Dieter Reith and His Orchestra - On Broadway


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The Drifters had a huge hit in 1963 with this "On Broadway", played here in a funky and groovy way by Dieter Reith and His SWR "Rundfunk" Orchestra. The song has been covered by an array of artists, vocalists and instrumentalists alike. The second best known version of "On Broadway" might be the one by George Benson which was released in 1978.
The song featured in many films and theatre productions and has become a real "classic in it's genre" since its publication in 1963
Dieter Reith brings the listener in a funky and exciting mood, right from the start, with some cool guitar sounds that gradually are joined by a funky hammond organ, and strings and brass that eventually bring this "show tune" to a spectacular end.
From the 2005 album "Timeless Part 2" here are Dieter Reith and his Orchestra with "On Broadway". Enjoy.

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