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Jens Lehmann - Top 5 Saves



Published on 4 years ago


One of Germany’s best ever goalkeepers...
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Jens Lehmann: One of Germany’s best ever goalkeepers and a Bundesliga legend. He was also the first keeper to score a goal from open play in the German top flight. He played at big international clubs like Arsenal and AC Milan, but some of his best saves came during his Bundesliga days at Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04. We’ve picked out his top 5 stops for you to enjoy. Which is your favourite?

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Comments :

Raffy Paradisi

Raffy Paradisi . 2 weeks ago

Respect lehmann

Ivan Cardea

Ivan Cardea . 2 months ago

The best is number 5

Ella Lehmann

Ella Lehmann . 3 months ago

Imagine being related to this guy 😅


VTS . 6 months ago

Mad Jens is a mad genious

Samantha Lehman

Samantha Lehman . 7 months ago

When your last name is Lehman

Josi Romero

Josi Romero . 8 months ago

Jens Lehmann + Arsenal = AWESOM

Chris H

Chris H . 11 months ago

Nowadays is hard to find goof goalkeeper like the old days when I was a kid. Casillas, Buffon. Oliver Kahn, cech, Edwin van de sar, and Lehman.


BlackSoul . 1 year ago

Best gk of all time

justin schepers

justin schepers . 1 year ago

my 4

Marwan Alshantir

Marwan Alshantir . 1 year ago

My favorite save was the last one

Hang Duong

Hang Duong . 1 year ago


António Rosinha

António Rosinha . 2 years ago

Best of the best

Andres Arturo

Andres Arturo . 2 years ago

Faltó la atajada a olé Gunnar contra el Manchester Utd. La mejor de todas......

Boi Boi

Boi Boi . 2 years ago

Here is the guy who looked at Oliver Kahm and said. "i am gonna beat you." And does it. Balls of steel.

Richard Woods

Richard Woods . 2 years ago

His best save was for Arsenal against Man U at Old Trafford. Arsenal were 1-0 up and it was the 86’ and Solskjær hit a shot right to the corner. Lehman unsighted comes from no where with a finger tip save to put it around the post. It was an outstanding save. To me, that was his best save. 👍

Игорь Фёдоров

Игорь Фёдоров . 2 years ago

Бред пару сейвов топ. Он очень сильный вратарь и я видел его сейвы покруче

George Chantladze

George Chantladze . 2 years ago

AMAZING... from the beginning till now, my Idol as a Goalkeeper and as a person... Not everybody understands him, but thats why he is Jens Lehmann and not Justin Bieber !


EXTREME . 2 years ago

Good save

Haithem Cherif

Haithem Cherif . 2 years ago

My pick is #5 as it takes courage to dive in the strikers legs without fearing injury.Lehmann is among the Goalies who pleased me the most in the contemporary times

Andrey Maklakov

Andrey Maklakov . 3 years ago

World Class

Lucas Andrade

Lucas Andrade . 4 years ago

k thanks


Abimaxmi . 4 years ago


Joaco Garcia

Joaco Garcia . 4 years ago

love this channel


Razor215 . 4 years ago

Hey Bundesliga can you make a best goalie saves with face or most painful saves?

Pogpanda 74

Pogpanda 74 . 4 years ago

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?" :that Neuer is better

zachary atta

zachary atta . 4 years ago

What a keeper, respect him even more cause I'm an arsenal fan. We need a player like him more than ever, someone with the balls to slap Henry when he isn't running enough. Thank you for everything 😊


MATA FAKA . 4 years ago

this is every keeper dream top 5

Donny Hermaswangi

Donny Hermaswangi . 4 years ago

his saves against Köln and Wolfsburg were great!!! amazing reflexes

Matteo Cardito

Matteo Cardito . 4 years ago

bundesliga, you should do top 5 saves from every matchday, just as you do with the top 5 goals

Zachary Kar

Zachary Kar . 4 years ago

wait still not a million subs this channel deserves 3 mill

Rian Jordan

Rian Jordan . 4 years ago

number 1 was my favourite by far


MeltedButters . 4 years ago

i thought he only played for Assnal (im an arsenal fan)


Kevin . 4 years ago

Plz follow my insta @_____herro____

Xover 98

Xover 98 . 4 years ago

Kto sub za sub xd

Blake Chambers

Blake Chambers . 4 years ago

You should put Manuel Neuer and Roman Burki head to head

Blake Chambers

Blake Chambers . 4 years ago

The number one should've been unsaveable but even for an excellent keeper like Lehmann its a stunning save!


KaVi . 4 years ago

Top 10 crossbar in bundesliga! :)

Redpanda Sebby

Redpanda Sebby . 4 years ago

<------ Subscribe

Subhash Pawar

Subhash Pawar . 4 years ago

I think the #1 was the great save ever i see

Dan Novak

Dan Novak . 4 years ago

Y'all just gonna say that he was the first keeper to score from open play, course he didn't play for Arsenal or anything

Elias Lee

Elias Lee . 4 years ago


Darshil Jariwala

Darshil Jariwala . 4 years ago

Please upload All Lewy's penalties.

Its_ Skorpyon

Its_ Skorpyon . 4 years ago

Why was in #3 wolves shirt blue not green


Ricby7 . 4 years ago

What a goalkeeper! Great video but is he better than Manuel Neuer???

Lucas Andrade

Lucas Andrade . 4 years ago

please do top 5 goals anthony Modeste

Jacob Kennedy

Jacob Kennedy . 4 years ago


Renan Santana

Renan Santana . 4 years ago

now arsenal have ospina

FLEX Games

FLEX Games . 4 years ago


Shego Mego

Shego Mego . 4 years ago

Miss him at Arsenal

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