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Seven WORST Manchester United Players of All-Time | HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

Published on 3 years ago


Manchester United are the most successful football club in England and one of the biggest clubs in the world, but that doesn't mean they haven't had some terrible players over the years. For every Cristiano Ronaldo there is a Bebe, and here HITC Sevens takes a look at some of the worst players to have donned the famous red shirt of Manchester United.

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Comments :

Noggsy joggsy watches

Noggsy joggsy watches . 3 weeks ago

Before I watch this sanchez

bunkerboy 2020

bunkerboy 2020 . 2 months ago


Abhigyan Barhoi

Abhigyan Barhoi . 2 months ago

Jesse lingard

Posy Cook

Posy Cook . 4 months ago

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The Unyielding

The Unyielding . 5 months ago

You forgot Bebe, who was purchased without any Manchester United staff member watching a previous game of him!!! Bebe was engaged with Jorge Mendes' daughter, and was important to secure a "good" contract for him! He was also a member of a criminal gang, therefore transferring him to Manchester was a way to keep him far away from bad companies... Bad deal for Manchester United!


BestCanKeanRob2 . 5 months ago

Liam Millar was meant to be the new Roy Keane.

AAA 82

AAA 82 . 6 months ago


William Obeng

William Obeng . 7 months ago

Ravell Morrison

Andre kings Enzo

Andre kings Enzo . 8 months ago

Maybe at manutd but not a inter mate


신동욱 . 8 months ago

he's lee dong guk

M Sitali

M Sitali . 2 years ago

Dong fangzhuo what a dreadful player

Vikz Mason

Vikz Mason . 2 years ago

For me would be taibi,, bosnich,, djemba djemba,, kleberson,, fellaini obertan and alan Smith


Calebmufcthompson . 2 years ago

I bet Deportivo we’re interested in Mark Lynch after he scored for them 😂😂😂

Dee G

Dee G . 2 years ago

strictly speaking these should all be from their days outside the top flight, or the title needs clarifying

Iron Bear Milk

Iron Bear Milk . 2 years ago

This channel has come really far. This video is awful compared to what you've been putting out recently. Great improvement in a short space of time.

vladimir vugdelic

vladimir vugdelic . 2 years ago

Blomquist, Jordie Cruyff, Chadwick, Djemba Djemba,?

PC Harris

PC Harris . 2 years ago

This guy sounds so boring


Yo . 2 years ago

Where’s Raffael

Rasaayen Naidoo

Rasaayen Naidoo . 2 years ago

What about Luke Chadwick?

The Anomity

The Anomity . 2 years ago

where the fuck is Bebe???

Pauric Healy

Pauric Healy . 2 years ago

Rip Liam Miller

Yudha Bagaskara

Yudha Bagaskara . 2 years ago

Jones is not that bad even he's shit recently


AMG BARRY . 2 years ago

Phi jones

Shermaljit Singh

Shermaljit Singh . 2 years ago

Wheres Bebe


Michael . 2 years ago

Where’s Fellaini ffs

Boss Hogg

Boss Hogg . 2 years ago

Luke Chadwick, Jordi Cruijff, Djemba x2, Kleberson, Taibi, Bellion, Andy Goram, Jesper Blomqvist.

Hib Hart

Hib Hart . 2 years ago


Akhsay Patel

Akhsay Patel . 2 years ago

Man Utd is worth the third most in all of sport, not just football mate, they are the most valuable in football

Football BK

Football BK . 2 years ago

Rip Liam Miller

Michael Ahern

Michael Ahern . 2 years ago

Liam Millar never really got a chance at united...thats why he only made 9 appearences ye dummy....doesn't make him one of their worst ever players.

Role play responder

Role play responder . 2 years ago

RIP Liam Miller. Have some respect pal

Brian Ellis

Brian Ellis . 2 years ago

Rip Miller

laura halls

laura halls . 2 years ago

Marouane Fellini Or Pogba🐶

Paradox R.N.O

Paradox R.N.O . 2 years ago

Phil jones is shit


LONY 00 . 2 years ago

Adem ljajic Zoran Tosic

Stop Apologising

Stop Apologising . 3 years ago

RIP Liam Millar :(

Justin Chia

Justin Chia . 3 years ago



Janro . 3 years ago

RIP Liam Miller

Marc Whelan

Marc Whelan . 3 years ago

Rip Liam Miller

Ronan McGrath

Ronan McGrath . 3 years ago

Van Der Grouw? Phil Jones? Victor Lindelof?

Ronan McGrath

Ronan McGrath . 3 years ago

Liam Miller was a great player and replace him! #Respect for Miller.

Barry Rowlings

Barry Rowlings . 3 years ago

I wont hear a bad word said against Pat Mcgibbon

Luigi Nastro

Luigi Nastro . 3 years ago

Those Phil Jones' faces tho

Shane Wright

Shane Wright . 3 years ago

Is the narrator high on Endone? How about Willie Morgan, Ted McDougall, Jim Holton, Gary Birtles or Terry Gibson?

David O' Keeffe

David O' Keeffe . 3 years ago

What was Miller doing in it

SG Miner21

SG Miner21 . 3 years ago

I used to use Dong Fang Zhuo all the time in PES 2008, he was a legend for me!


FifaKingUFC . 3 years ago

RIP Liam Miller

Wo Vortex

Wo Vortex . 3 years ago

omg this is the most boring vid ever

Ghost Face

Ghost Face . 3 years ago

He says "Why did Manchester United sign Liam Miller?" Then he says Liam Miller just had a breakout season at Celtic .. kinda just answered your own question there lol

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