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Tactics Explained: AC Milan's 2007 Champions League Winning Team

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 4 months ago


Tactics Explained: AC Milan's 2007 Champions League Winning Team
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Tactics Explained visits one of the most successful European sides of the last twenty years: Carlo Ancelotti’s continent-conquering, Club World Cup-winning AC Milan team of 2006-07.

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Comments :


yoglaiiiii . 1 week ago

Zeljko kalac previously was at LCFC! 💙

Jerome Lenovo

Jerome Lenovo . 1 month ago

yeah, but what can you do when your first fan doesnt fix the calcio for you anymore ? (talking about mussol.... silvio bunga-bunga berlusconi) exactly, you go down in flames, in the middle of the league, because nobody threats the referees for you anymore.

ucha kavalishvili

ucha kavalishvili . 1 month ago

Where is Kakha Kaladze? He was better for the team more than Bonera or Simic


Jivris . 2 months ago

Thank you for this. Regarding Kaka, he often moved to the left side of the pitch and used his pace to take players on. Seedorf moved centrally.

Mohamad A7A

Mohamad A7A . 2 months ago

zidane basically used this tactic too but he had better players, it was more effective because real madrid had 2 playmakers modric and kroos

Mateusz Dzieniszewski

Mateusz Dzieniszewski . 2 months ago

I know, i know, but maybe we talk about milan circa 90 ? Wasn t the best?

Dh4nie Lee

Dh4nie Lee . 2 months ago

Without kaka.. No tropy ucl in 2007 for milan😔

Gianluca Pagnoni

Gianluca Pagnoni . 2 months ago

excellent you named Carlo Mazzone who reinvented Pirlo playmaker behind Baggio... ohh that was a beautiful Brescia!


gabrielication . 2 months ago

I think that the 2004-2005 AC Milan was the strongest of that era. They were all younger and the 4-3-1-2 with Sheva and Crespo was terrific. They stupidly lose the Champions league final of that year in that ridiculous and unexplainable way (and serie A too).

Ariff Nordin

Ariff Nordin . 2 months ago

*Did I just saw Bonera?* 😅

Arafath Anu

Arafath Anu . 2 months ago


Katlego Tjeane

Katlego Tjeane . 2 months ago

Very informative. Thank you


vickirin . 2 months ago

What about Kaladze ? He was much more important than Bonera and Simic

number 1

number 1 . 2 months ago

Please do Chelsea 2012

number 1

number 1 . 2 months ago

Please do Bayern 2013


G J . 2 months ago

Everton will play like this soon mark my words. James in the kaka role, Allan in the Gattuso role...

The Greatmagic

The Greatmagic . 2 months ago

Unfortunately Milan was already in decline at that point. The starting line-up in the final had an average age of over 30 and the only relatively young key players were Kaká and Gilardino.

Cuentos de la Cripta

Cuentos de la Cripta . 2 months ago

I cringe so hard whenever I hear an English speaking person pronounce the name "Kaká"

hari kasbia

hari kasbia . 2 months ago

Imagine making a video about Milan 2004-2008 and not talking about nesta maldini and Stam.


asevado . 2 months ago

Lovely how you draw Mazzone...


RTL . 2 months ago

When AC Milan were back.

Oswaldo Barrios

Oswaldo Barrios . 2 months ago

Ge doesn't mention Scheva!

Dimasdesta70 TH10

Dimasdesta70 TH10 . 2 months ago

dimasa nya,ini klub gak ada obat...paling males ketemu Melon (cuitan rival rental PS-an) PS2 momen....wkwkwkwkwkwkw.......

Halo James

Halo James . 2 months ago


Raúl Ugalde

Raúl Ugalde . 2 months ago

The team that wasn't supposed to play in the Champions League that season becasue the corruption, but suddenly they were forgiven and could play... LOL.


Ahmad . 2 months ago

Nice tactical effort from Ancolleti and from you to explain it .. thank you!

Daniele Del Frate

Daniele Del Frate . 2 months ago

Gattuso (Napoli), Pirlo (Juventus) and Inzaghi (Benevento) will fight in next Serie A season! Nesta is on play off finals with Frosinone to play next Serie A, but he lost the first round tonight.

Pritish Appadoo

Pritish Appadoo . 2 months ago

I'm a Juventus fan, to me this Milan 2007 team are the template of how Italian teams should try to play in Europe. Perfect balance between attack and defence; never in panic mode even when things did not go their way; perfect mastery of the ebb and flow pattern of matches. Many other teams would have panicked after drawing 2-2 at home to Bayern or losing 3-2 at Old Trafford, but they had supreme confidence in their ability to overturn those results, and so they did. You could almost sense their serenity throughout the competition, even in the final when Liverpool had a go at them but they always stayed in control. Juventus 2017 had a perhaps similar approach but vastly inferior in player quality, especially in the middle of the park where Pjanic and Khedira left the defence exposed, and upfront where Milan's second striker (Gilardino) was a more effective CL presence than Juve's starter (Higuain).


endriu . 2 months ago

I remember i was in a little shock after Milan knocking out Bayern in quarters CL that season. As a United fan I thought United will progress to the final quite comfortably, cause Milan were in a clear decline. Seedorf, Gilardino, Maldini and Inzaghi were getting past it. Milan had that wonderboy Kaka to score 2 fantastic goals at Old Trafford. Second leg Milan were absolutely fantastic in tactics terms.


HeyNowLookHere . 2 months ago

Cafu is a criminally underrated footballer


A C . 2 months ago

This guy! sounds like he does a lot of research like he did with maradona vs pele and yet not a mention of serginho and kaladze one of the fastest and best leftbacks but oddo and jankulovski! Ambrosini was an injury prone too. He barely played. Stop making your videos sound like you are telling the whole truth. You are making things up. Be more objective!


Cormac . 2 months ago

Really good video !


TheMasterpiecePD . 3 months ago

Inzaghi, Ambrosini and Jankulovski are the forgotten heroes from the last Milan glory days

Wusstest Du Schon ?

Wusstest Du Schon ? . 3 months ago

Great content! You forgot Khakabar Kaladze who was an important player at that season.

Alan R

Alan R . 3 months ago

"Jankulovski..." Me: under-rated player "...is generally underappreciated." :|

Andrea La Gamba

Andrea La Gamba . 3 months ago

Yeah a team that finished 4th in Serie A too during that season

Ray Lee

Ray Lee . 3 months ago

because there was no Juventus

Anindya Tejomartoyo

Anindya Tejomartoyo . 3 months ago

Filippo Inzaghi. The man whose skill is only slightly better than a goalie, but always scored no matter what. And excel at defeating zone marking defense.

Isa Mohammed

Isa Mohammed . 3 months ago

A tiny mistake there, Simic probably played two or three matches in the whole season, it was Kaladze that was used almost interchangeably with Paolo Maldini.


tcoudi . 3 months ago

Jankulovski was originally left attacking midfielder back in Banik Ostrava. I belive it was Karel Brukner, Czech national coach from the bronze 2004 who put him behind nedved in 4-4-2 to boost his all out attack team.

Matteo Bernini

Matteo Bernini . 3 months ago

Milan is using this formation now an they have gone undefeated after football restarted(9w-3d)

Lawal Lasisi

Lawal Lasisi . 3 months ago

Every time I am on the internet they recommend Togo,in fact the internet knows what we are thinking

Ste Rawlings

Ste Rawlings . 3 months ago

Watching United lose 3-0 to this team in the pouring rain at the San Siro is the most hopeless I have ever felt as a football fan. Gattuso absolutely dominated Ronaldo throughout the match and Nesta was impossible to get past.

Andrea D

Andrea D . 3 months ago

You forgot to mention kaka being absolutely lethal on the counterattack, seriously you’d be better off kicking the ball out of play than losing possession and letting that speed demon dribble into open space

Shoot With Aws شووت مع أوس

Shoot With Aws شووت مع أوس . 3 months ago

Kaka was insane so u didn't need wingers honestly

Mr. Tey

Mr. Tey . 3 months ago

This side CAN beat Guardiola's Barcelona

Thomas Muller 7-1

Thomas Muller 7-1 . 3 months ago

0:54 Bayern: *N O*

Paolo Bruno Rolla

Paolo Bruno Rolla . 3 months ago


george bird

george bird . 3 months ago

Good team until they kept it around until the average age was around 800 years old.

Leroy Openda

Leroy Openda . 3 months ago

Please do like a retro team tactics review... starting with Pep Guardiola's Barcelona? Thanks in advance

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