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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (from Live at River Plate)



Published on 7 years ago

Music video by AC/DC performing Let There Be Rock. (Live At River Plate 2009)(C) 2011 Leidseplein Presse B.V.

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bottle2lip . 8 hours ago

i dont care what anyone says, ac/dc is fucking awesome...especially live, only seen them live once in my 38 years....but it was worth every penny...they put on a great show

Wolf Silicon

Wolf Silicon . 17 hours ago

iggy Pop at 2:34 ?

Haris Bosnjak

Haris Bosnjak . 19 hours ago

We the people want Brian Johnson BACK!!


pete . 2 days ago

Ac/DC rocks

Fred Karlsson

Fred Karlsson . 2 days ago

geil.. AC/DC


꿀벌 . 2 days ago


leo vdw

leo vdw . 2 days ago

Amazing. One of the most meaningful videos on YouTube and the best and longest performance of an A power chord 🤘

Nicko Carp

Nicko Carp . 3 days ago

Aguante River y AC/DC

Joanne O'keefe

Joanne O'keefe . 3 days ago

OH yeah I am alive...no messing around with boring humans but can't wait for new energy to🌛🥁💣💥born to rock💫😎..passionfruit 💫🎶

Cherokee Jiménez

Cherokee Jiménez . 3 days ago


Mick Brenton

Mick Brenton . 3 days ago

I really like Brian but this is a Bon song!!

Анатолий Сергеев

Анатолий Сергеев . 3 days ago


Ronaldo Cortes

Ronaldo Cortes . 3 days ago

This song is even number the evil number

Reginald Gordon

Reginald Gordon . 3 days ago

1:14 me walking to my siblings rooms to annoy them for no reason

Jose Cotrina

Jose Cotrina . 3 days ago

La endemoniada noche en la que Argentina supo que sería mejor estar con el demonio...que con Perón

Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff . 3 days ago

Это, мля, прям.. эстетический оргазм) Ангус, как всегда, жжёт и рвёт реалии..

Mario Ferrando

Mario Ferrando . 4 days ago

Amigos. ..Gracias. .." por la radio sin fronteras "....recuerden hermanos Chilenos y extranjeros...Sólo un pequeño aporte para que nos maten la música. ..!!..

Hernán Ariel Pereira

Hernán Ariel Pereira . 4 days ago

Gracias CHILE! dijo Brian jajajaj

José luis Peña rujel

José luis Peña rujel . 5 days ago

que locaso esto te inyecta adrenalina música fabuloso ví la bandera de mi país Perú mi respeto para mis paisanos

Dominik Blechschmidt

Dominik Blechschmidt . 5 days ago

i love this video

Virgilio Franca

Virgilio Franca . 5 days ago

camisetas do ac/dc maluco

Gabriel Guevara

Gabriel Guevara . 5 days ago

Hooaah..... ROCK ON....

wayne jones

wayne jones . 5 days ago

Aussie pub rock to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d s

d s . 6 days ago


Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini

Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini . 6 days ago

Why are live Performances Always so Fast

Steven Turner

Steven Turner . 6 days ago

What a crowd!!

Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton . 7 days ago

9:34 wtf

Frank Byrne

Frank Byrne . 7 days ago

......and on the 7th day......God created AC DC!........and only then he was happy .....and mankind has been happy ever since.....🎶🤘🏻.....



quien en 2020


ICT . 7 days ago

Tell me there was at least one person in that crowd that didn't "FEEL" the music. Go ahead. Look at that crowd......they didn't just rock to it, they FELT it. It was in them.

Manager of my life

Manager of my life . 1 week ago

This is sick!!!! Guitar is pure steel ❤️ Man this is so great!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Austen Jackson

Austen Jackson . 1 week ago

Malcolm is just grinding there thinking holy fuck Angus were too old hhaahahahahahhaha

Николай Марковски

Николай Марковски . 1 week ago

Върхът ❤️

no day's off

no day's off . 1 week ago



shrek087 . 1 week ago

The energy in this one song could power a city for a year.

Fernando Jose de Andrade

Fernando Jose de Andrade . 1 week ago

Top de mais


PASCAL 8881 . 1 week ago

Bienvenue, Pascal Votre pronostic du Lundi 13 janvier 14-13-12-16-2-5-9-8-7 Total des points : 1765

Rakish Dakish

Rakish Dakish . 1 week ago

this is rockNroll or rock ?


MisterSwagify . 1 week ago

Obviously this drum beat in and of itself is not difficult, but I can tell you that holding a tempo for that long is really fucking hard.

bruno despretz

bruno despretz . 1 week ago

j adore

Francisco Luiz

Francisco Luiz . 1 week ago


Steve Raman

Steve Raman . 1 week ago

god s in hevan this what they need

Steve Raman

Steve Raman . 1 week ago

oh my god can you here it

Jeisson Cano

Jeisson Cano . 1 week ago


Михаил Золотухин

Михаил Золотухин . 1 week ago

Это таланд

Luiz Nascimento

Luiz Nascimento . 1 week ago

Aqui rokkkk

micha McV.

micha McV. . 1 week ago

The text of his Song is soo NOT-Rock&Roll -_- , i mean i wouldnt bother if its eminem who is talking this nonsense but for an emotional rock song you cant just tell what you are doing on stage or bragging about the past , that realy unrelateble for the viewers ... pls somone help this old dudes writing songs.

Сергей Луцевич

Сергей Луцевич . 1 week ago

Когда мне было 20 я их не слушал..перевалило за 50 всё переслушал...повзрослел наверно....

Cheryl Fitzgerald compere

Cheryl Fitzgerald compere . 1 week ago

Angus young forever. This band rocks

flatearth crypto

flatearth crypto . 2 weeks ago

not original sanger but kicks ass

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