And I Get Dressed

And I Get Dressed

Published on 5 months ago

Shopping online can be intimidating. I’m pushing past insecurities and shopping for styles I like vs. trying to look like the model wearing them. Sign up for my newsletter here:

Featured items
Paisley top
Knot mini dress
Shirt dress
White bodycon
Black dress


Comments :


lakishasm1 . 1 month ago

I LOVE your lipstick! Would you mind sharing what it is?


HisNeverland . 1 month ago

You look amazing in everything! Omg!! And the black witchy dress? Wow! Thanks for the video, super helpful!


REBECCA Griego . 1 month ago

Where can these items be purchased?

Elizabeth Borkland

Elizabeth Borkland . 1 month ago

The black dress does look better on you than the modeL. I agree with that. It looks tentish on the modeL. I just wouldn’t have looked at the modeL dress and if you I would have looked.

Chloe Acosta

Chloe Acosta . 2 months ago

I thought the Stevie Nicks dress was going to be my favorite but the pink dress at the end is gorgeous. 💕💕💕

Allee Hochmuth

Allee Hochmuth . 2 months ago

What is this celestial number you're wearing in the intro? I am in love!

Alexis Dwyer

Alexis Dwyer . 2 months ago

Where did you get the top in your intro?? its amazing!!

Gayle Bertinelli

Gayle Bertinelli . 2 months ago

i love 💘 u n the way u talk to ur fans. thank u. as women we r our worst critics. u make us all feel better about ourselves.

gerri taylor

gerri taylor . 2 months ago

Everything looks amazing on you! I wish I had your height

Theresa Blanton

Theresa Blanton . 3 months ago

Everything looks great on you. I loved the last dress and the two white dresses were perfect on you.

Rhi Rhi

Rhi Rhi . 3 months ago

Wow you are soooooo pretty 💞

dee mcg

dee mcg . 3 months ago

Halfway thru video & I must ask:  how - how - HOW were you & the lady from glitter & lasers NOT asked  to model for the print ad from Eloquii for plus sizes that ran in the NYC subway cars last month...How????  (there was a lady that looks like Anna, but wasn't her in it btw)


conflictpersona8 . 3 months ago

The first white dress and the peach one yas ma'am 😍😍😍😍😍 and the intro was needed its true we see clothes and we fixate on the body inside it not the actual clothes and im not exempt its a real phenomenon

Oghosa Uyiosa

Oghosa Uyiosa . 4 months ago

Girl that white dress is everything on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that!!!!

Cynthia Cromer

Cynthia Cromer . 4 months ago

I personally think 🤔 you look 👀 great in them all. Great 👍🏾 message 😍🤗💕

Liz Keith

Liz Keith . 4 months ago

EVERYTHING looked GREAT! I love everything about you... curls, confidence, and curls!


MMM M . 4 months ago

Great deals ...too bad we dont live closer shop together

Lavender Spirit

Lavender Spirit . 4 months ago

Where did you get your sofa? I love it!!

Camilla Andreasen

Camilla Andreasen . 4 months ago

Omg that last dress is just amazing in generel, on you its freeking beautiful!! Thank you for videos like this, it wanna make me go shopping what ever i want despite my curvy ass and jiggly belly! So much love from Denmark ❤️

W Morgan

W Morgan . 4 months ago

I really adore the second white dress on you, the mini! Even though it doesn’t have a “shape” it’s so damn flattering on you! And that gorgeous peach scone dress. 😉 YOU LOOK GOOD GIRL!

Amelia Nightwolf

Amelia Nightwolf . 4 months ago

Loved this video! You looked GREAT in everything!

The Life Lounge

The Life Lounge . 4 months ago

The 2pc blue print and the apricot colored dress that followed looks great on you!

obiwan barbobi

obiwan barbobi . 4 months ago

Her personality is amazing

Monica Smith

Monica Smith . 4 months ago

Can I just say you are overdosing on cuteness lady. I love the hair and makeup...just gorgeous. Now as for the outfits.... I love you for this haul because I loved every dress on you but not the models. I would have swiped past every single one but you made them look fun and flirty. Way to go keep up the good work❤❤❤


fdunklin . 4 months ago

We are similar body shapes and sizes. Can you please say what size you get in these outfits so we will know what fit to expect? I love you personality and vibe! Thanks for making these videos!


CSL . 4 months ago

The white dress looked nice on you.


T S . 4 months ago

Thanks for showing how the clothes look on you too. I appreciate that. Its such a smart idea. As you said, it gives an idea. I think its helps me as I am in your size range!!

Mary Jane Eaton

Mary Jane Eaton . 4 months ago

Love you Kelli. Love your decor choices...beautiful couch, beautiful rug. Hope you're happy in your new location.

Shannon Dee

Shannon Dee . 4 months ago

Just loved your message!

Ella Graciela

Ella Graciela . 4 months ago

Kellieeeeeeeeeee girllllllllll!!!! Babyyy yessssssss, I love you! You look amazing. Your so right though, I be doing that. Thank you love. Much love and blessing 💕

Amanda Fuschak

Amanda Fuschak . 4 months ago

I love the white sexy shirt dress. To me its I rolled out of my boyfriend bed and I am going to brunch look. That's my favorite look. Nice video. I love this new series you did.

Frances williams I 2 hey up up 6

Frances williams I 2 hey up up 6 . 4 months ago

I loved all the garments on you. Actually they all looked better on you than on the models. Love your confidence!

Brittney Regan

Brittney Regan . 4 months ago

Doesss anyone know where her area rug is from

Mika Major

Mika Major . 4 months ago

The black dress is EVERYTHING

Tommi Church

Tommi Church . 4 months ago

Love the message behind this, I definitely look at the models and compare... : / Everything looked great on you! Thanks for being such a beautiful inspiration!!

Shandrea Holloway

Shandrea Holloway . 4 months ago

wear a baby doll white tee under the blue paisley number!

Miltina Sullivan

Miltina Sullivan . 4 months ago

Kelli, I lost your video and searched for 30 minutes to find you. I ❤️ everything on you and everything you said was so true. Keep giving us gurls style.

Madina Sharifi

Madina Sharifi . 4 months ago

"Its ribbed for her pleasure" LOOOL love the Friends reference


Miya . 4 months ago

Did you say the size you got? I love your style and how y’all are you?? I’m having to listen to this low lol

Anna Smith

Anna Smith . 4 months ago

That white button up dress is PERFECT to replicate Reese Witherspoon’s Holly Golightly in BLL!!!! So cute.

Mina Curry

Mina Curry . 4 months ago

I loved your intro because regardless of what size we are women tend to be so hard on ourselves. ( breast size, tummies, arms and hips) We just have to love the bodies that we have. You are the best and love your hauls!

Valencia Ing.

Valencia Ing. . 5 months ago

I love your energy in your videos. I really needed the inspiration.

Cardio 'N' Cake

Cardio 'N' Cake . 5 months ago

Really like this video

Awesome Person

Awesome Person . 5 months ago

You look great!

Kim's Adventure

Kim's Adventure . 5 months ago

THANK YOU!!! We are all beautiful and unique!! You rock fashion and You are changing my style. ❤️

gloria gordon

gloria gordon . 5 months ago

You look Beautiful & Awesome in everything!!!

Kimberly K

Kimberly K . 5 months ago

Kellie this was just a great video💕💕💕


Jay . 5 months ago

Everything looked great on you! Loved you in the first and last dress especially! 💛


Naomi . 5 months ago

You’re just so great!


MalsieColourAddict . 5 months ago

I agree with you, the black dress did look better on you than the model, IMHO 😀

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