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7 Footballers Who Support RIVAL Clubs | HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

Published on 3 years ago


From John Terry's childhood support of Manchester United to Raul originally having been a fan of Atletico Madrid, HITC Sevens takes a look at seven footballers who played for rivals of the clubs they originally supported.

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Comments :

Mr Speed Triple

Mr Speed Triple . 2 months ago


Meme Master

Meme Master . 8 months ago

Why are you shouting?

Mujeeb Ahmed

Mujeeb Ahmed . 8 months ago

You sound different here mate


Michael . 10 months ago

"Terry like so many londoners support Manchester United"

Nigel Bragg

Nigel Bragg . 10 months ago

Manchester United winger Daniel James was a boyhood Liverpool fan.

Samet Özkan

Samet Özkan . 10 months ago

If I am playing Galatasaray i support Fenerbahce.

Richard Juma

Richard Juma . 11 months ago

True.terry on purpose 2008 champions league final

Munya Murombe

Munya Murombe . 11 months ago

Mark Hughes a Chelsea supporter who is an Icon at OT, eventually played for his boyhood club!


kafici . 11 months ago

xavis family espanyol fans thats interesting I thouth he was a catalan

The Kings

The Kings . 11 months ago

Harry Kane supports Tottenham I read a book that he supports Tottenham

The Kings

The Kings . 11 months ago

John terry supports Chelsea now

adam levett

adam levett . 12 months ago

terry supported west ham as boy not united

carol crafts

carol crafts . 12 months ago

Harry kane is stupid


fa3aan . 12 months ago

The story of Cruyff at Feyenoord is a much more interesting one than you gave it time for! Read up on it mate!


fa3aan . 12 months ago

The story of Cruyff at Feyenoord is a much more interesting one than you gave it time for! Read up on it!

harmonique kapoor

harmonique kapoor . 12 months ago

The thumbnail 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣 damn🤣🤣🤣

AjnuR _

AjnuR _ . 12 months ago

When his voice 2 years ago sounded more exciting than right now 😂

David Parkinson

David Parkinson . 12 months ago

Hilarious Liverpool player all Everton fans

Hermione Lewis

Hermione Lewis . 12 months ago

Steven Gerrard used to support everton

Gourav Chakraborty

Gourav Chakraborty . 12 months ago

How tf are Chelsea and Manchester United rivals?


PULISIC IS THE BEST . 12 months ago

John Terry says on his Insta Blues forever💙

Big black beast

Big black beast . 12 months ago

I was bout to say kenny dalglish

Maradona 10

Maradona 10 . 12 months ago

Are you sure about Michael Owen. Was surprised at that. Also can’t understand how londoners follow man utd when there’s so many top clubs in London. I find that ridiculous. 4 hours on a train 😲


Y2Jmarco1 . 12 months ago

Also Sneijder, one of the best Inter player of the 2000’s, supported ac Milan when he was younger

UKBanterClips 1

UKBanterClips 1 . 12 months ago

Look at all the liverpool players who support the only true liverpool team of Everton. Liverpool is BLUE fuck the plastic red side of Liverpool... or most accurately Norway and Ireland


TheShepster80 . 12 months ago

John Terry like so many Londoners supported Manchester United? Fuck off most Londoners support London clubs! You fucking melt.

Harry Robson

Harry Robson . 12 months ago

Jesus why u shouting


Hammerhook12 . 12 months ago

Iniesta was just a fan of Michael Laudrup, same thing with David Silva. Lots of people today have no idea how great and influential Laudrup was for Spanish football in general.

Sergiu C.

Sergiu C. . 12 months ago

Imagine Everton with all those players playing for them.

Quisiera paz

Quisiera paz . 12 months ago

John Terry was west ham through and through like most east end folk back in the day

Quisiera paz

Quisiera paz . 12 months ago

Robbie Fowler supporting Everton must be a myth coz he always expressed a desire to play for Glasgow Rangers & Everton is more of a Celtic side/fan base. Fact: you'll never walk alone was stolen by celtic as their anthem, from liverpool fc & thus being the only thing that has common ground as most reds would have a rangers & not Celtic affiliation

Thanasis Athan

Thanasis Athan . 12 months ago

how the fuck can you switch the club you support ?


JJG JJG . 12 months ago

4:10 minor detail but Maradona, Ronaldinho, Messi and Iniesta have all been applauded by Real Madrid fans... 4 not 3... excuse nitpicking! 😉 Have Barça fans ever applauded a Real Madrid player in Camp Nou? 🤔

Mesüt cözil

Mesüt cözil . 12 months ago

Gerrard supported Everton aswell

Vesty Steiner

Vesty Steiner . 12 months ago

Raúl didnt support Atlético and does not til this day. Just like Morata, he played at their youth academy prior to Real

Leontii Zainchkovskyi

Leontii Zainchkovskyi . 12 months ago

Shakira should be honorable mention)) There are a lot of coaches to do this. For example, just this season, in just Serie A: Milan fan coaches Napoli, Napoli fan coaches Juventus, Juve fan coaches Inter, and Inter fan coaches Milan)) Also, we can also consider Berlusconi. He wanted to buy Inter, they told him to "come back in 10 years". He came back, they've denied him again, so he bought Milan and won 8 titles and 5 Champions League. Probably Inter regrets their denial towards Silvio.


naijiktom . 12 months ago

Didier Drogba and Jermaine Defoe are both Arsenal fans.

Hleketile Chauke

Hleketile Chauke . 12 months ago

"like so many londoners"🤣😂

Richard Harris

Richard Harris . 12 months ago

Isn't this mosly people who used to support other clubs


Fraizuh . 12 months ago

Scott Brown was a Rangers fan

George Carroll

George Carroll . 12 months ago

Mic 🎙


Zac LFC . 12 months ago

Omg his voice 😂

sulley muntari

sulley muntari . 12 months ago

John Terry supported West Ham

Tom Watts

Tom Watts . 12 months ago

Sounds like the mic’s on the other side of the room and you’re shouting to be heard on it.

Owen Rigby

Owen Rigby . 12 months ago



A A . 12 months ago

Jeez no need to scream

T.G Martinez

T.G Martinez . 12 months ago

It seems to be a prerequisite for Liverpool players to grow up supporting Everton


DARK SABER . 12 months ago

why u talking so fast

Ross Jacques

Ross Jacques . 12 months ago

You’ve forgotten that Trent A-A is an Everton fan as well


TomPFC . 12 months ago

Why are we yelling?

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