Siinamota/Powapowa-P feat. Kagamine Rin 椎名もた/ぽわぽわP feat. 鏡音リン LOST & FOUND *English&Japanese lyrics*


  • Release Date: 1 Okt 2016
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I want to thank Soraxvi for helping me to translate one line!
*BTW Romaji is in the description*

Okay I'm not sure what あのやさしさとか、さみしさとか、あの日の言葉とか、たったこれだけを詰め込んだら (ano yasashisatoka, samishisatoka, ano hi no kotobatoka, tatta kore dake wo) could mean, I mean it uses hiragana in the words "yasashi" and "samishi" and it contains "ano" and "kore", so I think it could mean:
"I only crammed THIS kindness, this loneliness and the words of THAT day too"
"I only crammed THAT kindness, that loneliness and the words of THIS day too"
I got all confused so let's just keep this the way it is xD

Music and lyrics by: Siinamota/PowapowaP 椎名もた/ポわぽわ
Song/voice/synthesizer: Kagamine Rin 鏡音リン
Album: Yume no manimani (夢のまにまに), At the Mercy of a Dream/Dreams
Translation by: MangaxOtakuxAnimexMureke and Soraxvi


Ah, I'm losing sight of you
Ah, what should I do?
I only crammed that kindness,
That loneliness too,
And the words of this day, too
Let's go to play somewhere
Come on!
Ah, now I'm approaching you

ああ今、君を見失う Aa ima, kimi wo miushinau
ああ今、僕は何をする? Aa ima, boku wa nani wo suru?
あのやさしさとか、Ano yasashisatoka,
あの日の言葉とか Ano hi no kotobatoka
たったこれだけを Tatta kore dake wo
詰め込んだら Tsumekondara
どこか遊びに行こう Dokoka asobi ni ikou
ああ今、君を見付けたよ Aa ima, kimi wo mitsuketayo

Since I heard this song, I wanted to translate it and I had to do it by myself because there weren't any translations on the net, so this might have some mistakes xD
Thanks for watching! :D

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[Siinamota/Powapowa-P feat. Kagamine Rin 椎名もた/ぽわぽわP feat. 鏡音リン LOST & FOUND *English&Japanese lyrics*]



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