies r

Austin Villareal

Austin Villareal . 5 months ago

I am willing to coach you in Apex for just 10$ a session. Serious inquiries only.

Eric Laguna

Eric Laguna . 5 months ago

I think I you kinda underestimate the ultimate. You can use it as a stealth ability or even scouting.

Zenden Scerri

Zenden Scerri . 5 months ago

Where are my wraith mains at?

Darth Tater

Darth Tater . 5 months ago

That caustic stuff is so wrong it’s insane

mustyman26 -_-

mustyman26 -_- . 5 months ago

He can see in the gass they light up green

King beef

King beef . 5 months ago


Raoul Duke

Raoul Duke . 6 months ago

No Octane?


SimplyJustin . 6 months ago

Wraith is my main and favorite legend in the game

Spunkerlicious Ritszyz

Spunkerlicious Ritszyz . 6 months ago

4:30 wtf

Dot Park

Dot Park . 6 months ago

Watson = Electric Boogaloo

Ahny Mus

Ahny Mus . 6 months ago



killerkid1130 . 6 months ago

15:33 thats why caustic is a DEFENCE CLASS! you arent supposed to be going TO the fight you're supposed to get a good defence in a building and wait there for the fight to come to you, caustic is really supposed to be used to camp, not to go out there and fight

SpaceDud _

SpaceDud _ . 6 months ago

Hey Raynday(and audience) who should I get next caustic or octane.

Szedlacsek Tamas

Szedlacsek Tamas . 6 months ago

The video doesent even start... 2 ads already

Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo

Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo . 6 months ago

3:20 Octane: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

Cary Conrad

Cary Conrad . 6 months ago

go to apex legends and everything that he said is in the game.

Community Of friends

Community Of friends . 6 months ago

In my opinion, wraith is the best

Call me Robert

Call me Robert . 6 months ago

My main is mirage

Saku Hey

Saku Hey . 6 months ago

Mirage vanishing act would be better if his decoys did stuff/random stuff/mimic shooting.

Rene Martinez

Rene Martinez . 7 months ago


Cybor Warrior

Cybor Warrior . 7 months ago

As a caustic main it hurts

dana rostam

dana rostam . 7 months ago

Caustic is immune to an enemy caustics gas traps

Inverse Exii

Inverse Exii . 7 months ago

lmao i was only here for octane

Papa Scrodunk

Papa Scrodunk . 7 months ago

10:20 I get it is a lot to say but I couldn't help but smirk when he said the health drone heals nearby enemies

ties hol

ties hol . 7 months ago

oh you play paladins too !!! im in top 100 from everyone !!!

le big boi

le big boi . 7 months ago


Poke Mon

Poke Mon . 7 months ago

Bloodhound to Bangalore when chasing her Bloodhound:HERES JOHNNY

John Goulet

John Goulet . 8 months ago

This is one of the best vids on this since I have begun this game and looked for extra tips. VERY informative. Caustic seems like the odd man out unless you REALLY need him lol... I am relatively new but I can tell that much.

Vertti Silventoinen

Vertti Silventoinen . 8 months ago

"Life lines drone of compassion heals nearby enemies ober tome" HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Your Mom

Your Mom . 8 months ago

I hope you notice. Mirage's ability was not the only thing from titan fall 2 ALL Legends have abilities from titan fall 2.

Hourless 12

Hourless 12 . 8 months ago

Has anyone else being grappled and smacked out of nowhere by a random Pathfinder? No just me?😂

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