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AC Milan & Elliott Management's "Vulture Fund"

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 2 years ago


AC Milan & Elliott Management's "Vulture Fund"
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When reports emerged that AC Milan was the subject of a takeover back in 2016, it appeared that the Rossoneri was just the latest (and biggest) acquisition in a slew of big money club purchases emanating from China.

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Comments :

Nicholas Perry

Nicholas Perry . 1 month ago

If you brought a country debt couldn’t the country just tell them fuck off?

Dishan Mudhoo

Dishan Mudhoo . 3 months ago

UEFA: We must protect teams' financial health by imposing FFP Rules. Also UEFA: Lets ban them from our competitions if they breach the rules and deprive them of our money

Vishnu Vijaykumar

Vishnu Vijaykumar . 5 months ago

What is the actual name of that banned book?


Ed . 6 months ago

Paul Singer sounds like an absolute dickhead

Mark T

Mark T . 7 months ago

this video should state: How an American business owner walk the dog from China :)

Jair Alves Da Rocha

Jair Alves Da Rocha . 8 months ago

Quem manda dentro d Milan e o(ELIOT) ou o(CEO).

Jair Alves Da Rocha

Jair Alves Da Rocha . 8 months ago

Esse grupo Eliot e uma piada desde que assumiu o(Milan) só féz besteira na forma de conduzir as contratações do(ROSONERO) e ágora está permitindo que o(CEO) que são pessoas obscuras que existem dentro d Milan e estão demitindo pessoas que foram ídolos neste clube.


merzibow . 8 months ago

well made, this not expect this level of information.

Barry Ross

Barry Ross . 8 months ago

The UN arent the good guys either. They're the ones who want to g Take said money and use it to import your replacements


driedtoast12 . 9 months ago

Not an honest living. Sorry butchy boy

Connor, the android sent by CyberLife

Connor, the android sent by CyberLife . 9 months ago

Honestly, is this all that surprising? The rich are scum, were scum, and always will be scum

Marco Balboa

Marco Balboa . 9 months ago

... Bloody cunt's

Muhammad Navis Zuhud

Muhammad Navis Zuhud . 10 months ago

Make a video about Suning in Inter, please.

John Wolf

John Wolf . 11 months ago

`Fox News just ripped Singer a new one, I think his rein of terror is finally over.


7resist7tyranny7 . 11 months ago

Paul singer is the son of the devil incarnate.


darthvader5300 . 11 months ago



SonicSP . 1 year ago

5:23 The acquiring of the debt is fair by Elliot as is the demand of full repayment. Argentina borrowed money, and because of huge mismanagement by the country itself is unable to pay back that debt. That debt was sold off by investors (because they needed the liquidity or cut their losses) and bought fairly by Elliot who demanded full payment. The moment he bought the bond, he took full risk of the potential lost non payment. So this video insistence of Argentina being a victim is pure BS, especially by a channel who clearly knows how finance works, just letting their morals clouding their objective judgment. The reason why you have bonds be sellable and buyable in the first place is so investors can quickly trade between a slow long term paying asset and liquidity based on the situation. Without second hand bond markets, interest rates demanded on the original bond will be far higher - so good luck trying get anyone to lend you money in the first place. Try building schools with no financing and see where that gets you. There's a very good reason why Argentina, a rich country 80-100 years ago,has been in economic crisis for decades, it is because of reckless policy of paying off citizens with pork barraling during elections. Yes, government needs to spend money to keep the country living healthily but spend it wrongly or badly and you will have the effects going on for generstiins afterwards. As such balancing between comfort and reality is key.

Pablo Martín Vintimilla

Pablo Martín Vintimilla . 1 year ago

One of your best videos!

Andriya Pradipta Karim

Andriya Pradipta Karim . 1 year ago

AC Milan + Arab + Egypt + Turkey + Abu Dhabi + Dubai + Qatar + Bahrain + Kuwait + Oman + Libya + Iran + Algeria + Syria + Elliott + Etc.

richard james

richard james . 1 year ago

Great content ..

Gian-Franco Scolari

Gian-Franco Scolari . 1 year ago

Silvio "Bungabunga" Berlusconi hahahaha

Sejan Bari

Sejan Bari . 1 year ago


Morgan Stokes

Morgan Stokes . 1 year ago

Obviously going to sell the club after . Interesting that is it seems Elliot did their homework on Li even before he bought the club, knowing beforehand that they you buy a.c. Milan eventually. The same homework Italians didn't do because, they were simply desperate to sell, amid pressure on Berlusconi for obvious reasons. The question now stays in , who is going to be the new owner once Elliot is out? Because if a.c. Milan stays unstable again, since Elliot don't have a single shred of passion for the club, using it just for their own profit, meaning Milan even after they get sold will be again, in a stalemate . The only way I see Milan growing, is if maldini and other legends find their own investor and ownership that they can trust, combining profit and sportability goals in check. If its Elliot picking a buyer, they won't care about Milan success, since they will sell it to the highest bidder and not who has the best project for the club. Even if that buyer is a complete waste of person and manager, having just greed and big pockets.

Roy Piper

Roy Piper . 1 year ago

Vultures actually have an important place in the food chain.


BoxOfOranges84 . 1 year ago

This was unbelievably hilarious

Anas yahaya

Anas yahaya . 1 year ago

"Silvio bonga bonga "lol bro

john wignall

john wignall . 1 year ago

Perhaps Gordon Brown should have thought about these vulture capitalists buying gov't bonds when his gov't was running budget deficits of £180bn?

Oscar Luke

Oscar Luke . 1 year ago



KD . 1 year ago

Who are politicians to talk worst people on earth

Hammable Of Carthage

Hammable Of Carthage . 2 years ago

The footie version of John Spanos who bought the New York Islanders

Hasade O

Hasade O . 2 years ago

Amazing informative videos if you love football and how things work behind the scenes

Jack Haddad

Jack Haddad . 2 years ago

I had never even heard of Elliot Management...thanks for the lesson, Tifo!

Wekia M

Wekia M . 2 years ago

the video deviated

S. White

S. White . 2 years ago

+1 Dislike for the "bongo bongo". You should respect the President and his effort for the Club.


Natdx . 2 years ago

Merci wiloo

Meddl On

Meddl On . 2 years ago

Silvio “bunga bunga” Berlusconi, liked

David Thomson

David Thomson . 2 years ago

Love these videos. Football and business my two favourite things


pgdtourpgdtour . 2 years ago

You’re an idiot

Grosse Pop

Grosse Pop . 2 years ago

silvio bunga bunga! hahahahah LOL

Leandro Menendez

Leandro Menendez . 2 years ago

Great video as always Tifo. As an argentinian citizen I can confirm most of what has been showed here, thousands of people lost all their savings, tho the 60% was OMEGA exaggerated. Glad the vulture is gonna die soon (he's pretty old) and that money won't do him any good.


Hanzz . 2 years ago

mini rosthchild

cypher elite

cypher elite . 2 years ago

I don’t know how to pronounce normal names and there you are pronouncing names that idek

Soumen Nath

Soumen Nath . 2 years ago

Forza Milan! Thanks for talking about this amazing club! Don't worry we will be back to our glory days soon.

Mesut Göatzil

Mesut Göatzil . 2 years ago

Don't really see how Elliot is doing anything wrong tbh


Rick . 2 years ago

This guy makes a Simon Cowell record contract look generous.

Loudness Junior

Loudness Junior . 2 years ago

I bet paul singer isn't his real name

James MacDonald

James MacDonald . 2 years ago

why does it always turn out some of the worst people in the world support Arsenal... i'm not sure i feel proud to be a gooner alongside these people if i'm honest

Marco Stack

Marco Stack . 2 years ago

ora vi spiego come funzionano i fondi '' avvoltoi '' come Elliott, elliott finanzia un poveraccio come yong hong li, con le garanzie per il prestito , rientra del prestito con interessi, all ultima rata non finanzia più e di diritto rileva una società come il milan per qualche decina di milione, investirà 300 o 400 milioni in questi 2 o 3 anni di mercato, farà lo stadio nuovo da 500 milioni e rivende il milan a 2 milioni a qualche americano bilionario che vuole giocare a chi ha piu soldi ... da milanista mi va bene perchè vedremo ottimi giocatori, ma lo spirito e l identità milan è andata a farsi benedire .... meglio il calcio di 20 anni fà


CharlesOffdensen . 2 years ago

Paul Singer is the real "Soros".

Michael Townley

Michael Townley . 2 years ago

So basically singer wants a lot of money out of ac Milan cause that's why he invested in milan, well than does that mean Milan is slowly but surely reaching where it belongs? Singer may wanna at least make ac Milan reach to UCL semi finals before he sell Milan I have a feeling that this will happen sooner than expected hopefully, I am big fan of Milan and of course I want them to end Juventus's dominance and compete every year for the UCL trophy

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