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Today I take a deep look at the Barrel Stabilizer attachment in Apex Legends to show you all just how much the different tiers will impact your recoil values as well as the special characteristic that you get from a gold (Level 4) Barrel Stabilizer. What do you think about these results?



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TheXclusiveAce . 9 months ago

For everyone wondering how I got attachments in Training, here's a guide:


zkWHAT . 4 weeks ago

lol muzzle flash is damn near the biggest problem with this game..

Craig Louw

Craig Louw . 1 month ago

Who on earth is the DBAG paying and leaving his squad knocked. WTH dude.


Epi . 1 month ago

This video changes nothing. If I see a barrel stabilizer I'm still gonna swipe it from my teammate's deathbox

julian adeen

julian adeen . 1 month ago

Idk man when I have the level 4 barrel stabilizer my R-99 feels like it has no recoil

Blackops Vocaloid

Blackops Vocaloid . 1 month ago

Bro you forgot the range and bullet drop.

Ness Sick

Ness Sick . 1 month ago

We need more videos like yours. Straight to the point without a long ass intro


J D . 1 month ago

Damage hack?

Nightmare King Grimm

Nightmare King Grimm . 1 month ago

Barrels and stocks are different on snipers. Barrel stabilizers: bullet drop decrease Stock: Recoil reduction

GEN5 Aristo

GEN5 Aristo . 2 months ago

Yaaaawwwww its rewind time

Ohigedid91 XBOX

Ohigedid91 XBOX . 2 months ago

i mean to explain barrel stabilizers you gotta first go in depth with spray and hip fire, guns like r99/devotion are a huge diff, but like the r301 might not feel much diff cause it’s already pretty accurate

ITZ GodsFate

ITZ GodsFate . 2 months ago

Does any attachment increase your bullets range?

Dorian RC Taylor

Dorian RC Taylor . 2 months ago

4:16 save some time

Jhon Quack

Jhon Quack . 2 months ago

You should update this lol they actually in season 3 work well because I used the R-99 and with a gold barrel stabilizer it made a huge difference

Ariel Boysen

Ariel Boysen . 2 months ago

I only have a problem with the R-99's muzzle flash. I've lost people in close range using it when I first started playing..

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo . 2 months ago

Barrel’s are like relationships You don’t know why you have one, you just have them


Freedeoxide . 2 months ago

Is it suppresor?

Axel Cr7

Axel Cr7 . 2 months ago

Bruh I didn’t even realize guns had a muzzle flash in this game. That’s how insignificant it is


WisdomThumbs . 2 months ago

Feels like high-end stabilizers also reduce the reset times between single shots and bursts. But that could be my bias. You only showed test results for full-auto and spam-fire.

Ayel Lib

Ayel Lib . 2 months ago

Do you have to equip it to the gun? Or is enough just to have it in the bag?

Avery Batten

Avery Batten . 2 months ago

If i get an r 301 i dont need a barrel stabilizer

Xv PeaceKeeper vX

Xv PeaceKeeper vX . 2 months ago

Shit man i just wanted to know what's good. Not a damn scientific conclusion

rattle me bones

rattle me bones . 2 months ago

With the new update bringing the anvil receiver to R-301 and the flatline, you should even be more prioritized to keep your compensators on the R-301 for less recoil in the longer range engagements

matthew duarte

matthew duarte . 2 months ago

I thought it was gonna help with the bullet drop damage, damn :/


Plushtraprulz . 3 months ago

Wait... There was a muzzle flash? XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Joshua H-D

Joshua H-D . 3 months ago

I’ve never really noticed or cared about the muzzle flash

Mr. Nobody’s Happy space

Mr. Nobody’s Happy space . 3 months ago

How do you get attachments in training?

Trickz Clipz

Trickz Clipz . 3 months ago

I'm level 75 and just found out there was muzzle flash 😂😂

Scrub _a_Dub

Scrub _a_Dub . 3 months ago

Oh. I just got it because it looked cool.


GoAltF4Yourself . 3 months ago

Anyone else notice that he was getting much more consistent 20 Body damage with the Gold vs the 15-18 he got with the purple?

sour ble

sour ble . 3 months ago

I have definitely noticed where an enemy team has come from due to a muzzle flash on their sniper, ect. I believe the lvl barrel stabilizer definitely helps if your like me and is going for the wins.

mr biscuit

mr biscuit . 3 months ago

Dont watch this if you are insecure of your aim it would make u want to get a level 3 barel stabelizer and loot more, which would get u killed.

Dark Dragon

Dark Dragon . 3 months ago


Tristen Forbes

Tristen Forbes . 3 months ago

R-99+ legendary barrel stabilizer =AIMBOT


TrxshCan . 3 months ago

Can you carry me to my 10th win???

Porcelain Pipe Bomb

Porcelain Pipe Bomb . 3 months ago

Barrel Stabilizer

Saftrik Oyuncu

Saftrik Oyuncu . 3 months ago

Level 4 is just supressor really. Inspect the gun lol.

King SavageGod

King SavageGod . 3 months ago

That hit box on pathfinder is insane 4:24 Boy hit him for 24 behind the wall


PATOPADRE . 4 months ago

when you won at the ending my hands automatically wanted to press enter and write gg xD


PATOPADRE . 4 months ago

please say golden except yellow xD it sounds better


D5gamer . 4 months ago

H Hi

Fishboy Rice

Fishboy Rice . 4 months ago

I mean there’s literally no harm in having it because it won’t take up invintory space if it’s on your gun.


SoRekt . 4 months ago

muzzle flash is reduced if you use a 2x hocg :D

bh Blake

bh Blake . 4 months ago

I just put them on bc they look cool

Xd that random asian guy

Xd that random asian guy . 4 months ago

If any gun in the game needs a golden barrel stabilizer it's the devotion when you fire the gun there's this big thick blue flash that is annoying

Cole Jenkins

Cole Jenkins . 4 months ago

The difference between no stabilizer and a gold one on the Re-45 is quite significant from my experience. With gold, not only are you not even trying to control the recoil and getting a laser beam, but the normally noticeable flash is no longer in the way. Picking up a Gold-Kitted Re-45 is always a joyous occasion

Kotonoha Katsura

Kotonoha Katsura . 4 months ago

muzzle flash fucks up my aim in cqc


ThatOneGuy . 4 months ago

when you realize that suppressors irl don't reduce your damage but really just make your weapon quiet, illegal, and increase your black ops and many other fps (first person shooter) games that try to make it more realistic

Bakhtiyar Guseinov

Bakhtiyar Guseinov . 4 months ago

But you forgot the fact that the players will control the recoil too, so when they actually fire, the control will be easier than having no stabilizer, especially the 99

Adam Long

Adam Long . 4 months ago

It looks like the reduced recoil with barrel stabilizers is a scaling effect, the longer you shoot the easier it gets to aim, so magazines you burn through quickly show less of an impact at the top end of the bullet spreads

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