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UNPOPULAR OPINION: Modern Warfare Battle Pass Is Great!



Published on 1 month ago

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This video is sponsored by Holistic Xtracts. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 added a Battle Pass which is something that the community has been asking for for a long time. Now that we have it, lots of people say they hate it, or it is a scam, or P2W , and all sorts of other crazy stuff. In my OPINION, the Battle Pass is the best thing we've had in CoD in ages.

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Comments :


SKizzleAXE . 1 month ago

The pass is 10x better than BO4 pass. And once you pay $10 you can get all the free cod points out of it and then if you resist and not buy skins in the shop you can use those cod points to buy the next season for free. Let's make sure AcTaWhissssion dont find that out 😂


Rooster2628 . 7 days ago

I have enjoyed this game more than any other since MW2.

Jack_Evil 42

Jack_Evil 42 . 2 weeks ago

I'm so sorry about your frogs man


I AM LUX . 2 weeks ago

This Pass is a better alternative to loot boxes. You pay 10 bucks, you get access, you play, you unlock STUFF. For all the haters, you're entitled to your own opinion but in all reality I've hated CoD for years since BO2 and AW went stale and this has helped me to find a reason to keep coming back. The only criticisms I personally have is that you can't save you're own custom weapon variations. For anyone who says Battle Pass is expensive, it's not. Its 10 bucks and designed to get you to either buy STUFF or to, oh I dont know, PLAY THE F#$%ING GAME. I just started playing through the pass 2 weeks ago. I work 8 1/2 a day, five days a week and I've unlocked half the Battle Pass content already. Been playing Warframe, Monster Hunter World, and watching Netflix on the side in free time as well. It's possible to play other games and still play to unlock everything for the base price.

Felix Gutierrez

Felix Gutierrez . 2 weeks ago

What I have been trying to say for the life of me lol

the black hammer the black hammer

the black hammer the black hammer . 2 weeks ago

I dont have the money for the battle pass how much of a noob r u

Rory Cremin

Rory Cremin . 3 weeks ago

Ppl feel like they’re entitled to this stuff. They’re wrong your right


ptavangar . 3 weeks ago

Ace says it takes 3 hours per day for 62 days (meaning you can't miss even 1 day in the season) to get to tier 100 without purchasing tiers. That's absurd. That's the one complaint I have.

S Pi

S Pi . 3 weeks ago

For an “entitled” generation nothing is ever good enough. Pissing and moaning taken to new heights of toxic. Wait til it all comes tumbling down.

Jesus Garcia G

Jesus Garcia G . 3 weeks ago

The supply stream in bo4 was better because you didnt have to spend 10 dollars but it was very tedious to level up


Steamloco . 3 weeks ago

This is the best system since the IW/MWR salvage systems.

GT Nismo

GT Nismo . 3 weeks ago

The people who are saying that they loved the supply drops or the way micro-transactions were are the same people who did nothing but complain about them. Unless the devs simply cater to each player individually, they will complain. It seems to me that the devs are trying to make it better whole still trying to make money. Remember, no one is forcing anyone to buy anything.


pab75 . 3 weeks ago

I'm a hardcore COD player and I love this game, Much better than the last 3


GrellTheCrux . 3 weeks ago

My only concern is the guns, I don't like the idea that players can miss out on that type of content just cause they can't dedicate enough time to it. I mean if you can still later on get the guns somehow if you miss the pass I wouldn't have issues with it, but as far as I know if you don't unlock them in the pass, they are lost to you forever. For game altering content it shouldn't be time exclusive.

Red 1

Red 1 . 3 weeks ago

Talks about crazy trump supporters while wearing an Obama shirt lmaoooo

Jerome Jack

Jerome Jack . 4 weeks ago

You are crazy to say the battle pass is greater you sounds like a tool for infinity ward I wonder how much they payed you to say good thing's about this game. first thing battle passes cost alot your right but that is only on games that are free not a full priced games so right there your full of it. Stop miss leading these young kids.


wilbro420 . 1 month ago

I didn’t buy the battle pass, don’t plan to buy anything this year. got my free maps and grind the game for the new weapons what else really matters stop complaining


swagchigga . 1 month ago

that was the best sponsored segment iv ever seen

Brentt Watkins

Brentt Watkins . 1 month ago

I hear people complaining about having to pay money in a paid game for getting everything, and all I can think is, "you get the stuff that matters, you're not entitled to everything" and this whole mindset of that either cod needs to go free to play or remove microtransactions entirely is so nonsensical and frustrating that I feel like pulling my hair out


BGaff . 1 month ago

I wish they would bring all the developers together and they make “the final call of duty” they make you pay $60 each year and the game continues to change and updates last for ever..u don’t have to start over each year..every year they release new maps for multi and they release a new BR map every year or every 6 months..we have battle passes ever 2 months and the shop is open and they can make the same amount of money as if they released a different game every year..I would love to just grind on a game that changes for the next 10 years and see my stats go up and I think it would be cool if they just had a final cod and it just updates forever.. is my idea stupid? Let me know lol


BGaff . 1 month ago

People don’t understand the more stuff they offer that costs money like the battle pass and the store is GOOD..that will keep the developers interested in making more content and more updates...god damn people are dumb..I saw someone complaining that they don’t have room and updates are stupid..umm do u want more content u fools..don’t buy the stuff if you don’t want to..all the new content is Great..this game isn’t great but to say they shouldn’t have updates or things that cost money is insanity

ACreepy Mimikyu

ACreepy Mimikyu . 1 month ago

My friend, its just because the community doesnt know what they want, honnestly i think you are absolutely right but the thing is they dont realise that OBVIOUSLY the cooler stuff is going to be paid, but the fact that they gave free stuff is already amazing. I would rather have this then the one from BO4. Anyway keep up the good work you are the best 😁👍


Chubbzchannel . 1 month ago

100% agree. I remember buying 20 dollar map packs just to play and hate them

Adam Cockroft

Adam Cockroft . 1 month ago

How much are they paying you


shalashaskaa8 . 1 month ago

Like what would you guys rather have? Loot boxes again? 😂😂 i am fine with it as long as they don't start handing out op guns to season pass holders

Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson . 1 month ago

I Luv this game...I luv boots on the ground...i luv how they slowed rushers down...all the free items!!! Battle pass is free with a (Option) to purchase items!!! I luv it!!! And I'm not the only one...great vid!!!

Brass Heathen

Brass Heathen . 1 month ago

It's because it's cool to be cynical about COD. COD hipsters is all it is. I admit *thinks first and puts on flame proof suit* I like this game and I'm happy with the way they are doing their extra content. Fight me. The game ain't perfect by a long shot but this is the first COD I've enjoyed since BO2.

I am N8

I am N8 . 1 month ago

Liking video for the doggos

Madji Of Cimmeria

Madji Of Cimmeria . 1 month ago

In my messed up mind your dog blinked out of existence as soon as you said that lmao

Rick Garcia

Rick Garcia . 1 month ago

mwr had the best system i had every gun unlocked the day they dropped. Also unlocked all the best cosmetics the day they dropped aswell.

Blender Boy

Blender Boy . 1 month ago

11:22 to skip ad

Blender Boy

Blender Boy . 1 month ago

I'm not a fan of battle passes in general. The amount of games with battlepasses in them makes it impossible to finish all of the tiers. The MWR and IW MTX models are some of my favourite as it allows you to unlock the stuff you want for free


XOPATH . 1 month ago

The survival could be awesome if they put some actual effort into the mode

Zackery Dilber

Zackery Dilber . 1 month ago

You are not crazy in the slightest. The COD community as a whole is just awful and mildly insane. 20 hours in two months to unlock two guns is very fair by any measure. For comparison the other game i play constantly is Madden 20. To keep up with a mode called solo battles you have to play 13 games a week that last 15 minutes if you are lucky and can go quickly. over the course of two months that alone is 26-30 hours minimum. Then just to keep up with the daily tasks it takes roughly 10 minutes a day, that is another roughly 30 hours in two months. So in madden just to keep up with day to day game play you would have to play 60 hours in two months just to keep up, that is not counting any challenges that come out or online games or limited time events. So to have to play 20 hours over two months to earn two new guns is extremely fair and pretty generous to be honest.

Matt Milnes

Matt Milnes . 1 month ago

Drift0r this game shipped with SIX 6 vs. 6 maps, it was in desperate need of content from the get go. That's why people are pissed with the drip content. MW3 shipped with 16 on launch in comparison. Hardly anyone on Reddit is wanting Supply Drops back. And if they are they are the 0.1%. As for the Battle Pass it's generally well liked, it's just the content within the BP that's crap. The BP are the Supply Drop filler items, the decent cosmetic skins and guns are £16 here in the UK for a pack. Content should be reasonably priced and the best content - cosmetic only or not - should be earnt, not bought. In fact the only thing worth grinding for in the game is Zane, and that's only been done by 0.6% of Xbox players because of.its ridiculous difficulty.


Brewhound77 . 1 month ago

It seems like the frog in the frying pan compared to how DLC was done back in say 2010


Brewhound77 . 1 month ago

Me in 2012: if i paid 60 for the game and 40 for the on disc dlc, everything else should be SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY... wait no


Brewhound77 . 1 month ago

I remember buying the Black Ops 2 season pass and everyone losing their minds in 2013 when they sold extra DLC camos and reticules for like $1.50. Now yall are paying 20 bucks for a damn camo and drift0r is selling weed juice placebo.


iSuRGiCaL . 1 month ago

No loot boxes, no pay to win weapons, no map packs that separate the community and slowly kill the game.. All maps are free and release across all platforms at the same time, all weapons are unlockable through gameplay.. Thank you for not jumping on the extremely popular outrage culture fueled hate wagon that has infested social media/youtube.

Žonatan Rivera

Žonatan Rivera . 1 month ago

I love the Battle Pass. I purchased it solely to support IW and the MW series, aside from the awesome features. That Long Arm Kar98k and Gilded Holger 26 are amazing.


oCapri . 1 month ago

It’s the best call of duty in a long long time. They’re doing pretty much everything right for the future. Let’s just hope future cods have cross play and not have supply drops

Lil Kapsas

Lil Kapsas . 1 month ago

(First of all sorry for bad English) I don't like battlepass system (the thing that you have limited time to get weapons) but i like that you don't get killed by a sniper-shotgun mixup that you only get from spending 100€ on supplydrops. Like you said it's very user friendly.

Redfish Survival

Redfish Survival . 1 month ago

Ok but what that BS survey. They asked nothing about the real issues... footsteps, doors, windows, crawl spaces, minimap, dead silence, ghost, safe spaces, M4A1, new lobby every game, not showing deaths on the scoreboard, etc. If people need safe spaces then load up bots to practice. The most stupid part of this safe space mentality is that it completely kills any incentive to get better. If you cater to beginners and casuals, as they get better they will hit the exact same problem the good players are rejecting the game for now. So not only do your opponents just get more sweaty, but getting good no longer means anything. Can you imagine if the NFL became touch football, or if you weren't allowed to jump in the NBA? What if all athletes who went pro only got to play with one shoe on so they never did anything exceptional anymore. Catering to thumb suckers at the price of removing the possibility of excellence and incentive from the real fans is insane. Now you have a pointless franchise that has changed the rules against its own because they don't want any hurt feelings in the crowd who really don't care about the game in the first place. I also wonder how many women actually play compared to all the female characters in this game. Do you know how many American men died in WWII? 300,000...do you know how many women?.....16. All of this just to butt kiss a ridiculous narrative is pathetic.

Kevin Lucey

Kevin Lucey . 1 month ago

yeah... instead of the iconic prestige system, just grind xp to unlock worthless emblems and random charms you will never use... fun stuff!

Chase Brooks

Chase Brooks . 1 month ago

Baby daddy Drift0r


DrivaSoulEater . 1 month ago

The only thing I don’t like is that there’s no option to buy battlepass items that you want. I.e. for me personally I only really want a select few items and the rest doesn’t interest me in the slightest. And the items I do want are scattered between 20-50-90 levels etc. I’d rather just buy what I want then everybody is happy; they get my money and support, and I pay a fair amount, get my items, and don’t feel ripped off for it.

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor . 1 month ago

It's a game just play it, it's not a life choice. So what the one guy that's been head hunting me has a different skin, but the equipment is the same as mine. I just need to get better.


tariq . 1 month ago

cbd sponsor *for your back* 😏

Big Scrims

Big Scrims . 1 month ago

People aren’t mad at the battle pass specifically, its the game first. The battle pass is very cool, but it doesn’t matter because the gameplay is garbage so who cares. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still gonna be a pig

K-plus tunjevina

K-plus tunjevina . 1 month ago

You actually thought he wanted to nuke hurricanes? Yikes...

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