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A complete guide on all loot spawning locations in Apex Legends!

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Comments :

western side991

western side991 . 5 months ago



Logzilla6 . 5 months ago

I want them coins!!

Julian Skelton

Julian Skelton . 8 months ago


That guy

That guy . 8 months ago

Ware loot Ware loot Ware loot Ware loot Ware loot Ware loot

Random Idiot

Random Idiot . 8 months ago

this helps so much in game


mozo25 . 9 months ago

Where can I find that wwwwwwwrare loot?

Ericka Daniels

Ericka Daniels . 9 months ago

Do dinosaur locations

Chris P. Chicken

Chris P. Chicken . 9 months ago

I'm running out of comment ideas.

Leonard Kurki

Leonard Kurki . 9 months ago

Dat were loot...?

Owen O Donoghue

Owen O Donoghue . 9 months ago

I've been looking to get that achievement on getting full gold armor

joshua tong

joshua tong . 9 months ago

Great vid,

Sean Khottavong

Sean Khottavong . 9 months ago

What’s the seven day forecast looking like?


Sillybirdsrazz . 9 months ago

I need those coins

Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee . 9 months ago

I could use the coins

Jake Larochelle

Jake Larochelle . 10 months ago

So cool

Silent Fate

Silent Fate . 10 months ago


Scottyy C

Scottyy C . 10 months ago



FREETHEFROG . 10 months ago

rare loot. enjoyed the video but no need to say common, rare or epic loot we understand what you mean. not a dig just a tip :)

Max Allen

Max Allen . 10 months ago

Astro boy is a robot


Strym . 10 months ago

Good video

Aldrin Chung

Aldrin Chung . 10 months ago

This helped me alot thanks bro!


Björn . 10 months ago

Thank you for this guide

Joshua B.

Joshua B. . 10 months ago

Noice video

Mr. Fizzy Fazz

Mr. Fizzy Fazz . 10 months ago


Lucas Ball

Lucas Ball . 10 months ago

I'm level 50 already but I definitely learnt stuff from this video, thanks

Azrael Gaming

Azrael Gaming . 10 months ago

I hope I win I really do

Army Penguins

Army Penguins . 10 months ago

Thank you for this video it was extremely helpful


sebastiancunningham . 10 months ago

Cheers, this is my winning comment

JustbEcause -.-

JustbEcause -.- . 10 months ago

Hope they make a bigger map

Giovanni V

Giovanni V . 10 months ago

I am in for the giveaway :)

Triplet Plays

Triplet Plays . 10 months ago

Happy valentines


haywire . 10 months ago

Ah thanks m8

True Black Knight

True Black Knight . 10 months ago

Cool thanks


Pablo10456 . 10 months ago

Thanks for the info time to change some drop points

halid asly

halid asly . 10 months ago

Love your vids Always latest new for d 2 and apex Keep up the good work ❤️❤️

Big Dadi Ware

Big Dadi Ware . 10 months ago

Great help bud!

Holey Sheep

Holey Sheep . 10 months ago

I really hope I get the apex coins...I NEED THAT HEIRLOOM SET

Marko Antonio Petrušić

Marko Antonio Petrušić . 10 months ago

Nice vids, liked, subed

Dr. Ake

Dr. Ake . 10 months ago

Thanks for the video definitely glad I subbed, how do you get all this helpful info

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith . 10 months ago

Yeet like the content

Egor Egor

Egor Egor . 10 months ago

Hey wanna win!

Evan .James

Evan .James . 10 months ago

Good video!

Charles Nester

Charles Nester . 10 months ago

Love your channel. Hope I win.

Shawn Cashion

Shawn Cashion . 10 months ago

Love this game can't stop playing it lol

Ronald Arcury

Ronald Arcury . 10 months ago

How many times can you say behold


XENO . 10 months ago

Thanks for the heart. It means alot

Birch Ballistic

Birch Ballistic . 10 months ago


Sweaty Guy

Sweaty Guy . 10 months ago

No more bad loot

Dragon Druid

Dragon Druid . 10 months ago

Great vids dpj


Niallcrocodile123 . 10 months ago

Bro I need those legendarys😂😂

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