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This Borderlands 3 shotgun, the Tiggs Boom is ATM bugged, but as soon as this is fixed I believe it will be a top tier weapon.

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Comments :

Angry Gamer

Angry Gamer . 1 month ago

Ahhhh yeahhhh when I used this with a 125 splash dmg ase and fire, it sucked BALLSACKS!

Prince of all Saiyans

Prince of all Saiyans . 1 month ago

Love your videos!

Enryu Zahard

Enryu Zahard . 1 month ago

The shotgun look nice


DAM251983 . 1 month ago

Gearbox will "fix" the shotgun.... (But it will only work for Amara) 😄

Jonathan Castro

Jonathan Castro . 1 month ago

Does anybody have a spare one of these?

Games For Cykits

Games For Cykits . 1 month ago

Still haven’t beat this raid once........ I need to get that damn roid rough rider shield or I’m fucked, also not the best, the bangstick or shredded bangstick is the best of you have a flak crit build plus bullet return that allows you to keep spamming your shots when you use fade-away and have it set to sticky and when you reload just mmmmmm so much damage, it can melt bosses, best way to melt the boss with this gun is crit hits and but when you crit swap my God it’s OP, also did I mention the strongest one by far is the blue variet of this shotgun? That’s right it’s a blue and you get it mostly from every enemy but the best luck I had is captain trant on Athena so yea best of luck

TheSluttyPanda 1

TheSluttyPanda 1 . 1 month ago

Who remembers when legendary guns use to be very rare and rewarding when you got them?

Hype JT

Hype JT . 1 month ago

Love the vids they are interesting and educational. Would like for pc

ざっかり・ザック Zack

ざっかり・ザック Zack . 1 month ago

Everytime he says ticks, all i hear is tits

Sir Dank-A-Lot

Sir Dank-A-Lot . 1 month ago

Brilliant Video, love that you keep up with the game fully and show us which are the best guns and a good review for each weapon. Keep up the good work.


joshua . 1 month ago

What weapon is at 4:49?

Just Some Guy With A Mustache

Just Some Guy With A Mustache . 1 month ago

Meteors hit the enemy ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ

Elliot Schuerr

Elliot Schuerr . 1 month ago

Yeahhh gearbox is literally fixing the game week by week but let's keep sharing glitches and bugs to make the game more "fun" yeahhhhhhh. Dude please stop making these videos for likes and views and your youtube standing. I hope gearbox bans you and glitching queen.

Gregory Castleberry

Gregory Castleberry . 1 month ago


Sean Rayner

Sean Rayner . 1 month ago

absowutly wiviting

Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey . 1 month ago


Charlie Creason

Charlie Creason . 1 month ago

I'd love one of these so much

James Swanepoel

James Swanepoel . 1 month ago

I would really like to play this game with my friends but my momsaid she can't buy it i would really love this game ps love your vids keep it up



All this guns are trash in raid not worth the hard grind good juju is junk emp5 is to the shotgun u get from troy is junk the dazzle is trash I have ultimate edition I'm ready for some payed dlc tired of grinding for junk weapons cause of free dlc



Have done solo like hundred times never got shotgun the recursion is broke to an the brain stormer will crash your game with amara have got every gun but shotgun an to everybody kybs worth is junk


RADER 801 . 1 month ago

I wanna win!

ghino wilson

ghino wilson . 1 month ago

Love ur content. Always very detailed

Mark Santa Maria

Mark Santa Maria . 1 month ago

They need to fix the shooting star shield along with this

Bob Ross

Bob Ross . 1 month ago

Hope I win>>


DARKxARCHANGEL28 . 1 month ago

Can u give me one of those please 🥺 psn is “wave2urgrave”


truejim1023 . 1 month ago

Same spawning issue happens with the shooting star shield. Some maps it is just unplayable

Victor Rdz

Victor Rdz . 1 month ago

Great work.

Meators Galavant

Meators Galavant . 1 month ago

Hi DPG i am a huge fan would really appreciate if i can can get one of those borderlands 3 copies for PC (super deluxe edition);keep up the good work.👍👍

Jonas Meylaers

Jonas Meylaers . 1 month ago


Avi Nigam

Avi Nigam . 1 month ago

How did this happen?


YoRHa UNIT A2 . 1 month ago

Y'all some fuckin foolz... On ps4 the effect of tiggz boom happens every few minutes or so...fucking junk even with critz and playing for hourz...well ps4 dam near broke anyhow.. Update after updatekeepz breaking other features

Luzifer Maxi

Luzifer Maxi . 1 month ago

I got a double penetrating with 16 pellets. Hope they fix it soon but to be honest they have to fix so many bugs....

some burrito

some burrito . 1 month ago

Figures that the only mayham4 exclusive I have gotten to drop whould be glitched.


Redrix . 1 month ago



ewmism . 1 month ago

Always give you a thumbs up dude good content

Brett Carter

Brett Carter . 1 month ago

Great Content and videos! I love his explanations, I just hope my pc can handle this game lol

Internet Person

Internet Person . 1 month ago

Dope gub

Salvast dluz

Salvast dluz . 1 month ago

I’m so bad at leaving comments smh, love the vids though always helpful.

Jones MacC

Jones MacC . 1 month ago

I got it from kraken


SymSne . 1 month ago

There's an x18 as well. Seems like it's supposed to be a legendary bangstick. At least in design it looks almost identical... No stickies though so not at all like the bangstick. Very sad boy right here

Jason Liu

Jason Liu . 1 month ago

i want borderland3 yeeeeeh!!

Andy Bone

Andy Bone . 1 month ago

What is your accent??


actionbastard1er . 1 month ago

YouTube is ruining this game

whitewolf 747

whitewolf 747 . 1 month ago

Tried the raid so many times solo with my zane. I will prevail at some point!


쿠엔틴/Konti . 1 month ago

Awesome video man! I will definitely have to try this sometime soon when I get the game!

Jenn Martinez

Jenn Martinez . 1 month ago

I was just traded this gun.


Coldsteelblue . 1 month ago

Sometimes I wonder if Gearbox actually test things or just make them then shove them out to patch later. Good vid btw

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison . 1 month ago

Anybody have a good build for moze? I’m struggling to get through the mailwan takedown solo


y4wizard48 . 1 month ago

Love the videos. Would love BL3 on PC. Either way keep up the awesome work

LIL juggernaut

LIL juggernaut . 1 month ago

Love your vids getting this on pc would be amazing.

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