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Apex Legends: How to Drop Items

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Video Game Guides & Gameplay Videos

Published on 12 months ago

Here's how to drop items for your teammates in Apex Legends.

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ARCTICFOX . 1 month ago

It says it in game

Brono Bro

Brono Bro . 2 months ago

you might wanna get some info for those people on PC, seems like you know more about the buttons for console gamers but it would help your channel to know more things.

saskia SE

saskia SE . 3 months ago

Thanks, I wil try it.

Tomas Pinheiro

Tomas Pinheiro . 3 months ago


Yeeter Leppoelelep

Yeeter Leppoelelep . 6 months ago

Instructions not clear. I burned down my house

Aren Aren

Aren Aren . 6 months ago


i guess im a WEEB

i guess im a WEEB . 6 months ago

uh am on pc


_XxNOG_OPSxX_ . 7 months ago

Big time TRASH 🗑

Trying to get 5k with no videos challenge هلا

Trying to get 5k with no videos challenge هلا . 7 months ago

Thanks very very much

Sarthak Arya

Sarthak Arya . 8 months ago

Please tell me how to open healing inventory!!! 😫🤑 In apex legends

Gilberto Viadani

Gilberto Viadani . 8 months ago

I knew this Ever since i played the game on the first day

This Snake in A Suit

This Snake in A Suit . 9 months ago

That’s quick but helpful

Angel Meza

Angel Meza . 9 months ago

Thanks so much! You're like the only person that's explained how to do this so thanks a bunch!

Ian Roman

Ian Roman . 9 months ago

Thank you


Dokkeabi . 9 months ago

Thanks ! This really helps.


Mackay7ØØ . 10 months ago

I'm at lvl 27 and I still haven't figured this out yet


Gerizoo . 10 months ago

wow...so many people who cant figure this out...it's literally in the in-game tutorial and you can just go to settings to see your controls

Alem Z Gaming

Alem Z Gaming . 11 months ago

Someone was asking for shotgun bullets I knew I picked some up so the asked me but I said no but I didn’t know how to access my inventory


Desp1te2g . 11 months ago

How do I walk?

Nsoor Al Farisi

Nsoor Al Farisi . 11 months ago

Thaks its so simple i dont know why i didnt think like this😅😅

UNIL 101

UNIL 101 . 11 months ago


Frozty So Clean

Frozty So Clean . 11 months ago

I didn't know how to get to my inventory in the first place until now XD


Jalen . 11 months ago

How do I swap weapon slots on PS4 like putting a shotgun in weapon from slot 1 to slot 2 and a wingman from slot 2 to slot 1 without dropping them and picking them back up


JAEbaeBY . 11 months ago

Thx u helped me a lot i didnt know how to because i just started but u made this vid and it's so helpful thx u and God bless u😇😇


Trashbag570 . 11 months ago


Παναγιώτης Γαλιγαλίδης

Παναγιώτης Γαλιγαλίδης . 11 months ago

What button do you press to open the inventory 😭😭

Ignacio Santana

Ignacio Santana . 11 months ago

Q: How do yo swap weapons from slot 1 to slot 2 on PS4?

Greco Māori

Greco Māori . 11 months ago

how do u know what ammo your team needs?

Carbon _Playz

Carbon _Playz . 11 months ago

Thank you so much


Just_Bees . 11 months ago

Im sad that i had to look this up

Gaming JW

Gaming JW . 11 months ago

How do i get out from the plane ?

Ezro SZN

Ezro SZN . 11 months ago

Also how can you ask for ammo


lllllillllllllillll . 11 months ago

Thank you

Ed-Landus Faulk

Ed-Landus Faulk . 11 months ago

I could not figure this out to save my life thanks!...sexy voice btw

Ethan Ledford

Ethan Ledford . 11 months ago

Did you win that match

Colin Lambeek

Colin Lambeek . 11 months ago

thanks :)

Victor Vela22

Victor Vela22 . 11 months ago


kareem aziz

kareem aziz . 11 months ago

thanks for the help

That one soccer Boy

That one soccer Boy . 11 months ago

Ur a god


Pixilmon . 11 months ago

Thank god.

Sintsha123 Games and more

Sintsha123 Games and more . 11 months ago

Thank you

Jose G

Jose G . 11 months ago


Bru's FPS Benchmarks

Bru's FPS Benchmarks . 11 months ago

thank you

Kakin Barrientos

Kakin Barrientos . 11 months ago

Thank you :)


Xayplays . 11 months ago


RunToWin ;-;

RunToWin ;-; . 11 months ago

This helped soooo much


PVPLegends . 11 months ago



ItzKenx . 11 months ago

How do i use a Shield on ps4?

Daven Calkins

Daven Calkins . 11 months ago

Thanks for the help


PM-PogZero . 11 months ago

Thank you it help me out

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