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Apex Legends HACKERS Caught Live On Stream

Battle Royale Guides

Battle Royale Guides

Published on 7 months ago

Apex Legends HACKERS Caught Live On Stream. From aimbot, speed, and wall hacks here are the top cheaters being caught live on twitch. Features streamers shroud, dizzy, xqcow, summit1g mendo and more!

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In this video we talk about:
Apex Legends Hackers
Apex Legends Cheaters
Apex Legends Aim bot
Apex Legends Wall hacks
Apex Legends Funny Moments

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Comments :

Battle Royale Guides

Battle Royale Guides . 7 months ago

Have you guys matched against any hackers yet??


KCW2000 . 1 hour ago

7:10 im crying

paul productions

paul productions . 16 hours ago

you cant have PC gaming with out cheating

Isaiah Erby

Isaiah Erby . 3 days ago

Anyone notice that most of them are using the R-99?


SWAHLS SWAHLS . 4 days ago

This is even hacking its just "RAW" (talent)

Kushal Chandar

Kushal Chandar . 4 days ago

The award goes to JustaimassistUwU


HiveTyrant36 . 2 weeks ago

This game is shit. People are hacking because it's not fun to play normal. All the streamers also have hacks. Just look at iTemp.


J P . 3 weeks ago

Video games used to be played by people that actually had skill. This is garbage, if you need to hack to play it means you're just garbage and I hope your PC blows up.

Geeks Vendetta

Geeks Vendetta . 3 weeks ago

Please... call 'em cheaters.... not hackers mate... btw good video ;)

DG Olivier

DG Olivier . 3 weeks ago

This video is very nice thx for the entertainment

Celeste Anael

Celeste Anael . 3 weeks ago

10:39 el Dylan Gringo xd


TcK_CrushYz . 4 weeks ago

It’s so dam sad people are such shity ass players that they have to use hacks to get kills and wins it’s bullshit and apex needs to crack down on their programming and make it impossible to use any kind of hacks


Our AMV'S AG . 1 month ago

I love rage moments? XD Nice work


eNcore . 1 month ago

Even with hacks theyre loosing hahahha. How worse can people be

Tony Stage

Tony Stage . 1 month ago

No they just have some good gaming chair

Josiah Oatman

Josiah Oatman . 1 month ago

hackers ruin everything they aren't even good they need hacks to be good smh

Random Gamer

Random Gamer . 2 months ago

am I the only one noticing almost all of their gamertags are about hacking i mean at least attempt to hide it damn PS:Twitch Account is Firemedic903

Jern Plays

Jern Plays . 2 months ago

This and the twitch bots that just scan pages and look for streams to poach while they cheat man just grinds my gears.

parth anandpara

parth anandpara . 2 months ago

Hacking is so cool. Wanna learn.


Anonym4us_person . 2 months ago

I know why people hack Because they fucking suck at the game

midnight gamer

midnight gamer . 2 months ago

I have been killed once by a hacker he was level 6 and he had about 23 kills that's insane and all his shots was headshot only so I reported him😁😁☺️

NPT Gaming

NPT Gaming . 2 months ago

I'm confused. How can you offer apex coins as a give away?

Erdenebayar Ankhbayar

Erdenebayar Ankhbayar . 2 months ago

I dont which one im getting more annoyed by the hackers or the fake reaction laugh


LWCReaper . 2 months ago

I just don’t get why losers have to cheat it’s more rewarding to play fair


cristian . 2 months ago

pC mAsTeR rAcE this is one of the reasons i hold back from wanting to buy an expensive pc. i have experienced 0 hackers on ps4 and i play everyday


Jesse . 2 months ago

Lol i find it funny how in every video after they die or see a cheater they laugh it off with their fake laughs 😂😂😂😂

Thepro Theboss

Thepro Theboss . 2 months ago

Why would I have a favorite, they’re hackers!

yeet water pump

yeet water pump . 2 months ago

Damn they really fixed the sonic the hedgehog movie.

seth hardy

seth hardy . 2 months ago

If a cheater gets killed than you realise why they use cheats.... They super suck without them.

vinz felix

vinz felix . 3 months ago

I think cheaters are someone who gonna win on street fights.


ALPH4 0M3GA . 3 months ago


[GD] MenDeneZ

[GD] MenDeneZ . 3 months ago

Hacking is a low life thing to do but tbh I would get a pinpoint hack that would show you where people are on the map so I can find people and get more kills, it it wouldn't show me people through walls. Just on the map. I'd just do this to get more kills cause I'm trying to get a 20 bomb but I fall short cause I cant find people. That would be the only hack I'd be interested in but i wouldn't download it. It would just be a useful thing for me

Jovan White

Jovan White . 3 months ago

Only on PC

A Person

A Person . 3 months ago

Thankfully this video isn't what you see common, not even rarely nowadays. Or it's because I'm on console.

sebastian ayala

sebastian ayala . 3 months ago

That’s why PC is trash😂 y’all got so many hackers lmao


Cipher . 3 months ago

some of these were not hacking, but good video.

Marek Valent

Marek Valent . 3 months ago

2:10 i am crying, the way he just walks up there and uses the dome and runs away omg

eriniy cat

eriniy cat . 3 months ago

I am playing Apex Legends.My all games full with hackers,cheaters.Every game.I dont played any game withouth cheaters.My team mates,other teams always using cheats. Speed hack,map hack,aimbot etc. I am playing overwatch too.I thing apex is died game becouse of hackers.Overwatch best place for play fps game.I saw only 3 cheater in overwatch.I am playing for 3 year.Apex ı did not played any game without cheaters. Just saying.Game died.Its not funny.You dont have any chance for win.You making funny clip with this?Its not funny.I wana have fun in fair fight.Its not fair,not funny.You know what. I am sick of hackers and cheaters and who make videos about it.I hope you never able to play any games.Just wait peoples will make laws for cheating in games.I hate you and curse you.

zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael

zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael . 3 months ago

People who cheat to win are not winners

sniperelite4 k

sniperelite4 k . 3 months ago

Not gonna lie i wonder how fast a octane will be with speed hacks like just imagine

Arkeith Howard

Arkeith Howard . 3 months ago

Am I the only one who doesn’t match up with cheaters?

Yuk Lam Tse

Yuk Lam Tse . 3 months ago

and most of the cheaters are from China


dmdt2000 . 3 months ago

No i have 4 win

rudimar ramirez

rudimar ramirez . 3 months ago

If you have to cheat to win in a game like this, you're just udder garbage

Marcos Hobson

Marcos Hobson . 3 months ago

Just imagine losing while you're hacking the game. That's a special kind of autistic. xDDD

Andrew Lemaster

Andrew Lemaster . 3 months ago

And this is why free to play games are the worst I get there will be hackers but this is fucking ridiculous and why apex is absolute trash

freg allre

freg allre . 3 months ago

4:47 anyway, He is a honest boy

Tommaso Filipponi

Tommaso Filipponi . 3 months ago

Wow these guys have some of the craziest gaming mousepads i have ever seen

Spino slayer

Spino slayer . 3 months ago

My favorite clip is watching all these grown ass men crying about a game.


starscreamm . 3 months ago

That's why that game went from good to fuckin retarded

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