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Starship - We Built This City (Official Music Video)



Published on 7 years ago

You're watching the official music video for Starship - "We Built This City" from the 1985 album 'Knee Deep in the Hoopla'.

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Performers: Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick, Donny Baldwin
Songwriters: Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, Peter Wolf

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Comments :

Randall Baker

Randall Baker . 4 hours ago

4:27 😂

Dave Gardiner

Dave Gardiner . 9 hours ago

It's just amazing that members of this band had survived all the way into the '80s since Jefferson Airplane in the '60s. Incredible endurance for any band to stay relevant and popular.

Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus . 9 hours ago

We built this city on crack and dope - New Haven CT

Easy As Business Software

Easy As Business Software . 11 hours ago


nick flees

nick flees . 11 hours ago

I'm a kid and I rlly like this song!

William Harper

William Harper . 14 hours ago

I love this song know matter how much people hate it

J Smith

J Smith . 16 hours ago

takes me back to the mid-80's. for me, that was Oak Cliff. I remember the varying opinions, LoL

Dungeonmeister Hypersturm

Dungeonmeister Hypersturm . 20 hours ago

Rock 'n' Roll


PAPITOFLOW78 . 23 hours ago



Natmeni . 1 day ago

Beautiful times


Zug75 . 2 days ago

obama disliked this, YOU DIDNT BUILD THAT!

Suke Dumd

Suke Dumd . 2 days ago

City ciudad

Hunter Trantham

Hunter Trantham . 2 days ago

Danny, I love you.

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright . 2 days ago

Yes it is

Kevin Jolley

Kevin Jolley . 2 days ago

They were singing their message pleadingly to the Abe Lincoln statue - and when it came to life no one even reacted. Is there no pleasing these jaded 80s kids?


Pagong27Gaming . 2 days ago

When you see some birds starting to appear in the video, then the song plays itself.

Mike D.

Mike D. . 3 days ago

God I feel old now..lol

Team America

Team America . 3 days ago

I work at a High School in Nevada and I convinced my Principal to play this song on are intercom every Friday’s right before we do our Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. The students love it and even some jump out of there chairs and start dancing to it lol. Gotta love good classic music .

Kennard Williams

Kennard Williams . 3 days ago

I came to this because I heard this on gta5 radio, los Santos rock radio. And the diplomats re did the beat lolol crazy hun


byron2521 . 3 days ago

This is the same band that sung White Rabbit. What the hell happened!!!!

Stephan Van der graaf

Stephan Van der graaf . 3 days ago



GREG . 3 days ago

we built this ballpark on some gay dudes cash - Cleveland show

Peter Jay

Peter Jay . 3 days ago

Damn you Tom Tucker!

Ana Lucía GJ

Ana Lucía GJ . 3 days ago

This should be on Mr. Robot wujuuu

Jake Gomez

Jake Gomez . 3 days ago

Your listening to los santos rock radio

Просто кошак

Просто кошак . 3 days ago

Gta v?

Paul Latimer

Paul Latimer . 3 days ago

The image of the giant dice chasing people down the street is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in any video.

Beth Davis

Beth Davis . 3 days ago

I love this song! My all time favorite and so it's Father's. He built the world on rock n [email protected]@

DeeDee gotTyme

DeeDee gotTyme . 3 days ago

GTA 5 pounded this song in head thnx gta

Gerald Watkins

Gerald Watkins . 4 days ago

Shit was amazing and modern in 85. Something new hit MTV every week. What a time to be alive!

Daniel M

Daniel M . 4 days ago

Like if you’re here from Family Guy.

Christopher de Vidal

Christopher de Vidal . 4 days ago

I'm looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge...

Skull Krusher407

Skull Krusher407 . 4 days ago

Young Millennials + Gen Z: Family Guy anyone? Older Millennials + Gen X: Nope. The Simpsons, kids.

Zoes Dada

Zoes Dada . 4 days ago

Anyone who doesnt like this song doesn't know shit about the eighties

Nothing Here

Nothing Here . 4 days ago

GTAV brought me here

Vixy Velasquez

Vixy Velasquez . 5 days ago

I 🖤the 80s . This is the most 80s music video I’ve ever seen ! And I’ve seen many but this captures the 80s so well , the aesthetic , the fashion , I was barely born in 86 .

Bryan Fisk

Bryan Fisk . 5 days ago

This song always gets stuck in my head building roads in Death Stranding.

Amy Rose And Miles Tails Prower

Amy Rose And Miles Tails Prower . 5 days ago

We built this city!!! We built this city on rock and roll!!! :D

John Davis

John Davis . 5 days ago

When the world was better. And that's all I have to say.


C00NY . 5 days ago


John Norris

John Norris . 5 days ago

I had no idea this was written by Bernie Taupin and the lead singer of The J. Geils band, Peter Wolf! Wow

April James

April James . 5 days ago

classic... my dad love this song


bethfaceplays . 5 days ago

"Knee deep in the hoopla!" is my favorite lyric ever.

Malik Gorking

Malik Gorking . 5 days ago

I got a recommendation from Tom Tucker


malimills . 5 days ago

Family guy yup


Playin4Keeps . 6 days ago

Denver Colorado Junior High 1985 .....KBPI use to rock it on heavy rotation ....This was the Jam🔥 I use to be jealous of Craig’s hair🧨

Free YouTube Red 1

Free YouTube Red 1 . 6 days ago

Damn it Tom tucker, who’s here from family guy?

oscar russell garcía

oscar russell garcía . 6 days ago

Man do I hate Tom Tucker😡

stephen rogers

stephen rogers . 6 days ago

Love this song mint

Chong Beng Lim

Chong Beng Lim . 6 days ago

The official Manchester City team song now.

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