Published on 10 months ago

In this video I teach you how to to get the best loot as quickly as possible in Apex Legends. These are the best tips to improve you game and is what the pros use every time they play.

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Comments :


Syco_dillon . 3 weeks ago

Your kinda underrated

Andrew Vigoureux

Andrew Vigoureux . 2 months ago

Came here hoping to see some basic tips on movement while looting on controller. One can see why I was led to this video :/

Brad LeClair

Brad LeClair . 2 months ago

Another one is if you hear gunfire..don't sit and loot supply bins and buildings...push the gunfight before one team is eliminated. If you have a decent loadout and some ammo, just focus fire on teams and you'll get better loot. The times I'm pushing gunfights to see two random teammates not following me and looting instead is insane..this game isnt about looting then killing, its about killing then taking their stuff.

Plus Vibes

Plus Vibes . 5 months ago

Keep up the vids boss dont pay attention to the negativity from assholes

owa francisco

owa francisco . 5 months ago

I came here to watch a video on "how to loot faster with a better setting" and this just gave me tips... smh i wasted my time but good video though!


xyzHero . 5 months ago

This does not explain how someone steals purple armor from under me when Im spamming clicking on it...


SoRekt . 5 months ago

Basically Clickbait

Violent Messiah

Violent Messiah . 6 months ago

I just spam square then when I’m in a safe space I drop unneeded items


PurpleGinky . 6 months ago



clealxo . 7 months ago

Wtf is this vid basically gave “tips” that everyone does in game


YourJustTrXsh . 7 months ago

Ur soooo retarded pointless vid

Raizer Phoenix

Raizer Phoenix . 7 months ago

What a pathetic video, he talked about "knowing what loot your looking for" this was just a long pointless video smh

Pixel Wolf

Pixel Wolf . 8 months ago

Dude keep doing what you love great video

Pixel Wolf

Pixel Wolf . 8 months ago

Literally everyone here are idiots, they probably think their shroud but in reality the most kills they got In a game was 4


MudflapDB . 8 months ago

what a pointless video lol

Andrew Goode

Andrew Goode . 10 months ago

These tips are so fucking bad


KAWSPLICE . 10 months ago

Keep doing what you doing don’t let people bring you down


VengfulDeathCow . 10 months ago

Maybe adding a "for beginners" tag in the title would help get this to the appropriate audience.

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