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I've always said that Pharah is really strong against Goats in Overwatch. I feel that it could be used more to help counter the comp which everyone feels the need to mirror match.

This video shows my play of Pharah into a Goats comp


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Comments :


Valkia . 1 year ago

Come see the live plays over on Twitch! | Join Discord here:


SirMcAwesome . 5 months ago

"into my pharah"... lets be real, he was getting rekt till the mercy pocket came into play, so its not just "my pharah" in this case. Not to take away from the fact that he's an amazing pharah player.

jean charlier

jean charlier . 7 months ago


Daniel Alvarez

Daniel Alvarez . 11 months ago

I just can think in a sombra hacking dva, that would be perfect


Hunter . 11 months ago

That first Ult was kind of bad, you would have won the fight anyway if you didn't use it, and you should of saved it for next fight, second was very much a panic ult. Should have backed away.


AzeOfSpadez . 11 months ago

That bit at the end before the Pog...cringe af.

rhea scott

rhea scott . 11 months ago

Matrix'd the ult "that dva didn't use any matrix" Wut?

Rolens Ambroise

Rolens Ambroise . 11 months ago

That zarya play at 7:57 was the most big brain shit I ever seen

jack chiu

jack chiu . 11 months ago

No counter at all. That’s why a easy game

Hector Gonzalez

Hector Gonzalez . 11 months ago

This Phara is good, but healers made the magic ;)

syber hyper

syber hyper . 12 months ago

1:46 where did the ult goo hmmm??? 🤔🤔

stik freak

stik freak . 12 months ago

bruh they were playing so bad lol


Index . 12 months ago

This guy is silky smooth, God damn.

jeremiah kouches

jeremiah kouches . 12 months ago

I got 29,000 last season with her against goats. My profile is liftedpanda420 on Xbox , you can check it out on over buff just in case yall say I'm lieng


MCKOOKIE . 12 months ago

Thats cool but Reaper is better


CafeOW . 12 months ago


Sativa Gx

Sativa Gx . 12 months ago

Now do this to BOSS comp


kawaiiyobai . 12 months ago

I'm completely new to the game. Can someone explain what GOATS is? Reddit can't agree on a definition

Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez . 12 months ago

this guy thinks he is phara main?!

David L

David L . 12 months ago

Their team had no cohesion. The only reason your pharah was effective. enemy lucio didn't speed them through the choke, their brig was in front DPS ing. the D.Va was the only one doing her job keeping you and mercy busy. had it been a well executed GOATS, you would have lost before pharah would have a chance to build ult. and her TTK tanks is too low even with their crappy teamwork they still almost pushed to the end. your team only winning because nano rein did some work when the lucio killed you out your hiding spot. which is the biggest problem with GOATS. it's soooo forgiving. they made dozens among dozens of bad plays and they still almost pushed to the end. Pharah did very little to stop it because she isn't effective enough even with a pocket mercy


Skaayoo . 12 months ago

>pharah pfff


MrPrizziceless . 12 months ago

pharah is the anti goat!


kyol . 12 months ago

Lol i saw the title and knew it was c0d hes a pogchamp mercy

Hans Solo

Hans Solo . 12 months ago

Must be wearing cargo pants with all those pockets.

Gringo Espana

Gringo Espana . 1 year ago

That dva was on your ass like white on rice...on a white snowstorm.

Nikita Domnin

Nikita Domnin . 1 year ago

GG Valkia

Lord Jeff

Lord Jeff . 1 year ago

Phara and goats? Phagoats?

Louis Beote

Louis Beote . 1 year ago

getting killed by the lucio XD


张译_Tim . 1 year ago

I think Pharah is always viable against GOATS. You just have to be very good at Pharah. It's not as easy as some people think.


onomeus . 1 year ago

lol your title got me fuckin' hyped

DreadKnot IFwUI

DreadKnot IFwUI . 1 year ago

got matched with you yesterday then this comes on my recommended weird lol

Mohamed Warsame

Mohamed Warsame . 1 year ago

Why cover whose talking in the top left? Makes it harder to understand the comms as a viewer. Still subbed after the video tho. Quite enjoyable 👍


Articunoxx . 1 year ago

Lol ur aim is so bad that you got 0 crust with her 😇 Just kidding please don’t take it seriously 😄


II_RAHBII _II . 1 year ago

I would really love to see u against Fankda.. I’m sure it would be amazing gameplay 😀

Saillens Dumay

Saillens Dumay . 1 year ago

Your Ashe was pretty useless.


twchh . 1 year ago

When you abandoned your Mercy at 12:00 I felt her pain.

Tomas M.

Tomas M. . 1 year ago

It really looks like a different hero when i play her. This is a nice gameplay to look at and also like to see goats loose.

Ken Kami

Ken Kami . 1 year ago

Oh look a Pharah that defeats Goats, I was right all the time🤔


KurtSandford . 1 year ago

sub begger, pathetic tbh

Joey Reedy

Joey Reedy . 1 year ago

I'm a diamond pharaoh main and on Rialto the ceiling couldn't hold me and I put up 28, 7k! Console


icety . 1 year ago

mah panic barrage hero

Randeep Singh

Randeep Singh . 1 year ago

10:50 main tanks now basically

Alpha_Anti Gaming

Alpha_Anti Gaming . 1 year ago

Damn you get into it again potato!

Gyan Gearon

Gyan Gearon . 1 year ago

I feel better seeing that Valkia "pre shoots" as well. I have gotten yelled at for doing that with my Phara. I'm like, I'm not a hitscan, I'm projectile, so there is delay, pre shooting is just timing shots. Even if I don't "know" someone is coming around that corner, they probably are. Me shooting there is just tactical and smart, not being bad. I could care less about it dropping my accuracy, so long as I dish out the DPS.


iBcPirate . 1 year ago

Great gameplay, but 2:30 was incredibly cringey lol. You're not 12 Valkia!


TheIntronD . 1 year ago

Great to see this make it to YouTube gg on the gameplay and keep the YouTube 2019 dream going.


FraKctured . 1 year ago

I love how hard Blizzard is trying to nerf Goats now with the latest patch, just months after they removed the best counter to it by way of killing Pharah's splash damage. Just imagine how much more effective Pharah would be with her old rockets back.


Fenrir . 1 year ago

I don’t understand how pharah is still playable that high up my highest was diamond and I always got wrecked by hitscans until I played so passively I just ended up switching cause i wasn’t doing anything


Lion . 1 year ago

wow the widow was actually braindead

Jackson Jelenic

Jackson Jelenic . 1 year ago

For someone out of the meta, what is GOATS and why is it a big deal?

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