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Let's Rock

Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly

Published on 5 years ago

Stars Julius LaRosa, Phyllis Newman. Musical numbers by Danny & The Juniors, Paul Anka, The Tyrones, Roy Hamilton and others. 1958. Please visit my website at unclerussie.tripod.com

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John Scott

John Scott . 3 months ago

I do not remember Roy Hamilton. Just 6 years before The Temptations and The Four Tops hit the airways.

John Scott

John Scott . 3 months ago

Wow, I was thirteen years old at the time, love these old films. Della Reese, hot, statuesque and had that voice!


MusicManMichaelDavis . 4 months ago

Julius LaRosa was cute and wonderful singer


AndyRepin . 7 months ago

1:13:40 is cool.


jmen4ever . 7 months ago

Being but three at the time, I was to young to appreciate such music and times.

Robert D. Carver

Robert D. Carver . 11 months ago

La Rosa's voice was much warmer and richer than those of any of his co-stars--except for Newman and the "Outa Control" baritone, assuming Martindale did his own vocals--especially the adenoidal Anka!

Joe Tiger

Joe Tiger . 1 year ago

Coool !!! Thanks for sharing !


Featureman . 1 year ago

I was surprised to hear the word "Rockabilly" being used in a 1950s movie. That word was just not used then even though a lot of early Country Rock songs by Elvis and many others would later be referred to as Rockabilly. I wish they had more hits such as Roy Hamilton's You Can Have Her and any of Paul Anka's early songs. Fun movie.

Robert Byers

Robert Byers . 1 year ago

Its cool to see rock's image and impression in the early days. i know short, short, at the hop and heard of Della Reese.It shows how rock was rejected by those going into musical extinction. Early rock had too much sax. Its fun and sad. Great songs still are hardly around. .

Wyatt Kincaid

Wyatt Kincaid . 1 year ago

The "Pick-Up" girl is Joy Harmon, 1:01:05 "Lucille" the hot blonde washing her car in the 1967 movie "Cool Hand Luke" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-HC38alVoY She was only 17 when she in this film according to her bio.


RockinRedRover . 2 years ago

Amazed and more than a little saddened that so many comments abt how Danny & Juniors and Royal Teens are so great, yet not a mention of the wonderful voice of Roy Hamilton....


emp . 2 years ago


Cosimo Kramarawicz

Cosimo Kramarawicz . 2 years ago

Julius LaRose, with an Eddie Munster haircut and without Arthur Godfrey? Wink Martindale was a DJ in Memphis as Elvis was starting out.

walt braden

walt braden . 2 years ago


Hareem Qureshi

Hareem Qureshi . 2 years ago

Watching this after I heard Della Reese was in it. RIP. What a legend

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie . 2 years ago

This great flic is a classic and portrays the former everyday life of THE BIG APPLE & its features.

John Mason

John Mason . 2 years ago

I liked this movie.

Niels Bielefeldt

Niels Bielefeldt . 2 years ago

I love 50s rock'n'roll movies, even if they're pretty bad movies really. But this was terrible! About as rock'n'roll as Pat Boones grandma. And that main character, what an idiot! Apart from a couple of good "live" performances by real artists, simply a terrible movie.


cactuseli . 2 years ago

Paul Anka, his autobiography brought me here. his first song at the beginning of the movie was ok. Thanks Helen!

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie . 2 years ago

I love that Della Reese number. She was some foxy lady back in the day. But more than that, SHE CAN SING!!!


jmen4ever . 2 years ago

Just go right to 49:25.

Albert Reynoso

Albert Reynoso . 2 years ago

Digging joy harmons small part that chick was built later to be in village of the giants and cool hand luke now shes an 80 yr old cupcake baker cool life


vexer . 2 years ago

Wink Martindale, quite the hottie in this flick, is still very much alive.

Marc Tinroofcat

Marc Tinroofcat . 2 years ago

The appearance of The Royal Teens performing 'Short Shorts' followed by Danny & The Juniors' 'At The Hop' are the true highlights of this movie and real Rock and Roll!

George Stover

George Stover . 3 years ago

I'll bet this video violates lots of copyright laws. It's a feature film released by a major studio….Columbia Pictures. And there are numerous songs which are undoubtedly still protected by copyright!

Keith Ninesling

Keith Ninesling . 3 years ago

What's a Sinatra imitator doing in a rock and roll flick?  And, I game show host?  And, a stalwart of Broadway musical theater?

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie . 3 years ago

Julius brings back memories of the great 50s.35/27 shows the famous Central Park Lake, back in the day. This is a great NY movie . Julius La Rosa s movie career is limited to this one flic. Great job that match the great memories of the old NYC.

Thomas Mckenna

Thomas Mckenna . 3 years ago

That poor guy nearly done himself an injury when he tried to do the split's


barb572000 . 3 years ago

Stories of Julius' passing today have stirred up so many happy memories of seeing and hearing Julius perform on my parent's black and white tv in my teens in the 50's.....he was a pleasure to listen to and seemed like a really nice guy. Sympathies to all his family.

Barry I. Grauman

Barry I. Grauman . 4 years ago

This was Julie's only movie appearance to date, filmed in New York.

DL Southwell

DL Southwell . 4 years ago

I had to skip parts to make it to the end because of a ballad singer got on my rock movie by mistake.

Francisco Martins

Francisco Martins . 4 years ago

sensacional. Fora de série. Velhos tempos quando eu era criança.

Francisco Martins

Francisco Martins . 4 years ago

sixth like. Congratulations from Lisbon - Portugal

Manoel Luiz

Manoel Luiz . 4 years ago

Sensacional, grandes performances e muita alegria, musica e dance, parabens. maneco - RGS - Brasil.

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