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The Ranked Double Whammy - PS4 Apex Legends!

iTemp Plays

iTemp Plays

Published on 2 months ago

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Run - Ross Bugden:


Thanks for watching!


Comments :

Dillon Wright

Dillon Wright . 1 week ago

What skin is that for the R-301 and how do you get it ?

WatYu TlkinBout

WatYu TlkinBout . 1 week ago

ITemp X BackOffMyJankz ?🙇🤔

WatYu TlkinBout

WatYu TlkinBout . 1 week ago

Not to be that guy but I got to wat is your sensitivity? 🤦‍♂️😩

Mark T

Mark T . 2 weeks ago

even if you start the revive when they are 2 seconds they wont die unless you stop

Wired K Felico

Wired K Felico . 2 weeks ago

How do you have no recoil on ps4

Andy Schmandy

Andy Schmandy . 3 weeks ago

Is he playing on ps4??



Why doesn't he talk to randoms instead of saying they low like they can hear him

Luke Bryant

Luke Bryant . 3 weeks ago

Nice rank ur so good

AFG _v4

AFG _v4 . 3 weeks ago

Hello iTemp happy new year ☺️😄, what sensitivity are you using?


TBS R3PY . 3 weeks ago

Temp " I'm still alive and breathing." Me " You're a robot."


RYAN SCOTT . 3 weeks ago

Dude I want to challenge you in a friendly battle

Leonel Davila

Leonel Davila . 4 weeks ago

You should make a full video in spanish, viva México!

Simon At This Time

Simon At This Time . 4 weeks ago

where's the music for the end?

Waleed Khalid

Waleed Khalid . 4 weeks ago

I am your big fan

Waleed Khalid

Waleed Khalid . 4 weeks ago

I love u bro


carollittle2512 . 4 weeks ago

Can we play some games? Plz I’m new but people say I’m good I’ll try to be a good teammate gamer tag :adnug34

Mateo Khan

Mateo Khan . 1 month ago

yo you should put on cc

Tritus Dias

Tritus Dias . 1 month ago

Why does the grapple distance shoot out so far. I play the Xbox

Zack Buechele

Zack Buechele . 1 month ago

"i think its a bit of a waste, !!!!!! ok"


thiagots85 . 1 month ago

That fucking Mirage threw the game trying to save the Wraith.


BadBoiFilms . 1 month ago

I miss platinum lobbies :(

Streak gaming

Streak gaming . 1 month ago

can u use a webcam plz....

Kyky DJenkins

Kyky DJenkins . 1 month ago

Hey Temp, you actually can pick your teammate up even if the bleed time is basically zero. you just have to catch your teammate on time


Octane . 1 month ago

I may sound like caustic but ......... YOUR CONTENT IS AT PEAK QUALITY

Timothy Wood

Timothy Wood . 1 month ago

"He's shieldless in Seattle, unfortunately I'm being shot from downtown by a charge rifle" 😂😂

Sheila Cash

Sheila Cash . 1 month ago

Dude that’s the same squad from the first trailer of apex ledgens


StranGaming . 1 month ago

You ever thought about being a Comedian? Lol think it's a great idea lol do you stream??

lenny menu

lenny menu . 1 month ago

The Revive timer stays on 0sec

me me

me me . 1 month ago


Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone . 1 month ago

Talk about “momentum” @10:11 - What a grapple!! Ima’ big fan, Rich - and I have a challenge for you; land on a survey beacon and use it before looting! Gotta get value out of your passive! Peace! ✌🏻 Dan


JOSHUA CLIFTON . 1 month ago

Why does mirage said down the enemy like a pilot

necro lycus

necro lycus . 2 months ago

Great ending! You tanked damage for the Team and also your team pulled through for you in the end when it counted. Excellent

F2 Sam

F2 Sam . 2 months ago

Easy kills from these god awful play station lobbies 😳

Klaus Van Grace

Klaus Van Grace . 2 months ago



XxAverageJoexX . 2 months ago

Rich this was fun to watch. If it wouldn’t be to much to ask, would you consider throwing a loss in everyday and switch them up in position so we wouldn’t know if you are going to win the first game or not. It would keep us guessing. Also you could throw in those good days where you get multiple wins. Always good to watch regardless of how you choose to do it my friend.

Jonathan Monroy

Jonathan Monroy . 2 months ago

Please get a ps4 headset and TALK TO YOUR TEAMMATES that first games loss could’ve been avoided if you had a mic

_.Smitten Kitten._

_.Smitten Kitten._ . 2 months ago

4:55 the fact u didnt take the level 2 helmet and ur teammate took it 😂😂

Owarida mushinda u Water

Owarida mushinda u Water . 2 months ago


Hayden Tuer

Hayden Tuer . 2 months ago

I have played a game with you and we won

Hayden Tuer

Hayden Tuer . 2 months ago

I wish that I could be like you and keep on playing apex legends love your videos


TT GG . 2 months ago

Sorry for taking ur kills mate. I was so freaked out that i was playing with you! Dream got true☺️


TT GG . 2 months ago

Yooo i am the octain in the game 2😂😂 Backcatkid.

Nate Berry

Nate Berry . 2 months ago

Rich traded a 80 of his 92 light ammo for a shield battery.... 🤦‍♂️

TnT NoisyBoy

TnT NoisyBoy . 2 months ago

@26:00 i wish you where gibralter

JT_ 3daddicts

JT_ 3daddicts . 2 months ago

estoy en camino

chrs Bradford

chrs Bradford . 2 months ago

The idea of a turbocharged devotion with a digital threat is truly terrifying... I want it.


NGN CASUAL . 2 months ago

Hey rich I'm plat 3 too on ps4 would you mind maybe playing some time


mancaveproductions00 . 2 months ago

Man you can move like a snake..

Justin Lawson

Justin Lawson . 2 months ago

If you start the revive before he bleeds out it will stop the timer but if you shot him he will still die

Agunzi LFC

Agunzi LFC . 2 months ago

0:35 how many people looked at the top right?

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