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I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300



Published on 2 months ago

"This proves that you need to be in a sexy, tight dress."
Wedding Dresses From Asos





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Wedding Dress Rack

Beautiful bride posing in her wedding dress
studio343/Getty Images
Anonymous bride in beautiful lace wedding gown
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Comments :


ShanaMoe . 1 day ago

T_T oh god... She didn't even try ... If I ever get the chance to try out wedding dresses for a paid video, you better believe I'd be tucking all my body parts the right places. She didn't wear any bra... With these type of boobs, you can't just show up. It's not a "body positivity thing" it's a realisation that you look way better doing a small adjustment. That's why formwear exists. It's sad. The last dress would have looked better if she didn't look like a big block because her boobs and stomach melt together....

Param Chavan

Param Chavan . 1 day ago

That fat woman is just so extra and never has anything positive to say.

Alana Shibuda

Alana Shibuda . 1 day ago

No one: Absolutely no one: Jazzmine:I like three ways


musics3in1my6soul . 2 days ago

Ya know, I think they should do another one of these videos, maybe with dresses from a different store or one where they get a pro to help narrow things down based on preferred style and body type and such. I don't think these did her any justice, except maybe the first one. Speaking as a married woman, it feels so bad when you try on wedding dresses that don't work for you, and doing that in front of three friends plus a very judgemental comment section when you aren't allowed to explain anything to the fans in the comments is rough. Justice for the bride!

Milla Migliorini

Milla Migliorini . 2 days ago

I'm preserving my body for Harry Styles

Dana Goodlett

Dana Goodlett . 1 week ago

Did not like any of them, but do think Nina would look great in a strapless wedding dress!


mtugglet . 1 week ago

Nina, a good bra will change your life! PLEASE go bra shopping!

Jessica Mattes

Jessica Mattes . 2 weeks ago

"Who needs a boyfriend when you have chocolate?" My new senior quote

Nikisha Smith

Nikisha Smith . 2 weeks ago

I wishe ahe had worn better support garments to hive the dresses a better chance

Lina Alami

Lina Alami . 2 weeks ago

Those are not wedding dresses at all !! :)

Julie Annelisse Hyland

Julie Annelisse Hyland . 2 weeks ago


Evelyn Chapman

Evelyn Chapman . 2 weeks ago

Showing more boob or more cleavage doesn’t automatically make a dress sexier. Like As soon as Chloe saw the dress that had a deeper neckline she said it was sexier but a lot of people would say the peel-a-boo cut out is sexier than a deep V

Jessica Baynes

Jessica Baynes . 2 weeks ago

I’m reserving my body for Harry styles -lindsay


westernspy . 2 weeks ago

Nina didnt mention that she had a large chest for her frame.

K-Canna Queen

K-Canna Queen . 2 weeks ago

Everybody needs to chill with commenting on Nina’s boobs, I think they look great, everyone expecting boobs to look like they did during the Victorian era in a corset 🤣

Sam Seo Jin

Sam Seo Jin . 2 weeks ago

The dress looks beautiful but the boobs need a support in that dress


Martina . 2 weeks ago

she should do a white hindu dress??

evanita aa

evanita aa . 2 weeks ago

Cant shee wear a damn bra

Scarlett Winchester

Scarlett Winchester . 2 weeks ago

whattttt is lindsay’s disgusting obsession w lip gloss and bucket hats?! 😖🤢

Marin Wickline

Marin Wickline . 2 weeks ago

Is it just me or does Lindsay look like Jennifer Aniston?

Jessica Streacker

Jessica Streacker . 2 weeks ago

i think the second dress was to short for her if it was a little longer it would have looked amazing on her


Lg4242 . 2 weeks ago

When I got married I wanted so badly to wear a tea length dress because I had white Doc Martens with roses to wear with my wedding dress but David’s Bridal didn’t have any plus size tea length dresses 😭

Olivia Schmidt

Olivia Schmidt . 2 weeks ago

Why were you wearing thoes boots with the wedding dresses....?

Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner . 2 weeks ago

whats on jazzes eyes??

Rglv G

Rglv G . 3 weeks ago

Close your legs when wearing a dress😓

Laurelei Lazard

Laurelei Lazard . 3 weeks ago

Just because it's a white dress, doesn't mean it's a wedding dress! She looked gorgeous anyway :)

anjali sharma

anjali sharma . 3 weeks ago

just liked the video, cause they also grew up watching say yes to the dress

Nina JOrdaan

Nina JOrdaan . 3 weeks ago

My name is also Nina and i also watch say yes to the dress


Maab . 3 weeks ago

if u call this a wedding dress please let me show you the door

Sara Samaletdin

Sara Samaletdin . 3 weeks ago

How didn’t she pick different people and film both videos the same time instead of doing the same concept twice for different people.

Gemma McCormack

Gemma McCormack . 3 weeks ago

the way Chloe said decolletage made me dieeee!

Tmblr Bitxhes

Tmblr Bitxhes . 3 weeks ago

She told them Theyre All under 300 And then proceeded to ask wether the dresses were less Or more than 1600


Carly . 4 weeks ago

LMAO I WAS LIKE “let me check up on buzzfeed stuff I haven’t seen any of that in a while” and now that I’ve seen it....I’m very okay with fully letting this company go.


veggiesaremurder . 4 weeks ago

Nina's cleavage always bothers me. Next video (for the love of God): 'Nina Gets Fitted For The Perfect Bra!'. Buzzfeed, make it happen, then start making better content. You used to make funny videos. Now it's like a big, fake reality show about a bunch of video producers who work in an office that pretends to be super lax and chill, but is really a cheap-content-vomiting Leviathan that pressures its cast members to the breaking point, and all the producers have to pretend to constantly be shocked by the things they see, even though nothing ever surprises them anymore because the very point of their job is to try crazy things and then capture people's (now) fake reactions on camera.

احمد السبتي

احمد السبتي . 4 weeks ago

ليش ماتلبس حماله صدر صدرها كبير 🤔 مخرب شكل الفستان الاول ؟؟

Syd the Kid

Syd the Kid . 4 weeks ago

lindsay was literally agreeing w jazz before she even got her thought out

Amara Aguilar

Amara Aguilar . 4 weeks ago

i adore how they each provide an array of opinions

Chaitali Ghosh

Chaitali Ghosh . 4 weeks ago


Avianne Brereton

Avianne Brereton . 4 weeks ago

It's funny that majority of the comments are about her needing to get a proper bra. 🤣🤣

April's Apple

April's Apple . 4 weeks ago



stfn88 . 4 weeks ago

Why is she wearing black boots if she s trying on traditional wedding dresses?

Madison Gauldin

Madison Gauldin . 1 month ago

she literally said all the dresses are under $300 so of course they will be cheaper than the average wedding dress!

EssenceofJa Tarot

EssenceofJa Tarot . 1 month ago

2nd dress looks like a nice bridesmaid dress.

Julia Kleineidam

Julia Kleineidam . 1 month ago

I’m living for Jazz’s eye makeup!


S I L K . 1 month ago

So om assuming no one is talking about the way Lindsay is "reserving her body for Harry" because we all related and find it normal right?

Emily Crowder

Emily Crowder . 1 month ago

I’m trying to win a contest for $500 off my wedding dress. Would you please take a second to like my original photo comment on this Facebook post? Most likes wins! https://www.facebook.com/BelieveBride/videos/539395433472949?sfns=mo

smelly girls

smelly girls . 1 month ago

saggy saggy saggyyyy

Katelyn LeBlanc

Katelyn LeBlanc . 1 month ago

Okay but where is the dress at 0:32-0:35 from

Cristina Kryss

Cristina Kryss . 1 month ago

is desirable to avoid using no bra when you have very saggy boobs... omg...

Dominique JOUNDA

Dominique JOUNDA . 1 month ago

Is there something like *WOMANSPREADING* cause Jazzzzz got me .....

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