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The 10 Best Weapon Loadouts In Apex Legends (Gun Combos)



Published on 6 months ago

The Best Weapon Combos In Apex Legends Ahead Of Season 2

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With 20 weapons to choose from in Apex Legends, it could be hard to find the best two that not only fit your playstyle, but are high tier guns that’re just flat out better than the others. We already got into our weapon rankings, but that was just ranking the guns by themselves. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the best weapon combos in the game that’ll allow you to dominate the battlefield at all ranges.

If you watched our weapon rankings video, then you’ll know we were high on the Wingman, Peacekeeper, Spitfire, R-301 and R-99, but what’s the best combination of these weapons? You’ll have to watch to find out, so enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Apex Legends content.


Entry 1 - R-301 & PEACEKEEPER
Entry 4 - R-301 & R-99
Entry 6 - R-99 & PEACEKEEPER
Entry 7 - DEVOTION & R-301
Entry 9 - HEMLOK & R-99


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Comments :

Ro- cotterill

Ro- cotterill . 3 days ago

I love the r-99 and the wingman.

A Confused Shoe

A Confused Shoe . 2 weeks ago

Havoc w/ turbocharger + R99 is absolute fucking rape mark my words.

mercy main, btw

mercy main, btw . 2 weeks ago

I use R-301 with the peacekeeper...

Rms Wolfgamer

Rms Wolfgamer . 3 weeks ago

i love snipers tho.... at least peacekeepers have chokez and tripletakes can do alot of close damage lol

J's Plays

J's Plays . 3 weeks ago

As of Nov 2019 s3 my favourite loadout is the havoc and flatline with anvil receiver, so op

Xavs BTW I love juice WRLD

Xavs BTW I love juice WRLD . 3 weeks ago

2020 anyone

Ason Womack-Oates

Ason Womack-Oates . 1 month ago

Again who cares about the hop-ups the gun is still good like bro first the fire modes now the hop-ups bruh leave me alone omg why

Ason Womack-Oates

Ason Womack-Oates . 1 month ago

I swear this man keep saying every gun is trash that if the gun doesn't fire full auto or needs a hop-up like dude its not about the fire mode. Its about the damage! Edit: Like the prowler, hemlok, and the longbow dmr. oh and now you say the hemlock is not trash in single/burst fire mode like exactly. Edit: and bro wat do you mean prowler is not good in burst mode like what that doesn't make sense like at all

Mozambique Here

Mozambique Here . 1 month ago

Devotion (With or without TC) and Prowler or Flatline.

Solid_ UndeadSoul

Solid_ UndeadSoul . 1 month ago

Peace keeper and wingman

Jarrelle Bitternose

Jarrelle Bitternose . 1 month ago

My best loadout is a charge rifle and a havoc with a hop up

Lucas Meldrum

Lucas Meldrum . 1 month ago

What about Mozambique and p2020


Ethan TEAMPLAYERTUBE . 1 month ago

Wingman r99


Greenlizard101 . 1 month ago

My combos (including season 3) Spitfire-peacekeeper Chargerifle-peacekeeper R99-devotion R301-peacekeeper Double Chargerifle I don’t have anything else

Brody Baldwin

Brody Baldwin . 1 month ago

R-301 + Wingman = enimies dead

Mark Anušić

Mark Anušić . 1 month ago

Stop clickbaiting us You dumb dumbs

Joel Bustamante

Joel Bustamante . 1 month ago

The first loadout is my load sometimes r-301 and mastiff

Joel Bustamante

Joel Bustamante . 1 month ago

Wingman got nerfed Nrg dizzy : am I a joke to you


ThEme_COSY . 1 month ago

Hemlok and r-99

nikoloz berizde

nikoloz berizde . 1 month ago

Why do I have a feeling that he has never played apex


azuramdj . 2 months ago

I ‘ m a legend with this game to:D


Tivva . 2 months ago

One problem with R-99 and R-301 combo is that they both use Light ammo so you are probably going to need a lot of ammo maybe half of your inventory or 3 slots of light ammo

Bob Oznek

Bob Oznek . 2 months ago

turbocharger devotion > spitfire

cody eastwood

cody eastwood . 2 months ago

Hemlock got a huge buff damage per bullet is now 22 instead of 18

Josh Welker

Josh Welker . 2 months ago

Season 3 their list

Connor Cruz

Connor Cruz . 2 months ago

Bruh RE-45 with 2x and extended mag + EV-8 with double tap.

Apex_ Legends_B

Apex_ Legends_B . 2 months ago

My combo is hemlok (single fire)+ r-99 and wingman + r-99

wavwy note dean

wavwy note dean . 2 months ago

Oh p2020 with a hopup and a peacekeeper is the best in my opinion


Gamerpaar . 2 months ago

G7 scout and peacekeeper


CensoredSenSword . 2 months ago

What about R-301 and EVA double tap

Depressed Kermit69

Depressed Kermit69 . 2 months ago

This list is bull he just uses the same weapons

Sunglasses boys

Sunglasses boys . 2 months ago

R301 and g7 scout

John Cena

John Cena . 2 months ago

I use the second one in s3 IT TO GOOD

Imaan Afghan

Imaan Afghan . 2 months ago

Wingman R99 combo?? Best combo in the game Like if u agree 👇

PDKSkeitter -

PDKSkeitter - . 2 months ago

My wombo combo normally is the R-301/R-99 and peacekeeper

Mohib Rehman

Mohib Rehman . 2 months ago

Spitefire + havllor


Soturi . 2 months ago

There needs to be a new list for the new map because it’s more long ranged

Jake ?

Jake ? . 2 months ago

What about flatline and r-301

Jake ?

Jake ? . 2 months ago

The peacekeeper and the r-301 none of the chips showed the combo

Owen Kirincic

Owen Kirincic . 2 months ago

My favorite load out is G7 Scout and Wingman


ツOutc4st . 2 months ago

G7 scout + spitfire lmg

Mr Monst3R 99

Mr Monst3R 99 . 2 months ago

My best loadout is r-301 and wingman

dian mahanata

dian mahanata . 2 months ago

Ha sorry i just gonna use mozambique and p2020 with a hop up

Daniel Abijo

Daniel Abijo . 2 months ago

What about r301 and longbow

Totalwhisper 627

Totalwhisper 627 . 2 months ago

CBR: And you can thank us later Me: No


gnarlymyguy . 2 months ago

The r-301 has been my favorite

Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts . 2 months ago

CBR: those who don’t like shotguns. Me: wow nobody but me uses shotguns wow

Justaguy AroundYoutube

Justaguy AroundYoutube . 2 months ago

Season 1 I knew everything, I come back 2 seasons later, I now know nothing.

Muhammad Ahmed

Muhammad Ahmed . 2 months ago

My personal favourite setup as of October is Hemlok & Peacekeeper When I can't get these I'll choose an AR/Sniper & Eva 8

Mikey Antonucci

Mikey Antonucci . 2 months ago

R301 spitfire

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