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Vaibhav Edits

Vaibhav Edits . 2 years ago

How To Fix "There Is A Problem With Your Game's Setup. Please Reinstall Your Game"

Anthony Rosado

Anthony Rosado . 4 months ago

For me still the same thing i try many things

Florence Gbadeyan

Florence Gbadeyan . 5 months ago

It's not working

Korinth _2

Korinth _2 . 6 months ago

realy thank you so much

Juniarta Mahendra

Juniarta Mahendra . 6 months ago

Still don't Work man Plisss hellp

B e e r S m u r F

B e e r S m u r F . 2 years ago

it doesn't work for me, i got 0xc0000142 but another untrusted file. i got the GdiPlus.dll file

DangerPower Gamer

DangerPower Gamer . 2 years ago

Ayuda Como Lo Ago No Hablo Ingles


reyzor7 . 2 years ago

Thank you bro!

Gold Star Work

Gold Star Work . 2 years ago

Great tip well done.

Ицхак Вургафт

Ицхак Вургафт . 2 years ago

Thank you my friend. Like! Welcome to my channel.


bruneybr . 2 years ago


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